Tom Clancy's The Division Walkthrough

11. Story walkthrough Part Six

Gramercy Collectibles

8 Phone Recordings

  1. Directive 51 #10 - Out back of the Safe House in an alley under a set of stairs connecting to the Safe House
  2. Survivor Diary #1 - Head into the alley off East 20th St across from the Safe House. Then head up the wide stairs and up a ladder to find the Recording
  3. Survivor Diary #3 - Head into the alley off East 15th St. As you come through the alley you'll see an air con unit ahead of you can use to climb up and onto the building. Climb up here and navigate through the apartment block to get to the top for the collectible.
  4. Survivor Diary #4 - In an alley accessible off East 21st St.
  5. Directive 51 #9 - On East 24th St, there will be a rope in between the buildings to climb up and access the area.
  6. Survivor Diary #2 - Access the ally from East 23rd St. Climb up the rope and go up the stairs to find the Recording on your left.
  7. PR Agency #1 - Head into the Subway Entrance on 2nd Ave to access this Recording.
  8. Directive 51 #8 - Near the Police Academy mission. In an alley off East 23rd St. May be guarded by an Elite LMB soldier who will be with a Veteran Riker and regular Rikers.

1 Drone

  • Crashed Drone #10 Basketball - Shoot down the Drone from the street and then access the building from the alley. Climb up the structures on the building opposite and then once at the top, use the small metal connecting bridge to get to the top of the building the Drone is on.

1 Incident Report

  • Rikers Reports #4 - In front of a medical centre on East 21st St.


  1. NOT ACQUIRABLE YET - This is the one in the building accessible off East 22nd St.
  2. NOT ACQUIRABLE YET - In the building accessible via the block playground between East 22nd and 21st St.

1 Survival Guide

  • Survival Guide #13 Page 18 - Head into the building off 2nd Ave. Go up two flights of stairs to find the guide in the apartment.

Your list should now be:

Survival Guide - 14/24

Phone Recordings - 87/130

Incident Reports - 25/40

Crashed Drones - 10/16

Missing Agents - 11/20

ECHOs - 35/63

Chelsea 21/22

Gramercy 15/17

Set a way-point for Stuyvesant's Safe House, The Ward, and head on out. Fast travel to the Police Academy mission if you want to save your legs and time.


Make your way straight down East 23rd St. There will be a couple of missions that will pop up but just ignore them and keep running towards the Safe House. Once at the Safe House, do the usual bits and then set a way-point for the main mission in the area. On the way, you'll take out a Bounty before reaching the mission.

Side Mission - Bounty: Iceman

Two Lieutenants will need to be taken down before Iceman spawns. There's plenty of cover to use. Take out the enemies and Elites and when Iceman spawns from the small building across the street from where the first sets of enemies where, hit him with a Shock or Incendiary Frag, hit your Pulse, fire the StickyBomb and let him have it. Once the area is clear, the mission is complete and there will be a lootable box to check out in the room Iceman was hiding in.

Main Mission - WarrenGate Power Plant

You'll be taking on a lot Rikers in this mission. As you approach the front gates, Rikers will be surrounding a JTF Officer. Engage the Rikers from outside the front gate and be wary of the Sniper inside on the stairs to the right. More Rikers will spawn after the first group are down but it will be safe enough to move into the Power Plant's front area. Enter the Power Plant itself and follow the way-point all the way to a large closed door with a switch next to it and a restock box. Top up your ammo, open the door and nail the two Rikers on the other side. Follow the path around to your right and either engage against the enemies here from the ground or climb up the ladder on the right for a height advantage. Once clear, the way-point will lead you to another switch that opens the door ahead.

Make your way further through the Power Plant where you will square off against a Heavy Elite. A quick hit of the Pulse and a Frag will leave the Elite open to some easy headshots if you take cover close to where he's standing. Once he's down. move forward and restock on ammo. Move into the next section to fight more Rikers. A couple will be higher up on a walkway so try to hit them first and then clear out the guys on ground level.

