Tom Clancy's The Division Walkthrough

13. Story walkthrough Part Eight

Murray Hill

Main Mission - Queens Tunnel Camp

You may have already seen the conflict between Rikers and LMB already kicking off on your way past this mission. A couple of Rikers members will pointlessly be trying to take on two Snipers who have a powerful Turret helping them out. As you'll see, this Turret is no joke. It's quick, accurate, and very powerful. Use cover-to-cover moves to get past them unless the switch to turn them off is located where you can access it without having to dodge the Turret. Move round to the right of the Snipers and go behind their watch towers. The switch for the turret can be found here. Turn it off and take the Snipers out. The enemies here will come in all ranges and varieties but only as Level 24.

Head along the path following the way-point keeping all the way to the left to get past another turret. You don't need to turn this one off if you don't want. Take out the enemies here and continue down the road. Go through the door on the right. Head upstairs and take out the LMB in this area on the ground and then climb up on top of the garage via a ladder to the right-side of the building, near to the door you originally came through. Take out the LMB up here too and then use the console. Climb back down and finish clearing the area if necessary. Drop the rope near a crashed red lorry and rappel down.

After dropping down, head to your left for a lootable box in the tents. Go back right and take out the LMB soldiers up ahead. There's another Turret here too but the switch is in front of the jeep the Turret is behind. Once clear, head forward into the tunnel. There will be a locked door on your right to unlock and go through so long as you have a lock pick. There's a box and a locker to loot through in here. Continue following the way-point until you come to another locked door. Check in here too for another lootable box.

In the next tunnel, turn left instead of right to find another lootable box. Head back right and through the breached wall. Restock on ammo, go through the door and look to your right for a Turret switch. Turn it off and then rumble with the LMB in this area. Once clear, use the console to destroy the CPUs and open up the way to the final area.

Head on outside and clear the initial LMB hanging around here. Once clear, use the laptop to begin the assault. Once the assault begins, you'll need to survive for three minutes against all different types of LMB. In the last minute, a Named Elite will come charging in. Be prepared and make sure you're in decent cover. Staying in one place isn't the best idea in this area as the enemies have a few different spawn points to come from. Stay on the move and save your Signature Skill for emergencies only, preferably when the boss spawns as he will have a few Elites that will spawn at the same time. Once the area is secure and the clock has hit zero, the mission is complete.

Head back to the BoO to make an upgrade to the Security Wing. You'll have 780 Supplies so upgrade any of the three remaining sections. Once you're done, fast travel back to Murray Hill and set a way-point for the Grand Central Station.

Main Mission - Grand Central Station

The enemies here are slightly tougher as this time around they will be Level 26's. It's still going to be a fairly easy mission but the ending can be tough if you're not kitted up correctly. Head into the Subway and engage the LMB here. Once clear, go down the escalator or rappel rope to the lower part. Elites will be in this area so keep back and take your time against these guys. Once clear, you'll go down the stairs in the middle of the area but let the gate open and the two LMB soldiers come through first ready for you to take them out. Head down stairs and restock. As you move forward, gas mains will go off above you causing you to become disorientated. Plenty of enemies will spawn in front of you here and slightly on your right so hit cover quick and then take them out.

Follow the way-point through the crumbling subway and take out the lone LMB soldier once you reach the other end. Continue following the way-point to another Restock box. In the next room, there will only be a few enemies here but plenty more spawn in from the left and the right. Some will be Chargers and Throwers so be very careful and don't be too aggressive. Both of these enemy types in the LMB can quickly catch you off-guard with their Shotguns and Grenade Launchers. Once clear, disable the turrets and follow the way-point outside.

