Tom Clancy's The Division Walkthrough

12. Story walkthrough Part Seven

Stuyvesant Collectibles

7 Phone Recordings

  1. Survivor #7 - This is the one that's just south of East 23rd St on the map. To get to it, there's a car park on the same street you need to go into. Run past the wall with "B1" on it and into the stairway. Come back out into the garage and the large wall in front of you has an entrance to an elevator shaft on the other side. Rappel up into the apartment block and run around the corridor to find the collectible.
  2. Nurse #2 - In the apartment block just east of 1st Ave. It can be found near an outside dining area.
  3. Nurse #3 - East of the Safe House on the waterfront.
  4. Nurse #1 - South of the Safe House. You can't get over the fences to get to this one. Instead, go through the closest apartment block and through the windows to access it.
  5. Vigilante #3 - South west of the Safe House on just off Avenue C.
  6. Vitaly Tchernenko's Journal #6 - Accessible via the Subway entrance near the Power Plant mission.
  7. Survivor Diary #5 - Just north of East 14th St, inside the south-most corner of the area.

2 Survival Guides

  1. Survival Guide #16 - Page 46 - In the apartment block just west of FDR Drive on the bottom floor.
  2. Survival Guide #15 - Page 45 - Just north of Survivor Diary #5. There's a ladder to climb up and access the apartment.


  1. NOT ACCESSIBLE YET - Right next to Survival Guide #16 but one floor up.
  2. General #18 - In the middle of the area, in between four apartment blocks.

2 Incident Reports

  1. Rikers Reports #8 - Right at the bottom end of FDR Drive. In between a couple of ambulances.
  2. Rikers Reports #6 - Where 1st Ave meets East 20th St on the back of a police car.

Your list should now be:

Survival Guide - 16/24

Phone Recordings - 96/130

Incident Reports - 28/40

Crashed Drones - 10/16

Missing Agents - 11/20

ECHOs - 38/63

Chelsea 21/22

Gramercy 15/17

Stuyvesant 17/18

Upgrading Security Wing

Fast travel back to the BoO to upgrade the Security Wing with the 1060 supplies you will have now. You'll want to upgrade the Barracks. This will give you the Survivor Link Signature Skill and also the Combat Veteran Perk which will give you triple XP from all accolades. This Sig' Skill gives you increased defense for 15 seconds making you pretty much invincible if you're facing enemies of roughly the same level. This particular Skill is amazing for emergencies, especially in the Dark Zone!

Fast travel to the Police Academy mission so the journey to the next Safe House isn't as long. You'll be less than 200 meters away from the Safe House. On the way there, you'll see an Incident Report pop up on East 29th St. Collect it while you're here. Head into the Safe House and do the usual bits. Speaking with the JTF Officer here should give you enough XP to hit Level 25. At this point, you will have now moved into the Level 25-29 Dark Zone bracket and will also have unlocked another Talent Slot. It's completely up to you which talent you want to assign but I'd recommend the Critical Save. This can also prove useful in emergency situations.

Set a way-point for the Lexington Event Centre and get ready to take on the next main mission.

Incident Report 29/40 - Rioters Reports #10

Main Mission - Lexington Event Centre

Outside of the Event Centre will be a few Rikers members around a helpless JTF soldier. All together, there will be three JTF soldiers that need to be saved. These are not compulsory to be saved and if they are killed, the mission won't be failed. This goes for the first two you will see at least. I don't think the NPCs can or will kill the third JTF member as he is necessary to continue the mission.

Free the first JTF member after killing the surrounding Rikers and then move inside. You'll come to a stairway where you can go up or down but the way-point will want you to go up. Head downstairs and loot the green box opposite the dark door. Go through the door if you have a lock pick (which you should have three) and loot the box in here also. Head back upstairs and all the way to the top to continue the mission.

A few Rikers will be about to execute a hostage. Make short work of all of them and prepare for the next batch to spawn from a door on the back-right side of the room. Take these guys out and then another small wave of enemies will come from another door further back. Once clear, free the hostage and head upstairs. On your way through a dining area, you'll come across an ECHO to collect. Activate and then collect it. Proceed on to a restock box and an elevator to take up to the roof.

Up on the roof, another mix batch of Rikers await your arrival. Pick them all off and don't be afraid to be aggressive as they are much lower-levelled than your character. Once clear, free the hostage and at the back of the left-side of the area and then come back to the opposite side of where you came off the elevator. Prepare to take on a set of enemies who will come out of the door. One of them will be a Heavy Elite but he can easily be nailed with accurate SMG/AR shots or Rifle headshots. Once clear, head into the lift to go down to the basement.

