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Posted on 17 August 19 at 21:13
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Wow. What a disappointment. Even though the first game, "The Crew", was never really any competition for its casual racing competitors Forza Horizon or the Need For Speed series, it was what it was - a country-wide racing game with lots to do and a cute little story to boot. I found it pretty addictive and played it for hours, hunting and grinding for achievements far after the story was over.

That said, the release trailer for "The Crew 2" looked cool - possibly everything the first one was, with flying, boating and motorcycles thrown in for good measure. Alas, it was not to be. What seemed to be its strengths, a massive variety of racing, turned out to be its weakness. The "everything and the kitchen sink" method just didn't work. There's too much and none of it is really fine tuned. The motorcycles and boats in particular don't feel right or real.

Even more disappointing is that this is a casual, arcade racer without the knowledge that that's all it is. Nobody is coming to this game looking to be challenged or for a racing simulation. There's no difficulty settings, no rewind feature like Horizon, and no sense of fun. You lose, a lot. And then have to re-do the race just to progress. There are lots of races and activities, but since you need to build up your car to win them, you spend a lot of time losing just to get to the point where your vehicle is able to win.

It's a casual racer, that due to its unwavering difficulty for the casual racing fans that would be attracted to it, ends up just being a big stink. And for those who like a challenge and pride themselves on difficulty? They're not going to be interested in the schtick this game is offering.

Maybe they'll make a "The Crew 3" and get the game back to its basics - a fun, casual racer across the landmarks of the USA without confusing, too-busy menus and excess.
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