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Posted on 11 October 17 at 08:24
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The Coma: Recut Review
Developer: Devespresso Games
Publisher: Digerati
Release Date: 22nd September 2017
Price: £11.99

Korean based developer, Devespresso Games have entered the fold with their horror game The Coma: Recut, and let me tell you, it's actually rather good. From the protagonist, a young Korean high school student and his friends, to a living nightmare known as the shade, to the increasingly disturbing images you will witness along the way, The Coma is guaranteed to unsettle you at some point.

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Starting off is relatively tame compared to how the game progresses, but is still quite a dark and grim opening with the suicide of a student at the school. Not only that, but a student from a different school is loitering outside with little explanation. Once in school, you are free to have a look around, although this isn't the time for exploring too much, as the bulk of the game is saved for later.

Fast forward to waking up, still in school and smothered in darkness, the world around me had changed, not only visually, but audibly as well. Something wasn't right, musical cues hinted at something sinister, that lay in wait for me. Luckily, and highly conveniently, I had a torch stashed in my school desk to light the way forward. Time to investigate further and find out exactly what had happened in a seemingly innocent high school.

Wandering the corridors generated a sense of tension that many horror games don't execute well, and The Coma achieves this admirably. The feeling that you're being watched, and even followed is there from the very beginning. Exploring the school is key to your progression, but also leaves you vulnerable to what is out there, waiting patiently for you. Hunting you, like a lion would its prey.

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Youngho is just an average Korean student looking to get his exams out of the way, and not your typical protagonist. This means no melee weapons, and obviously not wielding guns. There is no fight here, just flight. Running is essential, and therefore keeping an eye on your stamina. Soon enough, you meet Ms Song, your teacher. All is well, a familiar face. All is not lost, or is it?

It's not long before I had to run for my life. Relentlessly hunted, no way of fighting back, and desperate for survival in this twisted living nightmare. Time to hide. Lockers or toilet cubicles are the options, so knowing your surroundings is paramount to survival. Thanksgully, upon starting each area, you quickly come across a map of the building you're in, and memorising the layout and where potential hiding spots and key to staying alive. The Coma alerts you seconds before a chase scene, with audio cues that up the tempo. Needless to say, I felt a sense of urgency that I had to run as fast as I could Ike it was totally real. With the lights off, and headphones on, The Coma becomes an even more instense battle for Youngho's life.

After gaining access to the 2nd building in the game, the disturbing scenes which litter the lower floors increases and suffice to say, what you will encounter is disturbing on every level. I won't go into full detail, as discovering it in all it's twisted glory is down to you.

Aside from running, you have a roll action that can see you dodge incoming attacks. Time it right though, else you suffer damage. You can crouch and turn your torch off with another action, but I found no benefits to this and perished on several occasions. But with a backpack full of supplies either bought or found, there's a good chance you'll have what you need to keep yourself alive. Be it antidotes, bandages, food and drinks. There's always something useful. Reading notes found scattered throughout help tell the story and offer clues as to where you need to go next. I can't stress who's important it is to check each and every one you find when you get them. I forgot one and spent an hour wandering the school before I double checked.

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The game gets worse before it gets any better for Youngho, his best friend Seho and the mysterious female student. There are other students that you will be able to interact with, but they are only a handful. Wouldn't want a highly populated nightmare now would you?

To say that Devespresso have crafted a tense and decidedly creepy horror game in The Coma is an understatement. The feeling of panic as you're hunted down, or tip-toeing down the barren corridors is always there, playing on your mind as you attempt to anticipate what is going to happen next.

Visuals are reminiscent of a comic, and whilst not something you'd expect in a horror game, it works exceptionally well. Side scrolling through the school in this format, again works and even though it's a 2D approach, it doesn't detract from just how creepy and disturbing the game is. Gameplay is quick and easy to get used too, with the D-Pad offering you quick access to various options, such as inventory, map, notebook and your next objective. Be careful, this does not pause the game. I found out the hard way.

The developer has gone all out to totally disturb the player, and as you play the game, this is 100% apparent. Not only this, but with a convincing narrative and believeable characters, The Coma is a must have title for fans of the horror genre.

Graphics: 8
Audio: 10
Gameplay: 9
Longevity: 7
Value for Money: 9

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