Come out and hit the restock box. Then, go through the door and take cover against the next doorway. From here, pick off the enemies and take care of the Shotgunners as and when you can. Once clear, a few more enemies spawn from the back-right corner of the room ready for you to take them down. After these guys are toast, the last wave will spawn from a door on the back-left of the room. Again, they are easy-pickings.

Head through the door the last lot of enemies came out of and turn right. Activate the keyboard and then head back out of the room to a door at the other end of the corridor. Once it opens, run up the stairs and restock on ammo. Run up the stairs to your right and then through one of the doors into the main hall. Here, Larae will be waiting in between two Heavy Elites. Engage the Elites as Larae falls back to a safer area. Kill the Elites comfortably from the high-up cover and then prepare for another wave of enemies to spawn along with Larae. They will come from behind the stage so if you're quick enough, you can get the drop on all of the enemies with a quick grenade or full-clip of Incendiary bullets. Be careful taking on Larae in the open. Even though she's levelled much lower than you, she can still hit pretty hard and moves quite quickly. Slow her down with effective grenade usage and take her out along with her easy Rikers. Once the room is secure, the mission is complete and you'll unlock an achievement.

Crime and Punishment in Tom Clancy's The Division
Eliminate the leader of the Rikers gang and her bodyguards in Lexington Event Center. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 90,368 tracked gamers (61% - TA Ratio = 1.27) 147,105

ECHO 39/63 - General #11

Upgrading Security Wing

Fast travel back to the BoO and head to the Security Wing for another upgrade. With the 560 Supplies you've got, upgrade the Guard Posts and Shooting Range. When you're ready, fast travel to the Safe House in Kip's Bay and then set a way-point for the Side Mission "Bounty: Trigger Mike". I know I'd set one for the main mission, but as you'll see in the video, I got slightly distracted.

Side Mission - Bounty: Trigger Mike

Outside of Trigger Mike's hideout, which is the underground car park, his 1st Lieutenant will be lurking in the street. He is a Heavy Elite so battle him cautiously. Once he's down, move into the car park to take on the 2nd Lieutenant. This one's another Heavy Elite but he'll have some back up with him this time around. Once he's been taken out, Trigger Mike himself will spawn from the corner of the car park along with a few regular Rikers. He's a pretty tough guy to take on but so long as you take your time against him, you'll be fine. Once everyone is down and out, the mission is complete.

Main Mission - Rooftop Comm Relay

This will be another very easy mission as the Rikers here will be Level 22 as opposed to your Level 25 agent. If you've approached the mission from the same direction I did in the following video, you'll see the Phone Recording pop up on your radar. Once you're clear of enemies in the initial area, pick it up before continuing on. Head through the gate the way-point will lead you too and head all the way upstairs.

Once on the roof, more Rikers will spawn from in front of you and on top of this small building. Clear them out and then climb up. Move to the right navigating up and down the building and ledges and take out more Rikers that will spawn across on the other building. Move down the stairs to encounter another larger group of Rikers ahead. There's three separate little computers you may interact with throughout the mission that trigger Rhodes to start talking about satellites and comms and what not. These are not compulsory to activate but do offer a very small amount of XP. Once the enemies are clear, open the gate and drop the rope to descend down to a walkway connecting the two buildings together. Be wary of the explosive trap on the bridge. Shoot it or run past it.

Once you climb up onto the other side, a Charger will come charging at you. Take him out and then move around the corner to be greeted by a bunch of enemies. Clear them out and climb up the building. More enemies will spawn here. Take them out and climb up the ladder to progress and then through another metal gate and up another ladder.

Once up the ladder, another group of Rikers will be coming at you from a connecting bridge. You can take these guys out pretty quickly with a well-timed Sticky Bomb or Grenade as they climb up the small wall to get on the same part of the building you are on. Clear them out and move along the walkway. More enemies will spawn to the left side of this building. Take them out and then free the JTF officer being held captive. You'll need to wait a good minute or two for the talking to finish between the JTF Officer and Rhodes. Eventually, Rikers will spawn from the window with the fire inside and a small door to the right that looks like it leads to a stairway. Only a small group of Rikers spawn so take them out with ease and then run back to the other side of the building to take on Rikers that will spawn from a stairway door you ran past before dropping down to the connecting bridge.

After the second wave has been dealt with, run back to the other side for more enemies. Take these out quickly and then run back to the other side again to take on the Named Elite as well as a couple of Elites. Once the roof is secure, interact with the laptop near the JTF Officer to complete the mission. You should easily reach Level 26 with the XP awarded from the mission and you'll also unlock an achievement. Head back to the BoO for another Tech Wing upgrade and to speak with Paul Rhodes. It's up to you which upgrades you want to choose here. I chose the Field Engineering and SatComms. The mods for the Seeker Mine are quite useful besides the Cluster. The Cluster is too weak as the Mine breaks into smaller ones to hit multiple enemies. Each mine does a very small amount of damage and that's only if it isn't destroyed before reaching its target. The Gas Charge is pretty good as this makes the mine go from target to target and releases a cloud of gas around them making them Disorientated. The Incendiary mod is my personal favourite as this will target the closest enemy, roll towards them and then unleash a cluster of fire spreading around the enemy.

