Tom Clancy's The Division Walkthrough

10. Story walkthrough Part Five

Flatiron's Safe House - Madison's Stand

In this Safe House, the JTF Officer will be on the first floor, the situation board will be on the next floor up, and the locker that will allow you to complete the side mission for arriving here will be on the very top floor. Once you're ready, sort through any items and check out the vendor. Also, start trying to buy and equip superior items (purple weapons and gear) as they will start to become much more popular now. There's an achievement tied to having every slot filled with said item type. There's no main mission in Flatiron, so head for the Water Supply mission on East 29th St to start off.

Medic Encounter - Water Supply

The layout for this Water Supply mission is pretty much exactly the same as the earlier ones you've completed and the mission objectives are also the same. You'll square off against Cleaners here but they are only Level 16 making this mission super-easy. Defend the pump and release the pressure when told until the mission is complete.

Medic Encounter - Hostage Rescue

Head into the walkway and follow the path to an underground car park. The Rikers here are low-levelled again but still be cautious with the Shotgun guys as they still pack a bit of a punch. Secure the area after taking out the Veteran Thrower that spawns and then pick up the key from the small office. Free the hostages and the mission is done.

Medic Encounter - Virus Research

There will be four virus scanners to find an activate here and you'll have a whopping eight minutes to find them. Boot up the first scanner and then head to the dugout section of the park in front of you and jump down. Follow the path and you'll quickly find the second scanner. Go forward and then turn right at the cross-path. Follow the path to find the third scanner. Go back to where you came from but go the other way at the cross-path. Follow the path around for the final scanner. Climb out of this section and head to the console to upload the data. Mission done. Loot the box next to the console for some goodies before you leave.

Side Mission - Rescue: Flatiron Civilians

Enter the subway to find a bunch of Rikers here. There'll be four to take out. Once these guys are dead, rescue the civilians from a room nearby. Follow the way-point to talk to the JTF Officer. You and the JTF will charge into an alley where there will also be a Phone Recording you may as well pickup. There will be another batch of low-level regular enemies to take on. Wipe these guys out and then climb up the truck and onto the building to activate the power for the shutter next to the truck. You'll need to take a left and go through the apartment window to get up to where the power is. Go into the building, down the hallway, up the stairs and into the open room on your left. Jump out of the window in the back room in the apartment and hit the power. More enemies will spawn from the alley you came from but you've got a sweet height advantage over these guys. Snipe them or jump down to take them on at close range and then open the shutter. Once the shutter is open, the mission is complete. Don't forget to loot the box near the power switch.

Phone Recording 73/130 - Directive 51 #5

Side Mission - Uplink Repair: Flatiron

To get up to the power grid, head through the building with a taxi parked outside of it West 22nd St. Go up one flight of stairs and into the door on your right to find the button. Head outside on this same floor and take out the easy-kills here. Proceed through the door on the opposite side of the door you came through. head upstairs and go back out of the door and across the walkway. Proceed through the building, out of the window and up the ramp to use the console. At this point, more enemies will spawn so drop back down a level for cover. These guys are still Level 16's but in Veteran form and the Sniper will pack quite a punch if you don't take cover quick enough. Once dealt with, reset the power to complete the mission. Don't forget to loot the box near the console before you leave.

Security Encounter - JTF Support

On your way to this mission, follow the path I take in the video to find a Drone on a rooftop. Head down Broadway and then turn onto East 21st St. Climb up a ladder to a building near to where the Rikers are hanging out and use the stairway to get all the way to the top. Go up the small set of stairs for a box and then jump through the window to your left. Run through the apartment and jump out of another window where you'll see the Drone.

From here, you have a good sniper's point against the enemies fighting the JTF. Once the initial enemies are down, you'll need to use the rope to go down to ground level and speak with the JTF Officer. The enemies will spawn from the South of your position to begin with and then next wave will spawn from a building across the street on the east. Take out all of the enemies and protect the Officer to complete the mission.

