Tom Clancy's The Division Walkthrough

14. Story walkthrough Part Nine

Turtle Bay

Main Mission - General Assembly

Once you arrive at Turtle Bay's Safe House do the usual bits with the notice board and JTF Officer. Sort out your gear and then set a way-point for the General Assembly mission. On arrival, speak with the JTF Officer and then get the bomb that's next to him in the case. Follow the way-point to clear the south gate. The enemies here are Level 28's but they are still easy. Watch out for the Elite Sniper on the walkway though. When two of the regular LMB have gone down, two more will spawn from behind the gate but these will be Chargers. Take them out quick before they have chance to possibly throw a Shock Grenade at you. Once the enemies are down, wait for one of the JTF Officers to open the gate and then head through.

Follow the way-point through to the tunnels where more LMB will be waiting. These guys are only Level 28's but there's quite a few of them so take your time against them. Once the first wave's down, a couple more LMB soldiers will come bursting through the door on the back-right side. Take them out and then move through the door they came through, You'll need to attach the explosives you picked up to start with on the marked wall here. Once the explosives are attached, take cover and then go through.

Once through the wall, more LMB will come from the back right side of the car park. Take them out and proceed forward. Another batch of LMB will spawn from the back left corner of the next part with a couple of Shotgunners thrown in the mix. When these enemies are down, two more Shotgunners and a Heavy Shield LMB soldier will spawn. Take the Shotguns out first and then work on the Shield guy. After these enemies are dead, two more soldiers will come through the door on the right near the restock box. Go through this door.

Once you get up the stairs and out into the open area, be wary of the Turrets on the outside of this area. There's a few LMB soldiers to take out in this area. Take out the two you'll see when you come up and then move along the right-side of the area or work your way cover-to-cover style through the middle. The way-point will lead you to the switch you need to hit. As and when you get closer, two more Chargers will spawn and an Elite Sniper will already be positioned near the switch. Once the turrets have been hacked, they will fight for you and quickly take out any remaining LMB in range. Two more LMB soldiers will spawn from inside the main building. Head towards them, take them out and then head inside.

Follow the way-point to the next set of LMB. This group will be a mix of Elites, Veterans and Regulars. Take them out and then head into the next room marked by the way-point. There will be an ECHO to collect here that you must activate to continue. When you're ready, open the next door and then restock on ammo. In the next section, there's a few LMB soldiers to fight as well as a Rogue Agent in Named Elite form. Staying up top will be the best spot to start out and then make your way round to the side or jump down to take the Agent head-on. As soon as the last enemy drops here, more will come from the door in front of you. Take out the two LMB soldiers and continue on.

Three more soldiers await you in the next room ahead. One is a Charger whom has hid slightly to the left so be wary of him. Clear these guys out and continue on. Restock at the box and then head into the General Assembly area. If you're quick, you can nail the three enemies here with a sneak Sticky Bomb. Two of the enemies are Chargers so the sooner you can kill them the better. Once these guys are down, two more Chargers will spawn in a doorway to your right. Take them out and then go into this doorway and up the stairs to take out an Elite Sniper and a Veteran Medic.

Head back downstairs and wait for Faye to tell you to hack a laptop. As soon as you do this, enemies will spawn from a door at the top left corner up the stairs. You can run up and meet them dead on with a surprise attack or ready a Sticky Bomb or explosive to do damage before they come down the stairs to you. Two of the enemies will be Chargers while the other will be another Named Elite Rogue Agent. Again, once these enemies go down, more will spawn from the door on the opposite side. This will include two more Chargers and another Elite Sniper. Wipe them out and then head back to the restock box outside of the assembly. Follow the way-point and two JTF members will come through a door to talk to you. Go through this door and wait for the door leading back outside to open automatically.

Outside, you'll be tasked with taking on the boss for this mission - an attack chopper! As intimidating as it looks the first time seeing it, it's not that hard to take out so long as you can move like the wind!