Once outside, you'll see the LMB squaring off against the JTF. Thankfully, the Turrets here are out of action so start taking out the LMB soldiers and move up towards GCS. There's loads of cover everywhere on your way up, so take your time, pick the enemies off as they come at you in small groups, and keep moving forward. Once you're all the way at the end, there will be a restock box. Once you're stocked up, turn back round and take cover anywhere you choose. Cover that gives height advantage is the way to go at this part. Enemies will begin charging at you from the direction you just came. A good Marksman Rifle or AR is a good choice of weapon to have here. Stick to cover and pick everyone off as and when you can. When all of the enemies are no more, the mission is done. You'll unlock an achievement, and you'll also have enough Security Supplies to fully upgrade the Security Wing.

What Needs To Be Done in Tom Clancy's The Division
Recover Charles Bliss' propaganda tape. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 83,464 tracked gamers (57% - TA Ratio = 1.32) 147,081

Upgrading The Security Wing

Head back to the BoO and upgrade the final two sections in the Security Wing. Doing this will pop an achievement and unlock the Security Master Mods for all Security Skills. One of the upgrades will now allow you to purchase Dark Zone items from the newly acquired vendor just to the right of the laptop. If you haven't spent your hard-earned Dark Zone credits yet, why not treat yourself? I personally purchased the Navy MP5 N which was a sweet buy at the time. SMGs are not quiet packing the same punch since Update 1.3 came out. The Master Mod for the Ballistic Shield allows the Shield to repair itself after not taking damage for a small amount of time. Useful if you're not out in the open getting hammered off tough enemies. The Smart Cover Master Mod is very useful - the effect of the Smart Cover lasts for a short period of time after the agent comes off the cover. This proves useful if you need to quickly evade or re-position. The Mobile Cover's Second Chance Master Mod seems good, but in all my time playing the game, I've never seen anyone EVER use Smart Cover. Legitimately at least anyway.

Fixer-Upper in Tom Clancy's The Division
Completely upgrade any two wings of the Base of Operations.
  • Unlocked by 72,762 tracked gamers (49% - TA Ratio = 1.41) 147,081

Take a look at the crafting station to craft equipment, gear or/and weapons if you haven't done already. Craft a single high-end resource piece. Do this by converting one of the specialised resources into a high end one. You'll need to do this a few times to craft one high-end piece so you may need to save this achievement for later. If you can do it now, you'll unlock an achievement. Once you craft 10 different items (not the resources, actual gear or weapons), you'll unlock another achievement:

Master Craftsman in Tom Clancy's The Division
Craft a High-end item.
  • Unlocked by 75,174 tracked gamers (51% - TA Ratio = 1.39) 147,081

Good With My Hands in Tom Clancy's The Division
Craft 10 items.
  • Unlocked by 85,099 tracked gamers (58% - TA Ratio = 1.31) 147,081

Sort out your items, equip your absolute best gear and prepare to head back into the Dark Zone as this time around, Dark Zone's 5 & 6 are going to be conquered.

Dark Zone 5 & 6 with Level 29 Agent

At this point, I'd pretty much ditched the other agent as I managed to find much more time to record. I went straight in with the recording agent. Take a look at how it went below:

The skirmish was a massive success. As the Dark Zone seemed so dead in terms of other agents, I managed to peacefully extract at both extractions in DZ05, the one in DZ06, fill all my inventory slots with superior gear and weapons thanks to the stuff I extracted, and run around and kill the remaining number of Named Elites I needed to kill.

If you managed to accomplish the same things I did, you'll unlock these achievements:

Mass Extraction in Tom Clancy's The Division
Extract an item from all Extraction zones in DZ01-06.
  • Unlocked by 27,992 tracked gamers (19% - TA Ratio = 2.28) 147,081

Bling! Bling! in Tom Clancy's The Division
Equip all Gear slots with Superior or High-end Items.
  • Unlocked by 72,757 tracked gamers (49% - TA Ratio = 1.42) 147,081

You Just Made the List… in Tom Clancy's The Division
Kill 10 Named Enemies in the Dark Zone.
  • Unlocked by 43,448 tracked gamers (30% - TA Ratio = 1.83) 147,081

This just leaves the achievement for killing Rogues unless you've managed to do this already. Refer to the Dark Zone hints and tips page of the walkthrough for more advice on how to take on Rogues. Again though, if you're only in it for the achievement, I'd highly recommend boosting it. It could take maybe 20 minutes to boost as opposed to what could easily be more than 20 hours if you're trying to do it legitimately.