Drone 9/16 - Crashed Drone #9: Supplies

Side Mission - Supply Drop: Flatiron Antivirals

There's three different sets of supplies to defend and you'll need to defend them all five separate times. The Rikers that spawn each time are just regulars and on one of their spawn points, they can actually set off one of their own explosive traps causing them to get the supplies slower, bleed, and lose health. You'll need to run from Union Square West and East navigating in and out of the fences. The mission is still very easy and after the fifth time defending the supplies, the mission is complete. Completing this mission should also push your agent into Level 20.

Tech Encounter - Arms Deal Disruption

A small mix of Rikers and Rioters will be trying to do another dodgy deal. Wipe these low-level enemies out and then mark the supplies for pickup. You'll need to hold out for just under two minutes. Three separate groups of enemies will spawn. The first from the east, then the west, then east again. However, the enemies don't seem to be too fussed about shooting you until they get right in your face. This means you can easily pick all of the enemies off before they even press their trigger. Each time I ran through this mission, I had just under a minute to spare as the time to defend the supplies was obviously way too generous. Either way, once the timer finishes, the mission is complete.

Medic Encounter - Hostage Rescue

To begin this mission, follow the way-point until you see a grey/silver gallery building to your left with a rope dangling from it. That's the rope you need to climb to kick off the mission. A few Rikers will be hanging around on the same level as you while a single Sniper lurks on the building above. Take out all of the low-level enemies here and then prepare for another way that spawn from where the Sniper was. Kill these guys and then head to the left of the wall to find a ladder to climb up. The key will have spawned up here so pick it up, head back down, loot the box on your way to the hostages and then free them to complete the mission.

Tech Encounter - Supply Acquisition

As you approach this mission, there will be a Phone Recording to your right in a small garage. Pick it up and then speak with the JTF Officer who will want you to find two missing supplies. The first is on the first floor of the parking garage. As you make your way up two Rikers will spawn, one being a Charger and the other a Thrower. Take these two guys out and then pick up the supplies and move them back to the container near the JTF Officer. You won't get any attention on your way back down as no more enemies spawn. There is a trap near the car park entrance but even if you walk into it, it does a measly amount of damage and doesn't even make your agent drop the supplies. Once placed in the container, two more Rikers will spawn on the first floor of the garage. Wait for them to get into your line of sight rather than going up after them and take them out. The Charger will more than likely jump down to the ground anyway.

Run through the garage and across the street to find the other supplies as well as a Phone Recording. Pick up the Recording and then the supplies and make your way back again. There may be a Riker nearby beating the crap out of someone but besides him, no other enemies have spawned again, making for a pretty boring mission. Once the last supplies are placed in the container, the mission is complete.

Phone Recording 74/130 - Directive 51 #1

Phone Recording 75/130 - Directive 51 #6

Side Mission - Bounty: Big G

From the Tech Encounter, head west down East 15th St to where you'll see an ambulance parked on your left, climb up it and onto the building to begin the mission. Continue climbing and then climb up the big air vent and prepare yourself for a small battle against the 1st Lieutenant. There's no clever, stealthy way of getting up onto this part, so just hit your pulse, jump up and go in guns blazing! Take out the Charger and the Thrower first and then quickly get into cover to take on the Elite one-on-one. Once the Elite's down, climb up the ladder and then run and take cover behind the three boxes lined up together. There's a Sniper, Charger and the Elite to take out. Hit the Sniper first before he runs away, then the Charger, then take out the Elite.

As soon as the Elite dies, the boss will spawn from a door that would have been on your left as you ran towards the boxes. Run away to where the dead Elite was to gain some distance between you and Big G. Quickly get rid of the weaker enemies and then use the usual technique against Big G - Shock and Fire Grenades, Incendiary Bullets and Water, whatever you feel like using. Even though Big G is only a Level 16 he can still do serious damage, as you'll find out. There's a square wall with a tree in the middle that actually provides pretty decent cover for taking on Big G. Once, he and his men are down, the mission is complete. Pick up the items he will have dropped and then loot the green box in the room he came out of. Once you're all set, head back or fast travel to the area's Safe House to complete the Side Mission for returning and make all of the collectibles in the area pop up.