To kick off the battle climb up to the nearest turret tower and prepare to go all out on the chopper. Pulse and a Sticky Bomb are good if you feel confident enough to look after your health with the Healing Skill. I like to let loose with Explosive Bullets or Water, fire the Sticky Bomb, pop the Pulse and then let rip with either my SMG, AR, LMG and/or Marksman Rifle. Once the chopper starts getting too close for comfort, either wait until the time is right to pop your Signature Skill and run away, or save your skill for a more sensible emergency and just run away first before firing. Whenever you do run, move to the closest Turret console or head to another one. These are small computers you can hack to make the Turrets fire at the chopper. Keep in mind that when you do activate them, they do good damage to the chopper but are taken out shortly afterwards by the chopper's rockets. The radius of the rockets will damage or kill you so move as soon as a Turret is activated.

Once the chopper's health starts going down, one or two LMB soldiers will spawn. Take them out as soon as you can so you can focus back on the chopper. If you're not feeling overly confident about running and gunning all over the map, stick to one of the larger covers around the side or head into the middle section for plenty of cover and pop shots from here. Eventually, once you've taken down the chopper and so long as no other LMB are still alive, the mission is complete and an achievement will pop. Pick up the freshly dropped gear and then head to the next mission or quickly head back to the Safe House to top up on ammo.

Last Man Standing in Tom Clancy's The Division
Eliminate the leader of the Last Man Battalion and his men in the U.N. Building. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 81,108 tracked gamers (54% - TA Ratio = 1.35) 148,924

ECHO 53/63 - Rogue Agents #1

Medic Encounter - Water Supply

The Water Supply mission is in the usual format here and is still against The Cleaners. They will be Level 28's here but still very easy to handle. Complete the mission in the same format you've done previously. Once you're done, you'll have enough Medic Supplies to upgrade the last section of the Medic Wing in the BoO. Fast travel back to the Base to do so.

Upgrading The Medic Wing

Once the final upgrade has been made, the Master Mods will now be available for the Medic Skills and another achievement will unlock. You'll also unlock the fourth and final Talent Slot. Use this for "On The Move" when riding solo, this gives you 30% damage reduction for 10 seconds when killing someone on the move. Switch this to "Triage" when rolling in a group, this way your skills will cool down much quicker when healing other agents.

Once you're all set. Treat yourself to the a roll of the Damascus Pistol at the Crafting Station and if you have the credits to do so, buy the Pakhan from the Advanced Weapons Vendor too. Try to get kitted out with as much Superior (purple) and High-End (gold) items as possible for now. Don't worry if you haven't got a whole lot of credits and resources as there's still all the missions to do on hard as well as a challenging mission so there's plenty of loot and goodies to come yet from these.

Set a way-point for the Unknown Signal Mission in Chelsea, near Camp Hudson.

State of the Art in Tom Clancy's The Division
Fully upgrade the Base of Operations.
  • Unlocked by 71,133 tracked gamers (48% - TA Ratio = 1.44) 148,924

Main Mission - Unknown Signal

There's no fire-fighting that takes place here and obviously I'm not going to detail the story parts. Open the door to the building, head upstairs and activate the first ECHO you come to, to complete the mission. You'll get an achievement at this point:

The Final Curtain in Tom Clancy's The Division
Uncover the fates of Gordon Amherst and Aaron Keener. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 74,738 tracked gamers (50% - TA Ratio = 1.41) 148,924

ECHO 54/63 - Rogue Agents #5

Make your way to the Bounty Side Mission on the south side of Turtle's Bay.

Side Mission - Bounty: Sergeant Belden

There'll be two Lieutenants to take out before you can wipe out Belden. The first is a Heavy LMG-toting LMB soldier at Level 30. The second is back is outside also surrounded by regular Level 30 enemies. Once they are both down, the Sergeant will spawn from a garage door with other Level 30 enemies. He's got a fair amount of armour but is easy to take down as these types of LMB don't come with any special abilities or anything like that. Their LMG's pack a punch but obviously you won't be leaving yourself in the open around these guys. Once he's down, the mission is done and there will be a box to loot where the Named Elite spawned from.

