The Cave Walkthrough

5. The Hillbilly Trial


The special ability of the Hillbilly is an air bubble that allows him to breathe underwater.

As for every other character's walkthrough page, we will refer to your characters as Hillbilly (the Hillbilly), First (any of the two other characters) and Second (the other one). First and Second can be any character, it doesn't matter as long as of course it's not the Hillbilly, the main character of this trial.

There are two missable achievement related to the unique quest of the Hillbilly (Weight of the Beast and Don't Fill Up On Fortune Cookies). The former is only available if your group is Hillbilly, Knight and Time Traveler, and it must be done before receive the Carnival Ticket from the "Your Weight" mini-game. The latter requires at least three playthroughs, and you need to interact with "Xavetar", a fortune-teller machine/game, with each of the seven characters (again, across at least three different playthroughs). This must be done before playing the "Wheel of Misfortune" minigame (which is part of the main trial).

There are three Cave Paintings available during the Hillbilly trial, like every other character-specific trial.

These are the Cave Paintings related to the Hillbilly character:

Growing Up Hillbilly
The Neglected Child
His Childhood Best Friend
Years Later... A Job At The Carnival
A Hillbillies First Love
The Rebuffed Suitor
The Perfect Gift To Win Her Love
A Broken Heart
The Burning Rage Of Rejection (Bad Ending)
Blind Rampage Of Revenge (Bad Ending)
Love Will Find You (Good Ending)
A Happy House Full Of Little Billhillies (Good Ending)

The Hillbilly Trial - Video.

The Hillbilly Trial

- After falling off the last part of the first generic puzzle/after falling off the last part of the Knight Trial you will be in a pool of water. Use Hillbilly's special ability to breathe underwater (keep Y held while swimming underwater), and swim down and then to the left
- After coming out of the water, go right, grab and use a Dynamite (light it with the nearby Fire) to break the rock wall on the right, thus opening the way for your other two characters

- Jump down on the left then, and reach the bottom of the place to enter the main area of the carnival
- The carnival is made of different floors, each with its own games. The ultimate goal is to obtain five Carnival Tickets, mostly by "winning" them at the mini-games available, and use them in the Ticket Taker where a Pink Bear is to win the Pink Bear itself. The Ticket Taker is just on the left as you go

- Proceed past the Pink Bear and you'll find the first "free" Carnival Ticket on the way ("steal" it from a child cardboard). Get it and "spend" it at the Ticket Taker -- 1/5, four more to go
- Go further left and you'll find a rope. As Hillbilly, climb up the rope to reach the next level. You'll end up just about where a "weight" machine-game is. Ignore it for now, and also ignore the path leading right
- Instead, go left and climb up a few more boxes and rocks to continue. When you see a platform above your head with a ladder nearby, jump up it and climb up the ladder to reach the highest level

- Here on the highest level you will find a bunch of stuff. Start by going a bit right to find a Panoramic Wheel. Ignore everything else for now, and make sure that you are not carrying anything (if you do, drop whatever you're carrying on the ground NOW)
- Jump on the carts of the Panoramic Wheel and take a ride. As you go up, on the upper-left part of the ride you will find a small alcove with Cave Painting # 01/03; just jump here to get this one
- Then jump back on the carts (drop off the edge of the alcove) and switch to another character

- As First, follow Hillbilly's steps by going up the rope from the bottom level. Then, from the "Your Weight" machine, go left as Hillbilly did
- Instead of jumping up the ladder as Hillbilly did, this time keep going left. At one point the path will split: either downwards, towards the "Wheel of Misfortune", or further upwards and to the left. Take the path upwards, going up a rope and then up a ladder
- You will reach an area with a Wrench on the ground and a Generator Truck. You can temporarily turn off the power of the carnival by using the Wrench on the Generator Truck (press X on the Generator Truck while holding the Wrench), but don't do so yet

- At this point you need to co-op an action with Hillbilly, who should still be riding the Panoramic Wheel. Switch to Hillbilly, and wait until he reaches the apex of the ride
- When he's at the very top, switch to First and operate the Generator Truck
- Switch back to Hillbilly. Now you should be just about near the upper-right part of the Panoramic Wheel, and from here you should be able to jump on another alcove, opposite the one with the previous Cave Painting, where a Fuse Box is
- You can grab the Fuse Box only if the power is temporarily turned off (if the Generator Truck was operated with the Wrench). Do so ONLY if you are not carrying anything with you! You won't be able to return up here once you get back on the ground, because you've removed the Fuse Box that gives power to the Panoramic Wheel! You've been warned