Flatiron District Collectibles

4 Phone Recordings

  1. Directive 51 #7 - On a building right next to the base. Accessible via a park white truck.
  2. Vitaly Tchernenko #7 - In the subway via the entrance between 5th Ave, Broadway and East 23rd St.
  3. Directive 51 #4 - On East 21st St, head into the double white doors before the green diner on your left. Go down the hallway and through a door on your left. Go up the stairs one floor. Go into the purple painted room and out of the window. Climb down the ladder and run down the alley to find the Recording
  4. Vitaly Tchernenko #5 - In the Union Square Subway, in the Mess Hall

3 Incident Reports

  1. Riker Report #3 - In an office right next to the Phone Recording behind the base. Be warned, enemies spawn from the alley and the building as soon as you go into the office
  2. Riker Reports #2 - Near where East 23rd St meets Park Ave, next to a police car and dead JTF officer
  3. Riker Reports #1 - In the middle of the street on Broadway. On the back of a police car that's parked in front of a long truck


  1. General #19 - Down an alley off East 23rd St. Counts as found as soon as activated
  2. April Kelleher #3 - In the middle of the street on East 22nd St. Counts as found as soon as activated
  3. General #20 - Accessible via the Union Square subway entrance. Found at the ticket barriers. Activate and then collect.

1 Missing Agent

  • Missing Agent #11: Tanisha Carter - Starts on park Union Square East near Park Ave, goes between East 17th St and East 20th St, comes out on 20th and into a building. Continues to go to the top of the building and into some offices and then into an escalator. Escalator goes down to an underground car park where the Missing Agent can be found.

Your list should now be:

Survival Guide - 12/24

Phone Recordings - 79/130

Incident Reports - 23/40

Crashed Drones - 9/16

Missing Agents - 11/20

ECHOs - 33/63

Chelsea 21/22

Flatiron District 15/15

That's all for Flatiron, fast travel back to this area's Safe House to restock and sort out your gear, then, set a way-point for "The Last Call" the Safe House in Gramercy and head on out.


On your way to the Safe House, you'll end up running slap-bang into the middle of a Security Encounter where the JTF are taking fire from Rikers. Take a minute or two here to help them out.

Security Encounter - JTF Support

A regular mix of Rikers will be in the battle here and even though they are a couple of levels higher than Flatiron's enemies, they are still easy to take out. Clear these guys out and then talk the JTF Officer. Try to take out the enemies as quickly as possible as they spawn from the north-east to begin with, and then the north-west. The JTF Officer you must defend here likes to keep himself in health-destroying lines of sight for the enemies so you may have to act as cannon-fodder for the Officer if he starts taking too much damage. Once all of the enemies have been neutralised, the mission is complete. Continue moving towards the Safe House.

Tech Encounter - Mercy Drop

Right around the corner from the Security Encounter, you'll run into a Mercy Drop that needs defending. The deaths of the JTF Soldiers doesn't matter here and the supplies you are defending can't be damaged. Just stay in the marked orange area and hold out until the clock hits zero. After the initial wave of enemies, regular Rikers will spawn. The next wave brings three Veterans into the area but you'll be able to handle these guys easily thanks to the massive amount of cover that's on offer. To finish up, regular Rikers will spawn again. Once all of the enemies are down and the clock hits zero, the mission is done.

Gramercy Safe House

Do the usual bits once you arrive at the Safe House. Completing the Side Mission for arriving here should give you enough XP to reach Level 21. Once you're sorted with ammo and gear, set a way-point for the Main Mission in this area, the Police Academy.

Main Mission - Police Academy

Follow the way-point into the underground car park, leading you to an agent's watch lying on the ground. Investigate the watch and then quickly take cover on the concrete in front of you as LMB (Last Man Battalion) soldiers spawn.