Fly on the Wall in Tom Clancy's The Division
Restore the JTF comm relay. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 86,982 tracked gamers (59% - TA Ratio = 1.29) 147,105

Phone Recording 97/130 - National Guard #1

Medic Encounter - Virus Research

Set a way-point for the Virus Research Mission near the Lexington Event mission. To gain access to the building, you'll need to climb up a dustbin truck parked right next to the building. Once inside, the first Virus Scanner is right in front of you. You'll have just under five minutes to find the other two scanners and upload the data. Head to the right side of the car park and go down the stairs. On this floor, go forward about halfway and you'll see the scanner to your right. Go into the opposite stairwell and go up two floors. Come out of the stairwell and go up the ramp on your left. To your right will be the last scanner. Head up the ramp again and go the opposite side of the car park to find a Missing Agent collectible. Head all the way to the top to upload the data and complete the mission. There's a small green box and a large blue box to loot on the top floor too.

Missing Agent 12/20 - #13 Edward 'Eddie' Pastor

Security Encounter - Assault The Stronghold

The Stronghold here is full of regular Rikers and one Veteran all together making for easy prey. Take them all out and then prepare to fight an Elite. As per usual, the leader here is a Heavy Elite again. Take him out as well as the other Riker that will have spawned and the mission is complete.

Tech Encounter - Mercy Drop

Once you reach the supplies, you'll need to stay within the designated area and successfully defend the supplies for just under three minutes. After the initial Rikers are dead, more will spawn from the alley on your west, then the street on the south, and then again from the alley. Besides the Veterans that spawn from the street, the rest of the enemies are just regulars. You'll more than likely have time to spare while the clock counts down and no more enemies are spawning. Once the clock hits zero, the mission is complete.

Side Mission - Procurement: Medicine, Part 1

On your way to this side mission, you should be running down East 33rd St. Along this street is an ECHO to collect that's in the middle of the street between two damaged barriers and plenty of stranded cars. Look at the following video for the exact location. Once you reach the area for the mission, there will be a few Rikers hanging around, take these guys out and then simply loot the bag in the middle of the street to complete Part 1. Before moving on, pick up the Phone Recording that's just to the right in front of the building.

ECHO 40/63 - General #14

Phone Recording 98/130 - National Guard #2

Side Mission - Supply Drop: Kips Bay Food Supplies

Leave Part 2 of the Procurement mission for now and head to this Side Mission instead as it's closer. Three sets of supplies need defending here. You'll only have to defend them one time each and they are conveniently very close to each other and pretty much in line of sight of each other. The Rikers spawn pretty close to each one but as usual, they are all low-levels and just regular enemies. Once you're done, head south for the JTF Support mission

Security Encounter - JTF Support

Enemies will already be engaging the JTF. Take them out and then look to the north for the next batch of incoming enemies. A Charger will be in the mix too so be careful. They can still hit hard despite being low-levelled. The rest of the enemies come from the north also so continue to pick them off until the mission is complete. There's only three waves to deal with here so this makes for yet another easy mission.

Side Mission - Procurement: Medicine, Part 2

Despite there being enemies on the street nearby, I didn't actually engage in battle during this very small mission. If you're in the same situation, you can just simply walk in, loot the Fabric, loot the mission bag and the job's done!

Side Mission - Procurement: Medicine, Part 3

The enemies may have played catch up for Part 3 as I almost died on my way there. Once the enemies were cleared however, the area itself was free of enemies. Walk into the designated area, loot the back and the mission's done.

Medic Encounter - Virus Research

The way-point here will take you along an overpass/walkway towards the mission. On this walkway will be a collectible before the walkway turns to the right. Carry on to the school ahead and take a sharp right as you get inside for the first scanner. You get 15 minutes to find all of the scanners here! Follow the corridor to the right and head upstairs through the doorway with the "Clinic" sign in front of it. On this floor, you'll need to follow the corridor all the way to the back of the school, so this will be the as far east as you can go. In this large room is the 2nd scanner. Go up to the third floor and make your way to the south-side of the building to find the last scanner. Once found, head up to the roof for a lootable box and the console to upload the data. Mission done.

Phone Recording 99/130 - National Guard #4

Tech Encounter - Arms Deal Disruption

A mix of enemies will be doing another deal. Take them out and mark the supplies. You need to hold out for just under two minutes. The first wave of enemies will come from a door located north of you but they'll only be Level 23's. Enemies will begin to spawn from the east and south also but are all really easy to handle. Once the clock hits zero, the mission's done.