- Grab the Fuse Box and hop down the carts of the Panoramic Wheel, now idle, to descend back on the ground
- Go left (as Hillbilly) from the Panoramic Wheel and you will find a cardboard of some sort. On its left there is a Sledgehammer on the ground, but the cardboard of some "Carnies" is blocking the way
- Climb up the ladder on the right of the "Carnies", and you'll reach an alcove where there is an Empty Fuse Box. Before putting the Fuse Box here, switch back to First and operate the Generator Truck again
- Now that it's safe, switch to Hillbilly again and put the Fuse Box in position

- The cardboard of Carnies is now out of the way: climb the ladder back down and go get the Sledgehammer
- Before going anywhere else, carry the Sledgehammer a bit on the right (let's say about where the ladder that you climbed up to reach the Panoramic Wheel is) and then go get the Fuse Box again (turn off the power of the Generator Truck first, as usual). The cardboard of Carnies will return to its original position, but now the Sledgehammer can be picked up at any time since it's not blocked behind the cardboard anymore
- Carry the Fuse Box with Hillbilly, and this time proceed all the way right. As you go you will see a Barbell on the ground; ignore it for now
- Keep going right and drop down to the lower floor when necessary. You will reach Xavetar, a fortune-teller kind of machine. Put the Fuse Box in the Empty Fuse Box spot on its right to give it power

One of the achievements of this game requires you to interact with Xavetar with each of the seven characters at least once. Doing this requires at least three playthroughs where you'll need to play as Hillbilly and then, alternatively, with the other six characters, two by two every playthrough. Note that Xavetar will stop foretelling the fate of the characters after completing the "Wheel of Misfortune" mini-game that we are going to describe soon, so make sure to do it before completing that minigame (thanks to vSully for this precisation). After being fortune-told the fate of each character you will unlock:

Don't Fill Up On Fortune Cookies in The Cave
Peered into everyone's fate.
  • Unlocked by 3,071 tracked gamers (16% - TA Ratio = 2.52) 19,541

- Interact with Xavetar. You will notice that the "magic orb" of this minigame will change color when you interact with it. It can become of four different colors: white/yellow, green, red, blue. Make sure that it's not white/yellow (interact with it again if it's the case) and take note of the color
- Switch back to First. Carry the Wrench with you, and descend down the ladder and rope that you previously climbed up. Then head downwards towards the Wheel of Misfortune
- The Wheel of Misfortune minigame is made of two elements. One is the wheel itself, which will spin when you interact with the lever on its left. The other element is the "dial" thing on the right of the wheel, and it's the thing you have to interact with to choose the color that you think will be selected after spinning the wheel
- As you will guess after looking at this minigame, the colors of the wheel are green, red and blue, and therefore there is a connection between this game and Xavetar. In particular, the wheel's result will be the same as Xavetar orb's color. Therefore if the magic orb of Xavetar's was green you want to "bet" that the wheel will be green
- Spin the wheel (pull its lever) after making your bet on the dial on its right, and you will receive a Carnival Ticket as reward for guessing the right color. Drop the Wrench here and grab the ticket; then backtrack to the Ticket Taker and "spend" this second ticket (2/5). If you forgot, from the Wheel of Misfortune go up and right, then follow the path downwards to return on the bottom level

- Once it's all done, still as First, go get the Wrench again, and then head for the weight machine (from the Wheel of Misfortune go up and then simply right). Drop the Wrench on the platform where the scale is, and leave First here
- Switch to Hillbilly. From Xavetar, climb up the boxes on the left to return on the upper level, where the Panoramic Wheel was. Go left and grab the Barbell on the ground just right of the Panoramic Wheel. Then reach the weight machine while carrying the Barbell (from Xavetar go always left, descending down only when necessary)
- Switch to Second now. Have him/her reach the Sledgehammer, which should still be on the level where the Panoramic Wheel is. Then bring the Sledgehammer with you and reach the weight machine too

At this point you can get another missable achievement, but only if your characters are Hillbilly, Time Traveler and Knight. If this is your group, putting them on the scale at the same time along with the Barbell, the Wrench and the Sledgehammer will give you a total weight of 666. Therefore you will unlock:

Weight of the Beast in The Cave
The scale reveals a baleful figure.
  • Unlocked by 4,495 tracked gamers (23% - TA Ratio = 2.08) 19,541

On a side note, the Barbell's only purpose is to obtain this achievement. Other than this, it has no other role in the game.