Tech Encounter - Mercy Drop

A set of supplies need to be defended here. You'll have to hold out for just under three minutes in the marked area. The cover isn't amazing in this area but so long as you stay on the move and aware of where the enemies are coming from, you'll be all good. For a change however, the clock will finish counting down before the enemies are done with. After the initial enemies are done, Veterans and then Elites will spawn and be much tougher to take out. Stick to cover, take your time, use your consumables and spam frags if you have too. After all the enemies have been dealt with, pick up all the goodies and set a way-point for the next mission.

Side Mission - Rescue: Turtle Bay Civilians

Head into the subways to rescue the civilian. The way-point will lead you to the hostages but as you'll see they are being held captive behind a locked gate. Head further down into the subways to take on a group of LMB. Once they're down, proceed to follow the way-point. Another easy group of LMB are hanging around. Take them out, pick up the dropped items and then open the gate to complete the mission.

Security Encounter - JTF Support

A few Level 30 enemies will be causing trouble for the JTF Officers in the area. Take them out and then speak with the JTF Officer. Another wave of enemies will spawn. The enemies don't come in thick and fast here and only one Veteran spawns among the regular guys. Once everyone is down, the mission is complete.

Supply Drop - Turtle Bay: Medical Supplies

There's three sets of supplies to defend five times here. One of them is on top of what looks like a restaurant. The enemies here will be level 30 LMB soldiers with the odd Veteran thrown in but nothing you won't be able to handle with ease. There's plenty of cover surrounding each of the supplies to help make for some easy kills against the enemies as you defend the supplies. Once you've prevented the fifth set of enemies from destroying the supplies, the mission is complete.

Security Encounter - Assault The Stronghold

Easy kills await your arrival in this area. Take out the initial enemies here but then fall back if necessary when the leader spawns. The leader here is an Elite but more like an advanced LMB soldier. He packs more armour and seems to move about quicker than the other guys but don't mistake him for a Rogue Agent as he doesn't have any of those kind of abilities. Stick to cover, take him out and another mission bites the dust.

Medic Encounter - Hostage Rescue

If you've been following my videos to the tee, you'll have been following the exact same routes I have and entering certain missions at the same point I have been too. For this one, it may be better to access the construction site you come to from a different entrance as the route I took here turned very hairy. As you'll see in the following video, the mission didn't start until I was right on top of the mission icon and then the enemies only spawned as I got right there. Thankfully, the enemies weren't that strong anyway but if your agent isn't built for it, the mission could be over pretty quickly. Once the first wave of enemies are done, more will come from the crates nearby as well as a Veteran and Rusher. Take them out and then head upstairs for the key. Free the hostages and the mission is done.

Side Mission - Missing Person: Bernard Gamble, Part 1

If you still trust me and are following the paths I take, there's an Incident Report to pick up on the way to this mission from the Medic Encounter.

Once you arrive at the mission, you'll need to climb up to the roof of the building to access an ECHO found here. Activate it and then investigate the generator Bernard's stood near to trigger part two. Set a way-point for the nearby Security Encounter.

Incident Report 36/40 - LMB Reports #8

ECHO 55/63 - Bernard Gamble #1

Security Encounter - Checkpoint

Plenty of LMB will be surrounding the Checkpoint here but they are all just regulars. They will scatter during the fight so be sure to take out the enemies with the yellow/orange way-point marker above their heads. Once these enemies are down go into the building down the street (as shown in the video) and up the stairs on the right side. There's a lift to take here to get up to the roof. Once on the roof, run across to the other side and activate the console. Once activated, you'll need to survive for at least 51 seconds against the incoming LMB. Again, there's a mix of LMB soldiers including Veterans and Elites that will take time to pick off. As usual, the JTF that arrive don't add much in terms of damage to the enemy but can be useful as a distraction. Once the area's clear, the mission is done.

Medic Encounter - Virus Research

If you rappel down from the roof of the last mission, there's a collectible ECHO you will run into on the way to the next mission in the middle of the junction. Once you arrive at the mission, the way-point will lead you to the first scanner. Head to the west corner of the marked area on the radar to find a ladder on the building. You'll see another ladder up ahead but instead of going up, go past the ladder and into the window on the left to find the next scanner. Now climb up the net ladder and head all the way up to the top for the last scanner. Then, follow the way-point to the console to upload the data and complete the mission. There's also a box to loot nearby on the roof.