Move forward and to the right and nail a couple of Rikers who will rush you. Head up the stairs and take out three more Rikers that will spawn and then deactivate the nearby bomb. Head through another large door, stock up on ammo and then advance to the next section.

In this area, run round to the left and work your way towards the next bomb to disarm. Clear out the section around the bomb and then hold the fort from here as it has a good vantage point to take out the rest of the enemies. Once clear, disarm the bomb and then wait for around a minute for the commentary to finish. At this point, more enemies will spawn from a door on the south-east side of the room above where you came in. Take the guys out that spawn here and then go through this door to find another restock box.

As soon as the doors opened, a timer will have kicked in giving you roughly 12 minutes to complete the next set of objectives. Run into the next room where the objective will be to secure the area. Run to the right and take on the enemies at close range in the top middle section. Then from here, clear out the rest of the enemies. Once clear, locate each valve that the way-point will lead you to. As and when you operate each one, enemies will spawn. The north most valve spawns enemies from a small door on the ground floor further north than the valve. The south most valve spawns enemies close to the previous valve you will have just done. The last valve on the ground floor spawns enemies underneath the second valve. After all valves have been turned and all enemies are down, go back to the top middle section and operate the main valve to stop the timer and complete the objective.

Move into the control room to take on waves of enemies leading up to the boss. Each wave will only include 3-4 enemies that will have one Veteran or one Elite in the mix. Once all waves are down, the boss himself will come out of his room. He leaves himself vulnerable as he comes off the stairs as he stops for a brief second. Sticky Bomb him and hit your Pulse to help against him. You can even use a Shock Grenade and some Water or other consumable too if you want but he shouldn't be any trouble at all.

Once the boss is down, go up into the control room and use the keyboard to complete the mission. Open the lootable box and then collect the ECHO too. Achievement unlocked and mission complete!

I've Got the Power in Tom Clancy's The Division
Secure the Power Plant. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 90,002 tracked gamers (61% - TA Ratio = 1.27) 147,105

ECHO 36/63 - General #17

After the mission is over head back to the BoO to make some upgrades. Leave the Security Wing for now and upgrade the Division Tech and Central Heating at the Tech Wing. This will give you the Signature Skill - Tactical Link. Whenever you can from now, start using the Signature skill in every mission at least once or twice by hitting cn_LB & cn_RB at the same time. This will give you a major boost in damage for roughly 15 seconds but the time can be extended with the more kills you get. After the Skill has been used, it takes quite some time to cool down depending on your agent's Signature Ability Resource which makes the skill cool down quicker. For the Medic Wing, upgrade the Hazmat Unit. This gives your Support Station three pretty decent mods to choose from.

Tech Encounter - Supply Acquisition

Take out the first batch of bad guys taking on the JTF and then prepare to hold out against more incoming Rikers for just under two minutes. The Rikers come from either side of this area as well as from inside the apartment blocks too. They will only be low-levelled compared to you though so have fun with the easy kills, and then collect the Incident Report from inside one of the ground level apartments that will have popped up on the map.

Incident Reports 26/40 - Riker Reports #7

Side Mission - Uplink Repair: Stuyvesant

The switch on the power grid will be the first thing you come to right as the mission starts. Hit the switch and then go forward to the right where the scaffolding is. Climb up it and go through the apartment window as the scaffolding stairs are blocked off. Run through the lobby and through the only open apartment door. Once in the apartment, go through the first door on your right, then the door on your left, then out of the window. Go up the scaffolding and back into an apartment through the window. Run through the lobby and then go back out of another window back onto the original scaffolding. Climb up the nearby ladder and hit the switch. Climb back down the ladder, release the nearby rope and descend down. Hit the switch and the mission is complete. Go back up afterwards to collect the lootable box that popped up on the radar.