This will be the first time you will have met the LMB unless you battled the named one that I did in one of the previous videos or have ventured into the higher Dark Zones. These guys are the most powerful enemies to square off against and as well as packing more health and firepower, in groups, they are much more aggressive and can be painful to keep at bay. Dependant on how much fire power you are putting up against them, the LMB like to slowly get in close on you and force you to move cover. The Shotgun guys are pretty much the same as the Rikers version except they like to throw Shock Grenades at you as well.

The Throwers are not to be taken lightly. These guys pack Grenade Launchers that cover decent range and fire impact grenades. You'll still get the red impact radius come up around you when they fire, but you'll have a second or two to jump out of the way. The Engineer types aren't too much to worry about but they like to switch from Assault Rifles and Shotguns dependant on how close you are to them. Lastly, the Snipers pack the same gear as the other gangs Snipers but also have Blinding bullets they can fire. The reflection from their Rifle will go green when they are about to fire this type of shot and there will be a particular sound effect to go with it. They also have Shock traps they can throw that appear on your minimap as if they were an enemy.

LMB will spawn from the elevator on your left and a doorway on your right. Take these guys out with ease as they will be levelled much lower than your agent. The red bar LMB are nothing to worry about but approach Veterans with more caution. Check the room at the back for a lootable item box and then head into the elevator that was on your on your left.

Come out of the elevator and turn right. Six LMB soldiers will be in this area ready to be taken down. There will be a Heavy type LMB soldier here too but surprisingly, these guys aren't too tough to take down. Even the Veteran and Elite versions aren't too bad. In the left corner of this room will be a locked door. You should have at least three or four lock picks to spare to go ahead and open up the room and loot the box. As you approach the set of stairs the way-point leads you to, turn right before heading up and head down a small corridor for another box.

Head upstairs to be greeted by two LMB Soldiers and a Sniper on the highest floor. Take them out and follow the waypoint, restocking as you progress. Move down the corridor and into the first room on your right and then the one on your left for another box to loot. Then head back to the corridor to take on the LMB waiting ahead. Clear out the area then head into the elevator.

Come out of the elevator and go right into the corridor where a couple of LMB soldiers will spawn ready to taken down. Proceed along the way-point where you will see another mixed bag of LMB to take on. Once these guys have been dealt with, three LMB soldiers will breach the double doors on the left. Once these guys are down, more LMB will burst through the double doors on the right. This time though, an Elite Heavy will be amongst the soldiers. Take out the regular enemies first and then work on the Elite. He shouldn't be much of an issue as he'll still be a level 16 enemy just like the rest. Don't forget about the weak point on his backpack if your weapon isn't putting out enough DPS against him.

Follow the way-point all the way to an ECHO. There's no enemies to take on along the way here. Activate and then collect the ECHO for it to count. Move to the security room and use the keyboard. Then prepare yourself for an ambush through the front door. Jump out of the security office window and take cover at the front desk. Three LMB soldiers will breach the door but leave themselves wide open to you as they walk in and stand there. A couple more soldiers should be in your line of sight but will be outside trying to fire in. Take these guys out and then move outside. More enemies will have spawn including a Sniper. Try to take out the Sniper asap. As the fight goes on, the Named Elite for the mission will spawn from a Helicopter that drops him and several more LMB soldiers off. The LMB here will be Veterans, including a Charger, so be prepared. Try to take out everyone apart from the Elite which for the LMB is a Rogue Agent!

These guys pack Shotguns, SMGs, Turrets, Seeker Mines, Shock Traps and also have the ability to hack your Seeker Mines or Turrets. Rogue Agents are super dangerous and can also appear in Elite form too as well a being the Named Elites in certain missions or areas. Their Seeker Mines don't do great damage but can knock you out of cover and take care of your Support Station in one explosion if it gets caught in the radius. Their hack ability can be troublesome if you're a regular user of Mines or Turrets as they can hack these very quickly and turn them against you.

Once the area is clear, pick up the goods and the mission is complete.