Side Mission - Missing Person: Noble Squad, Part 1

This mission begins in Kips Bay. Search the area for the ECHO located in the middle of the street. Activate it and then investigate the Division Agent stood on top of the car to trigger Part 2.

ECHO 44/63 - Noble Squad #1

Side Mission - Missing Person: Noble Squad, Part 2

Part 2 is north-east of where Part 1 started. Head down the alley leading to the garage. Activate the first ECHO and investigate the Agent using the Smart Cover in front of the car to trigger Part 3.

ECHO 45/63 - Noble Squad #2

Side Mission - Missing Person: Noble Squad, Part 3

Head into the garage to find another ECHO near the office. Investigate the deceased Agent to trigger Part 4.

ECHO 46/63 - Noble Squad #3

Side Mission - Missing Person: Noble Squad, Part 4

Part 4 is north-west of where you are now. The ECHO is in the middle of the street. Activate it and then investigate the Riker stood holding the Agent's gear with one foot on the couch to trigger part five which you will come back for later as it's not close by.

ECHO 47/63 - Noble Squad #4

Security Encounter - JTF Support

Head back into Murray Hill for this Encounter on 3rd Ave. Speak with the JTF Officer inside the Pharmacy and then defend him from the incoming Rikers. The enemies here will only be Level 26 and only one Veteran spawns in the mix. Take them out as they come at your from the north and east positions. Once the area is secure, the mission is complete.

Side Mission - Rescue: Murray Hill Civilians

A bunch of regular LMB soldiers will be guarding the area near to where the civilians are being held. Take them out and then open the door inside the building to free the civilians. Head to the next area that needs securing. The LMB are the priority here but they may forget about you to start fighting the Rikers nearby if they have spawned. Clear everyone out before heading inside to free the hostages. There's a third and final area to secure before this mission is complete. Do the same thing again and clear out the Level 26 LMB. Free the hostages and the job is done.

Tech Encounter - Mercy Drop

Once you arrive, you'll need to stay in the designated orange area for three minutes and defend the supplies. The LMB here are only Level 26's again so the mission should be very easy. Enemies will spawn from all directions with a few Veterans thrown in towards the end for good measure. Once you're all clear, the mission is complete.

Side Mission - Supply Drop: Murray Hill Food Supplies

There will be multiple supplies to defend for this mission. You'll need to defend them five times. The enemies here are only Level 26's again but the cover and lines of sight are not the best in the supply drop areas. Don't be afraid to pop your Signature Skill if you feel the need too. Once you've took down the fifth group of the enemies, the mission is done.

Medic Encounter - Virus Research

As soon as you head into the garage the scanner is on your right. The 2nd scanner is in the fenced off area to the right of the parked truck. The final scanner is on the roof as far south as you can go. Once you've found all three, head to the console to upload the data and complete the mission.

Side Mission - Bounty: Captain Craig

Following the way-point to the next mission from the last will lead you to an ECHO in the middle of the street. Collect it while you're passing. Once you arrive near the mission, the objective will change and inform you that there's two lieutenants to take out first. Both of these come in the form of Elite Heavies. They are still only Level 26's but can take plenty of shots before going down. Once they have both been nailed, the shutter will open on the electronics store situated to the left of the camp entrance. Craig is an Elite Engineer but won't be packing as much Toughness as his lieutenants. Pick a good spot to take cover and then nail him and his crew. Once Craig is no more, the mission is complete.