ECHO 56/63 - General #11

Side Mission - Missing Person: Bernard Gamble, Part 2

The way-point here will lead you to a building with another ECHO inside. Activate the ECHO and then investigate the JTF soldier on the phone to trigger Part 3 of the mission.

ECHO 57/63 - Bernard Gamble #2

Side Mission - Missing Person: Bernard Gamble, Part 3

Follow the story of the ECHO to find Bernard taking cover behind a table up stairs against the window. Investigate him to trigger the next part. Head further upstairs to find a Survival Guide also.

ECHO 58/63 - Bernard Gamble #3

Survival Guide 20/24 - Guide #21 Page 52

Side Mission - Missing Person: Bernard Gamble, Part 4

The area here needs to be secured. There's only a few easy Level 30 LMB soldiers to take out. Take them out and then open the door to complete the mission. Once you're done here, head back to the Safe House to speak with the JTF Officer and make the collectibles pop up on the map.

Turtle Bay Collectibles

2 Crashed Drones

  1. Drone #14 Humanitarians - West of the General Assembly Mission. The rope that you'll come to doesn't work for some reason so you'll need to use the stairs on the opposite side of the building.
  2. Drone #13 Hospitals - In between East 41st and East 42nd. Shoot it down and then use the ladders on the main street to climb up and collect.

9 Phone Recordings

  1. Urban Explorer #4 - West of the General Assembly Mission but in the sewers. An entrance to the sewer can be found through the first set of double gates you'll come to on the way to picking up the Drone collectible close by.
  2. Keener's Reports #6 - Down an alley in between East 43rd and East 42nd St.
  3. Urban Explorer #2 - Left of 2nd Ave and above East 41st St on the radar but it's in the Subways.
  4. Keener's Reports #4 - Just north of East 42nd St and left of 2nd Ave in an alley next to a white truck.
  5. Urban Explorer #1 - Just south of East 42nd St and left of 3rd Ave. This one is back underground again in the sewers.
  6. Keener's Reports #5 - Along Park Ave in the street.
  7. Urban Explorer #3 - East 45th St north-east of the Safe House in the Subway system.
  8. Keener Reports #7 - In between East 47th and East 46th St.
  9. Directive 51 #2 - West of 1st Ave, where the street itself goes out of bounds heading north.

2 Missing Agents

  1. Missing Agent #19 Robert "Bob" Gonzales - Starts in an alley between East 43rd and East 42nd St. Finishes in between East 42nd and East 41st.
  2. Missing Agent #20 Seamus O'Riordan - North-west of the Safe House. Finishes on a walkway above East 46th St.


  1. April Kelleher #2 - Just south of East 42nd St and left of 3rd Ave down an alley.
  2. General #12 - Right next to Survival Guide #20.
  3. Miracle #1 - In between East 47th and East 46th St more to the east-side of the area. Climb up the construction site and then activate the ECHO to collect it.
  4. Miracle #2 - In between East 46th St and East 45th St, closer to the 1st Ave. In the apartment block, use the stairs to go up a few floors to the ECHO. Activate and then collect it.

2 Incident Reports

  1. LMB Reports #6 - Along Park Ave just south of Grand Central Station behind a police car.
  2. LMB Reports #7 - Above East 46th St on the Park Ave side.

2 Survival Guides

  1. Guide #20 Page 50 - Just right of 3rd Ave and south of East 47th St in the apartments.
  2. Guide #22 Page 53 - Far east of the Safe House and almost on the north-east corner of the General Assembly mission.

Your list should now have 29/29 for Turtle Bay. Next up is Midtown East, set a way-point for the Safe House here and head on out.