Tech Encounter - Mercy Drop

Talk to the JTF Officer to begin the mission. You'll be tasked with finding and returning two sets of supplies. Both are situated close by but up a set of stairs that you'll need to come back down to return the supplies. Rikers will spawn as soon as the mission begins but they will be low levelled and easy to handle. Return both supplies to complete this very easy mission.

Side Mission - Rescue: Stuyvesant Civilian

Talk to the JTF Officer and then storm into a quick battle against Rikers outside. Clear this first group and then look in the lootable Tools area that will be on your left for a Phone Recording. Continue heading south-east and engage the next wave of Rikers (if they haven't engaged you already). Once clear, rescue the civilian to complete the mission.

Phone Recordings 88/130 - Survivor Diary #8

Dark Zone 04 - Level 24 Agent

Now that you're Level 24 it's back into the Dark Zone you go! This time, you'll be extracting in Dark Zone 04 which should be much easier and quieter than the first ones you've done. Not many agents tend to stab each other in the back at this extraction and it's not that often you'll even see other agents here. Check out the trial run followed by the recording Agent's run.

During my recording agents run, I managed to extract a superior item and unlocked the related achievement tied to this action. The achievement comes naturally anyway as the gear you extract when levelled up higher is of better quality but if you do manage to bag a superior item at this stage, then you'll unlock this achievement:

Plundered! in Tom Clancy's The Division
Plundered!28 (20)
Extract a Superior or High-end Item from the Dark Zone.
  • Unlocked by 74,009 tracked gamers (50% - TA Ratio = 1.40) 147,105

Once done, head back too Stuyvesant to continue with the PvE world.

Security Encounter - JTF Support

JTF will be fighting against Rikers in between apartment blocks. All the enemies here are easy kills so take out the first group, then the second that spawns from inside the apartments. The third group spawns from the same block but at another entrance. Once taken out, the fourth and final group spawns at the entrance the second group came out of. After all the enemies are down, the mission is complete.

Side Mission - Supply Drop: Stuyvesant Winter Supplies

Three sets of supplies will need defending here, but you'll only need to defend each one once. Successfully defend the supplies from the low-level Veterans and then before heading to the next mission. Collect the ECHO that will have popped up on the radar as you ran to and from the different supplies. Activating it will count as it being collected.

ECHO 37/63 - Rogue Agents #2

Medic Encounter - Hostage Rescue

Clear the area of Rikers outside the apartments. Once clear, the key will be inside a nearby apartment. From here, the hostages need to be freed from a large metal container nearby. Mission done!

Security Encounter - JTF Support

There's an Incident Report that may as well be picked up just west of this mission. Set a way-point on the map just like I do in the video and pick it up before taking on the mission. Hostels already in the area will need to be dealt with here. Once down, defend the JTF Officer from the incoming Rikers that will spawn mainly from the east and south. Some enemies from outside of the mission may also try to get involved but they'll be just as easy as the mission-based enemies. Besides the one Veteran that spawns, the rest of the enemies are just regular guys. Once both waves of enemies are down, the mission is complete.

Incident Report 27/40 - Rikers Reports #6

Security Encounter - Assault The Stronghold

A few Rikers members will be standing in front of an apartment block. One of them is a Veteran while the others are just normal enemies. Take them all out and then take cover as the Heavy Elite spawns from inside the apartment. Take him out in the usual manner to complete the mission nice and easy.

Tech Encounter - Arms Deal Disruption

Rioters and Rikers will be doing another dodgy deal. Ruin the fun here and wipe everyone out. Mark the supplies for the JTF and then get ready to hold out for just under 30 seconds. Only one wave of Rikers spawn from the south that are regular enemies as well as one Veteran. Take these guys out easily and once the clock hits zero, the mission's done. Collect the Phone Recording that will have popped up on your radar near one of the stalls.

Phone Recording 89/130 - Survivor Diary #6

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