Tech Encounter - Supply Acquisition

You'll be tasked with finding and returning two sets of supplies here. One is in an alley where there will be a bunch of Rikers hanging around sometimes. If they are not here, you'll only be engaged by enemies from near the other supplies. There will more than likely be the whole set of enemies to take on here so clear them all out and then return the last set of supplies. Once you're done. Return to the BoO to make a quick upgrade to the Tech Wing.

Upgrading The Tech Wing

This will be the last upgrade you need for the Tech Wing. Once upgraded, you'll unlock an achievement and will also have all Master Mods active for your Tech Skills. The Sticky Bomb's Stealthy Bomb Mod is pretty useless in my opinion and doesn't seem to make much difference. The Turrets Scorched Earth Mod is ok but depends heavily on what kind of Skill Power you have. Lastly, the Seeking Betty Mod for the Seeker Mines is actually quite useful as it allows the Mines to jump over cover to pursue enemies. Once you're all set, fast travel back to the Police Academy mission as there's now a new Side Mission available in Gramercy to take on before heading into Murray Hill.

One Down, Two to Go! in Tom Clancy's The Division
Completely upgrade any one wing of the Base of Operations.
  • Unlocked by 76,279 tracked gamers (52% - TA Ratio = 1.38) 147,105

Side Mission - Missing Person: Alexis Kwan, Part 1

Enter the building and go up the stairs to find an ECHO. Go into the next room and investigate three people stood talking near a guy getting some water. This will activate Part 2 of the mission.

ECHO 41/63 - Alexis Kwan #1

Side Mission - Missing Person: Alexis Kwan, Part 2

Part 2 of the mission is just north of this area's Safe House. On arrival, you'll need to secure the area outside as Rikers will be hanging around in a courtyard type area. The entrance to the designated area is within the courtyard, not back on the street. Go inside the apartment and upstairs to find another ECHO. Activate and then collect the ECHO. Investigate the woman to activate part three of the mission.

ECHO 42/63 - Alexis Kwan #2

Side Mission - Missing Person: Alexis Kwan, Part 3

Fast travel back to The Ward in Stuyvesant. Head into the apartment and upstairs. In one of the apartments is another ECHO. Activate and collect it and then investigate Alexis sitting on the couch to trigger Part 4.

ECHO 43/63 - Alexis Kwan #3

Side Mission - Missing Person: Alexis Kwan, Part 4

If you head to this part of the mission on foot, you'll come across an Incident Report on top of a concrete block in the middle of the road that you may as well collect. Follow the way-point to the mission marker. Once you arrive, you'll find Alexis Kwan playing the Piano. Mission complete. Fast travel back to Kips Bay's Safe House to report to the JTF Officer here.

Incident Report 30/40 - LMB Reports #2

Kips Bay Collectibles

Now, it's time to go collectible hunting again to clean up the Kips Bay area.

2 Incident Reports

  1. Riker Reports #9 - In the south-east corner of the area just above East 26th St.
  2. LMB Reports #1 - Top left corner of the area inside a building on ground floor.

2 Survival Guides

  1. Guide #18 Page 48 - Just north of East 33rd St.
  2. Guide #17 Page 47 - Left side of 3rd Ave. There's a truck partially parked in a small garage. Climb up this to access the building the Guide is in.


  1. General #15 - Samaritans - Immediately West of the Safe House. Activate and then collect.

All of the other ECHOs here are not collectible for now.

7 Phone Recordings

  1. Nurse #6 - Just south of the Safe House.
  2. Nurse #7 - Right next to the Rooftop Comms Relay mission
  3. National Guard #3 - Middle north of the area. Just right of 2nd Ave.
  4. PR Agency #3 - Next to the three ECHOs just off East 32nd St. You'll need to head into the Subway system to access.
  5. PR Agency #2 - On East 31st St on the map but it's actually in the Subways.
  6. Nurse #4 - Almost in the middle of East 31st & 32nd St.
  7. Nurse #5 - In between East 33rd & 32nd.

1 Crashed Drone

  • Drone #11 Traffic Jam - On East 31st St.

1 Missing Agent

  • Missing Agent #12 Regan Murphy - Starts on East 31st St and goes into and on top of a construction site north of the starting point.

Your list should now be:

Survival Guide - 18/24

Phone Recordings - 106/130

Incident Reports - 32/40

Crashed Drones - 11/16

Missing Agents - 13/20

ECHOs - 44/63

Kips Bay 21/25

Murray Hill 1/18

Set a way-point for the next Safe House in Murray Hill. Ignore any missions for now. Just head to the Safe House, do the usual bits, sort our equipment out and then prepare to take on the Queens Tunnel Camp mission.

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