The Crew (Xbox 360) Achievements

Full list of all 50 The Crew achievements worth 1,000 gamerscore.

  • V2

    Tame the East Coast and earn your V2 ink.

    1 guide
  • V4

    Reestablish 5-10 control in The South and earn your V4.

    2 guides
  • V6

    Beat the cops in The Mountain States and earn your V6.

    2 guides
  • Ghost Bustin

    Beat any Platinum Skill Ghost.

    1 guide
  • We Don't Need Roads

    Burn Nitro at exactly 88mph (141 km/h).

    1 guide
  • The Crew

    Complete a Mission while in a Crew

    1 guide
  • Sorbet

    Drive a pink and yellow car for 5 miles (8 km).

    1 guide
  • First Offense

    Escape a Police pursuit 100 times in FreeDrive.

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