- Anyway, now it's time to win another ticket from the weight machine. To do so, carry an item with you (let's say the Sledgehammer, but it can also be the Wrench or the Barbell) and go right of the weight machine
- As you go right, jump down a hole in the ground instead of jumping up and right towards Xavetar
- When you go through the hole in the ground you will reach a "magician", Magnifico, that can perform some tricks. In particular he's able to make the item positioned on his table disappear for a few seconds

- Grab the Cupcake off the Magician's Table, and drop it somewhere else (it's a pointless item)
- Then put some "real" item on the Magician's Table; for instance, the Sledgehammer
- Wait until Magnifico performs his trick. When the item (Sledgehammer) disappears from the table, press X near the table to grab the invisible object (invisible Sledgehammer), and quickly climb back up and reach the weight machine again
- Operate the red button near the scale of the weight machine. At this point the "guy" running the weight machine game will guess your weight based on what he can see (i.e. he won't factor the invisible object), but the scale will factor everything on it (including the invisible object). This will make the "guy" guess the wrong weight, and therefore a Carnival Ticket will be awarded. This will also turn-off the power of this game, preventing you from using the scale again (therefore the Weight of the Beast achievement won't be available anymore in this playthrough)

- Ignore the ticket for a moment. As Second, descend back to the bottom level, carrying the Sledgehammer with you, and go all the way left to find a "Test Your Strength" machine
- Use the Sledgehammer on this machine to win another Carnival Ticket, and then go put it in the Ticket Taker on the right (3/5)
- As First, get the Carnival Ticket obtained from the weight machine (drop the Wrench here if you haven't done so yet) and descend down to deliver it to the Ticket Taker (4/5)

- As Hillbilly now drop the Barbell and take the Wrench with you. With this item, descend to the bottom level
- From the bottom level go all the way left, past the Test Your Strength machine. You will find one last game, the "Dunking Booth" game. Jump up the platform above the pool of water and switch to First
- As First, reach the Dunking Booth game and push the "bullseye" button on the right to open the platform above the water pool, causing Hillbilly to fall in the water. A Carnival Ticket will also spawn near this game, but ignore it for now

- Switch to Hillbilly, and use his underwater breathing special ability to dive downwards and to the right (ignore the path left at first). Keep following the passage underwater until you exit the water again far on the right
- From where you exit, use the Wrench on the red Pipe Valve Nut. Feel free to drop the Wrench at this point
- Then go right from the Pipe Valve Nut to find Cave Painting # 02/03

- Backtrack through the underwater passages and return where you fell in the water. Now go left to find a shorter passage that will take you up a ladder. From here you will reach Cave Painting # 03/03, and you'll be able to jump back down where the last Carnival Ticket spawned
- Grab the ticket and finally go put it in the Ticket Taker (5/5) to get the Pink Bear
- Carry the Pink Bear with you and go right to trigger some scenes

- At this point you need to go back to the left side and get another Carnival Ticket. This one is easy, since it's another "free" ticket that you can "steal" from the same child's cardboard from where you obtained the first ticket
- After obtaining it, return where the Pink Bear was and spend this last ticket to obtain a Lighter
- Use the Lighter on the Hay Bales on the far right side of the area to set the whole place on fire. Note that if you didn't operate the Pipe Valve Nut earlier the fire won't last long because some "firemen" will extinguish it
- At this point you will unlock:

Secret Achievement in The Cave
Continue playing to unlock this achievement. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 10,653 tracked gamers (55% - TA Ratio = 1.35) 19,541

- Walk left and right, switch among your characters, and wait a few seconds until the path on the right will eventually burst-open. Then proceed right and continue with the generic puzzles

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