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The Council - Episode 1: The Mad Ones
Type Game
Publisher Focus Home Interactive
Developer Big Bad Wolf
Discovered 08 Mar 2018
Last check 16 Jun 2021
Last on sale 17 Mar 2020
Release date 13 Mar 2018

The Mad Ones is the first episode of The Council’s 5-episode season.
Get the full experience with the Complete Season.

The Council is an episodic game like no other. Delivering a fresh take on the Narrative Adventure, your choices and character growth truly matter. Make hard-hitting decisions, but also develop an array of skills to directly impact how the story unfolds. With permanent consequences, there is no going back. Plunge into a tale of intrigue and manipulation, with a cast of alluring characters each hiding their own dark secrets.

Take the role of secret society member Louis de Richet after his invitation to a private island off the shores of 1793 England. Joining him are a number of guests, including Napoleon Bonaparte and George Washington. The strange nature of this reception goes beyond the prestigious guests – Richet’s mother has gone missing on the island, while each of the colorful cast has their own hidden agendas.

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The Council - Episode 5: Checkmate

Louis de Richet had his world turned upside down in Episode 4, and now he must take the final steps on deciding his path – and the fate of the world. This finale brings all your decisions, mistakes, and victories to the fore as Louis’ alliances, enemies, and family all come together for a climatic confrontation. Who will win, and can the De Richets survive the island in the end?

The Council - Episode 4: Burning Bridges

After the revelations of Episode 3, Louis de Richet is thrown ever deeper into the web of intrigue… Lines are being drawn and the power struggle is just beginning. As seals break and secrets are revealed, the guests on Mortimer’s island must choose their side in a meeting that could decide the fate of all humanity.

The Council - Episode 3: Ripples

The stakes continue to grow, and Louis must decide where he stands. He also has the chance to finally find his long-missing mother – but this may not be the happy reunion he wishes for.

The Council - Episode 2: Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek is the second episode of The Council’s 5-episode season. Get the full experience with the Complete Season. Episode 1: The Mad Ones is required to run this episode or the Complete Season. Louis de Richet is on Lord Mortimer’s island, still searching for his mother, when his investigation is interrupted by tragic events - Louis must now answer to his enigmatic host.

The Council - Season Pass

The Season Pass grants you access to episodes 2 to 5. You will be able to receive each episode 2 days before official release. The Council delivers a fresh take on the Narrative Adventure where your choices and character growth truly matter. As a member of a 1793 secret society, plunge into a tale of intrigue and manipulation on the hunt for your missing mother.