ECHO 49/63 - General #17

Tech Encounter - Arms Deal Disruption

The Rikers will be trying their luck doing a deal with the LMB this time round. There luck's not about to change as you come storming in to make short work of them and the LMB. Once the initial set of enemies are down, mark the supplies and then hold out for just under three minutes against waves of incoming LMB. Again, the enemies here are all 26's but there will be an Elite that spawns. If he catches you in the open, his shots will sting so be wary. A couple of Veterans will spawn as well but they aren't as much of a threat. Once the clock hits zero, the mission's done.

Side Mission - Procurement: Lab Data

This will be a really good tester to see how good of an agent you've become so far. There's enough Elite and Veteran type LMB soldiers in this area to keep you on your toes. In my opinion, the Throwers are the type you need to worry about most but then sometimes you don't have to worry about them at all. Always keep an eye on the line of sight these guys have on you. If they are in a tight corridor for example, then they won't be able hit you with their grenades as they need to arc the shot from their launchers. This renders them useless until they move position or switch to an AR. Out in the open however, the grenades can really catch you off guard as they go off on impact giving you a second or two to get out of the way!

Once you've dealt with the enemies here, head into the office and go up to the highest floor. On this floor, two Charger type Rikers are hid in a room and there's a keycard you need to find to access a server room. The access card can be found in the east-most part of the office in one of the office drawers. Once you have the key, follow the way-point to the server room door. Loot the box in here and then use the keyboard to complete the mission.

This mission pushed my agent to Level 30. At this stage you should either already be at Level 30 or really close to it. Once you hit the max level for PvE, you'll unlock an achievement:

On the Level in Tom Clancy's The Division
Reach Level 30 with an Agent.
  • Unlocked by 78,691 tracked gamers (54% - TA Ratio = 1.36) 147,081

Security Encounter - Checkpoint

The LMB here will be above the stores on the ground floor. Once clear, you'll need to use the rope to get up to where they were. Unfortunately, this mission can be a bit awkward as you're forced to stay in this small area while trying to pick off the LMB spawning lower down. It didn't help for me that the weather was awful and it was dark. The enemies are only Level 26 thankfully. You'll need to hold out for just over 45 seconds but the mission won't complete until all the mission-related enemies are dead.

Medic Encounter - Hostage Rescue

Head into the store to square off against the regular LMB in here. One of them that spawns after the first few are down is an Elite so be careful and fall back if necessary. Clear the shop, head upstairs in the room above for the key and then head back down to free the hostages. Mission complete.

Side Mission - Missing Person: Noble Squad, Part 5

Head into the apartment and upstairs to discover an ECHO. The ECHO will be collected upon activating it. Investigate the agent to wrap up this Missing Person Side Mission. Head back to The Grindhouse to report to the JTF Officer and make the area's collectibles pop up on the map.

ECHO 50/63 - Noble Squad #5

Main Mission - Russian Consulate

Head inside the Consulate and hop over the desk directly in front of you. Turn left and turn off the metal detectors via the Console if you want. It doesn't really matter either way as it's not like you can sneak past the enemies anyway. The LMB here will be Level 27's but the first batch you take on will just be regulars. Take out the initial enemies and then following enemies that will come from the stairs. Once you're all clear, head up stairs and through the door in front. Head up another set of stairs and restock on ammo. More enemies will be waiting in the doorways on the back-left side of the room. Take them out and then head into this room. More enemies await your arrival here.

Proceed forward and take out one more LMB soldier through another set of doors. Head upstairs and follow the way-point to another restock box. Head into the server room and secure the area. Once secure, you'll need to wait for Kandel and Faye to stop talking before you can access the computer. Once the option is there to do so, use the CPU. Wait for them two to stop talking again. As soon as Faye says "we've been hacked", enemies will burst through the door on back-left side of the room. You can prepare here with an Incendiary Grenade or Sticky Bomb. More enemies will spawn from a door on the right-side during the fight. Once everyone is down, move through a door to the right of the second enemy spawn point.