ECHO 34/63 - Rogue Agents #3

Security Encounter - Assault The Stronghold

As you arrive at the stronghold, a couple of Rikers will be at the front door. Take these guys out and then move inside to take out another Riker as well as a Veteran. Once you move inside, a Heavy Elite will spawn from the back left side of the building upstairs. Keep your distance and pick him off but don't forget to chuck a Shock Grenade if necessary to stop him in his tracks. Once all the enemies are down, the mission is complete. There's a lootable box at the back-right side of the building upstairs and also an Incident Report downstairs in a seating area to the left.

Incident Report 24/40 - Riker Reports #5

Side Mission - Procurement: UV Filters, Part 1

The first set of Filters will be on top of a church that the way-point leads you too. Climb up the scaffolding to gain access to the roof and then take out the lone Veteran Sniper that will be up here. Pick up the filters and loot the box and then prepare for some easy kills as enemies spawn back on the main road. Once the enemies are down, Part 1 is complete. Part 2 begins north-east of your current location, near the lootable Tools area.

Side Mission - Procurement: UV Filters, Part 2

From the lootable Tools section, there's a ladder on the opposite side of the alley to climb up. Climb up, and follow the path round to a wall back on the other side of the alley to see a rope to climb up. Enemies will be in front of you and then further round to the right. Head forward and take out the enemies in front, including a Sniper. Climb up the ladder and then drop back down to take out the remaining enemies which includes a Veteran. Once dealt with, the way-point will lead you to a small apartment where there will be the Filters and a collectible to pick up. Jump through the left-most window and pick up the Survival Guide in the first room.

Survival Guide 13/24 - Guide #14 Page 19

Side Mission - Procurement: UV Filters, Part 3

There'll be plenty of enemies outside in the next area. Clear the Rikers out and then head into the building via the truck and up into the connecting bridge between the buildings. There's only one path to follow in the building so go down the corridor and up the stairs to find the filters.

Security Encounter - Checkpoint

On your way to this Encounter, you will come across an ECHO on 3rd Ave across from a lootable Tools area. Activating the ECHO counts it as found. The Checkpoint will have a bunch of Rikers already there. Clear these out and then signal for JTF assistance. You'll only need to defend the area for 30 seconds as two separate waves of enemies spawn. The enemies will be a mix of Snipers, Chargers and regular Rikers and both waves will spawn from the north-west of where you are. Once all the enemies are dead, the mission is complete.

ECHO 35/63 - General #16

Security Encounter - JTF Support

Take out the enemies already in the area fighting the JTF and then speak with the Officer. More enemies will spawn including Snipers and Chargers again. Once this wave is done, another will spawn but this time with a Veteran in the mix too. There's plenty of cover to use to stay safe so take your time, pick off the enemies and complete the mission once the second wave is done.

Side Mission - Rescue: Gramercy Civilian

Secure the first area which includes a mix of different Rikers or the regular kind and Veterans also. After that, head across the street to speak with the JTF officer. You and the JTF will then run to a Police Station to secure the area. There's only a few regular enemies to take out here. Once clear, head to the underground car park right next to the Police Station and move towards the entrance. Your objective will then change as the power needs switching on to open the shutter door. Head down the alley and switch the power on and then head back down to the parking lot.

Open the door to be greeted by a wave of Rikers. Clear them out and then follow the way-point into the Police Station where you can loot a room for some Weapon Parts. Come back out of the room and head into the doorway on your right. Go upstairs and into the first room on your right for a lootable box. Come back out of this room and head right through the corridor, head into the room on your left opposite of the restock box to find the civilian. Open the cell to free the civilian and complete the mission.

Tech Encounter - Arms Deal Disruption

Clear out the Rioters and Rikers negotiating a deal and then mark the supplies for the JTF. Enemies will now spawn from the alley with the lootable Tools, an alley on your south and the main street. You'll need to hold out for just under two minutes. Once clear of enemies and the timer has run out, the mission is complete.

Side Mission - Supply Drop: Gramercy Armaments

There will be three sets of supplies to defend here. One where the mission begins, one in a nearby alley, and another on the street. You'll have to defend them five separate times but thankfully there's nothing special about the Rikers that spawn. Once you've prevented the five separate waves of enemies from destroying the supplies, the mission is complete. Head back to the Safe House to report to the Officer.

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