Midtown East

On the way to The Crypt, the last ECHO can be collected in the middle of the street. This will pop an achievement as it should be the final one you need:

Shadows of the past in Tom Clancy's The Division
Activate 63 ECHO scenes.
  • Unlocked by 30,933 tracked gamers (21% - TA Ratio = 2.19) 148,924
Before reaching the Safe House, there's a Tech Encounter you may as well box off while you're here.

Tech Encounter - Supply Acquisition

There's three sets of supplies to find and return here. The LMB soldiers are only regular Level 30's but there's a decent number of them and they are spread out. Keep moving and firing from cover-to-cover when you can and take your time. Don't be afraid to drop the supplies if things get too hairy. Once the three boxes are returned, the mission is complete.

The Crypt Safe House

Once you arrive and walk through the door, another achievement will unlock for unlocking all of the Safe Houses in Manhattan:

Marathon in Tom Clancy's The Division
Marathon43 (30)
Discover ALL of the Safe Houses in Manhattan.
  • Unlocked by 74,001 tracked gamers (50% - TA Ratio = 1.41) 148,924
Do the usual bits in the Safe House and then head out north to take on the Side Mission.

Side Mission - Bounty: Sergeant Mosley

This mission is pretty much exactly the same as the last bounty you will have completed except it's in a different area this time. The two Lieutenants here will be Heavy LMG types again and the Named Elite is an LMB Leader. Take your time and pick everyone off. All of the enemies besides the two Lieutenants and the Named Elite are all just regular enemies so they shouldn't cause you much trouble, it's just the main enemies you'll need to be careful with again.

Medic Encounter - Hostage Rescue

The hostage is being held in a small police station in the area here. A small group of regular LMB soldiers are guarding the perimeter and a LMB Elite Leader is also here. Thankfully, there's just the one LMB Elite this time round so knock out the regulars and then take out the Leader. Once the group is down, search for the key inside the Police Station. Inside the Station, there's also an Incident Report to collect as well in the room on the left after the Weapon Parts area. The key is upstairs one floor and in an office. Take the key back down and free the hostages to complete the mission.

Incident Reports 39/40 - LMB Reports #2

Side Mission - Rescue: Midtown East Civilians

The start of this mission begins in a Fabric area. The LMB will be situated close to each other making for an ideal Sticky Bomb or Frag. Once the first group are down come back out of this lower area and back on to the main street to enter the Subway via the sewer entrance. Follow the path around until you are told to clear the area. At this point, follow the way-point a little bit more until you see a bunch of LMB soldiers. They're all easy Level 30's so wipe them out and then look in the nearby train cart for a Phone Recording. After that hit the switch nearby to open the gate. Follow the way-point to a door to free the hostages and complete the mission.

Phone Recording 123/130 - Urban Explorer #6

Security Encounter - Assault The Stronghold

The stronghold is just inside the marked building. Regular LMB soldiers will be here along with one Veteran Engineer. Once these guys are down, the leader here is another LMB Elite Leader. He'll spawn in the office upstairs but as there's not much cover within in the room for the Leader to move, he's left very vulnerable to your shots. Once he's down and no other enemies remain, the mission is complete.

Medic Encounter - Virus Measurement equipment

Turn on the first reader to trigger an eight minute timer. Before you can even find the next scanners, you first need to activate the power although ISAC won't tell you this and it doesn't come up as the objective. I personally forgot about this on my first recording attempt. As I prepared to take on the mission again, I pointlessly changed a mod on my Pulse Skill to see if it would pick up the crates during the Pulse. Doing this meant I had equipped 10 different mods and reached the requirement for the related achievement:

Skillz in Tom Clancy's The Division
Skillz17 (10)
Equip 10 different Skill Mods.
  • Unlocked by 53,610 tracked gamers (36% - TA Ratio = 1.66) 148,924

If you haven't got this already, all you need to do it equip 10 different mods which you will have available to choose from. For example, switch your Pulse's mod to one of the other two options, then switch your StickyBomb to the Flashbang type, etc. Once you've selected 10 different mods all together, the achievement will unlock.