Go through and restock again. Head into the small office to use the keyboard to open the next door. Go through and run through the corridors until you see a doorway leading to a set of stairs. You can attack the enemies here from this door or another doorway on the right. Take these guys out and head further down. More enemies await you in the next room. Pick them off and be sure to keep the Chargers at bay. Move forward through another door and hit the restock box. Proceed on to another room connected to where the Russian is being held. Start clearing out the enemies but as soon as ISAC tells you more enemies are incoming, fall back and get ready for a couple of Chargers and a Heavy Shield enemy. Take out the Chargers quick and then try to hit the Heavy's backpack. There's a small red box-looking type object on his backpack. That's the weak point you need to hit that does heavy damage. He can be tough to take down via the weak spot. Instead, you can also try to be super-precise and hit the part of his head that's exposed over the shield. Or, you can chuck Incendiary, Shock, or/and Tear Gas Grenades to temporarily immobilise him. Once the area's clear. Approach the bookcase downstairs and then wait for the commentary to finish.

Once the talking is done, hack the computer and wait for the bookcase to open and then head through. Run up the stairs and restock on ammo. Continue upstairs and be careful when you almost reach the outside. There's a couple of Chargers that will come in fast on you but there's also a couple Snipers further back too. Try to nail the Chargers first but hit cover as soon as. Once you're clear, move forward and get ready to square off against a Rogue Agent in Named Elite form. You can either keep back and work on the enemies slowly, or push forward straight away keeping the enemies in the open area where the chopper was. Either way, be careful against the Agent as him pretty strong. Once all the enemies are down, investigate the Rogue Agent's body and retrieve some key data from him. Once Faye and Kandel are done nattering again, the mission is done and you'll unlock another achievement.

You Win Some, You Lose Some in Tom Clancy's The Division
Recover Tchernenko's research data from the Russian Consulate. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 83,358 tracked gamers (57% - TA Ratio = 1.32) 147,081

Murray Hill Collectibles

With all the missions done in this area, it's time to mop up the collectibles again.

7 Phone Recordings

  1. National Guard #5 - Next to the lootable Fabric area on East 34th St.
  2. National Guard #6 - In the bottom left corner of the Grand Central Station mission area.
  3. National Guard #7 - Just north of East 39th St in the Grand Central Station mission area.
  4. Keener Reports #1 - Right next to the Safe House.
  5. Directive 51 #3 - Just north of East 40th St.
  6. Kenner Reports #3 - On the corner of 1st Ave and East 39th St.
  7. Keener Reports #2 - In between 1st Ave and FDR Drive.


  1. General #18 - Right next to the Dark Zone on East 34th St on the 1st floor in an apartment in the building.
  2. Miracle #3 - On the east-side of the area almost in the water.

1 Crashed Drone

  • Drone #12 - LMB Camp - South of the Safe House. Look south towards the Queens Tunnel Camp mission and shoot the Drone down from this direction. Go right and through the doorway here. At the opposite door is a switch to turn on. This opens a door behind you to the right. Head in and work your way up the stairs and through the apartment to a window you can jump out of to access the Drone.

1 Survival Guide

  • Survival Guide #19 Page 49 - Just north of East 39th St above the lootable Electronics area in the apartment.

3 Incident Reports

  1. LMB Reports #3 - East of the Safe House.
  2. LMB Reports #4 - Corner of East 39th St and 2nd Ave.
  3. LMB Reports #5 - East 40th St, half a block from 1st Ave.

2 Missing Agents

  1. Agent #15 - Terry White - Starts on East 40th St. Finishes east of the starting point in the car parking garage.
  2. Agent #14 - Jason Bernard - Starts where East 39th St meets 1st Ave. Ends in a nearby construction site.

Your list should now be:

Survival Guide - 19/24

Phone Recordings - 113/130

Incident Reports - 35/40

Crashed Drones - 12/16

Missing Agents - 15/20

ECHOs - 52/63

Murray Hill 18/18

Turtle Bay 1/29

Make your way to the Turtle Bay Safe House and get ready to take on the final main mission in the campaign.

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