The power is located downstairs. It's a keyboard in a dark room on the lower floor. Once activated, head through the door that's just turned green and into the lift. Come out and interact with the button ahead of you to open the shutter. The 2nd scanner is in here. Run outside and all the way around to another door to go back in the building. Head upstairs and interact with another shutter you'll come too. The last scanner is in here. There's another shutter to open with a lootable box inside. Loot the box and continue on until you come to a lift on your right. Come out of the lift and then follow the way-point across the roof to the upload console. Upload the info and the mission is complete. There's a box behind the console to loot before you head on out.

Security Encounter - Checkpoint

More easy kills await you at the checkpoint as measly Level 30 LMB soldiers guard the area. Take them out and then signal for JTF backup. You've got just under two and a half minutes to hold out here. The waves of enemies here are just regulars with one Veteran Engineer that spawns as well as an Elite Leader. Once the enemies are down, the mission is done.

Midtown East Collectibles

With no main mission here it's time to dive into the collectibles.

Missing Agents

  1. Glitched at time of recording but has since been fixed - Right outside the Safe House. Unfortunately, at the time of recording, the collectible was unobtainable. Every Time I went into the lift and was taken up to the top, the game thought I was "outside of the playable area" and kept sending me back to the Safe House. I tried different approaches like restarting the game, signing in and out of my profile, trying on my main profile, even sprinting through the enemies with my lower-levelled agent to this collectible but it would not work! Either way, once the issue has been fixed (if it hasn't already), just follow the collectible way-point to reach the collectible itself.
  2. Missing Agent #17 Michelle Beck - This one is along East 47th St. This finishes on the west side of the block in an underground car park.
  3. Glitched at time of recording but has since been fixed - In the corner where East 47th St meets 3rd Ave. This takes you to another lift that consequently takes you "outside of the playable area" again!

Survival Guide

  1. Guide #23 Page 57 - Above East 47th St. Head inside the building and up the stairs.
  2. Guide #24 Page 59 - In between East 53rd and East 55th St. From Crashed Drone #15, you can stay on top of the buildings to get to it. It's one floor down from the roof.

Phone Recordings

  1. Vitaly Tchernenko #1 - In between East 47th St and East 49th St.
  2. Vitaly Tchernenko #2 - In between East 49th and East 52nd.
  3. Vitaly Tchernenko #3 - In between East 52nd and East 53rd St.
  4. Urban Explorer #5 - Where East 55th St meets Park Ave. Follow the way-point into the Subway.
  5. Vigilante #2 - South of East 55th St and just to the right of Park Ave in the Subway system.
  6. Vigilante #1 - Just to the right of 3rd Ave but in the Subway system.
  7. Vitaly Tchernenko #4 - Just to the right of East 53rd St.

Crashed Drones

  1. Drone #15 LMB processing - Just east of the Safe House on top of the building. You'll need to go into the building it's on top of and into the elevator on the right. Then, you'll need to navigate your way through the building next door to go higher and eventually over a walkway at the top to get back to the building you need to be on. From here you can shoot down and collect the drone.
  2. Drone #16 Above East 55th St. Go up the blue-covered construction stairs and then up the rope to shoot down and collect.

Incident Report

  • LMB Reports #9 - In the corner where East 47th St meets 3rd Ave. Head inside the building to find it on the counter.

After you've finished up with the collectibles, and so long as the two Missing Agents have not glitched for you, you will have unlocked these achievements:

Droning on… in Tom Clancy's The Division
Extract 16 aerial photos from crashed drones.
  • Unlocked by 33,157 tracked gamers (22% - TA Ratio = 2.11) 148,924

Incident Reports in Tom Clancy's The Division
Extract 40 audio incident reports from JTF laptops.
  • Unlocked by 32,898 tracked gamers (22% - TA Ratio = 2.12) 148,924

The Finder in Tom Clancy's The Division
The Finder52 (25)
Retrieve 20 missing first wave Division agent profiles.
  • Unlocked by 34,671 tracked gamers (23% - TA Ratio = 2.07) 148,924

Survivalist in Tom Clancy's The Division
Recover 24 Survival Guide pages.
  • Unlocked by 32,450 tracked gamers (22% - TA Ratio = 2.14) 148,924

Agent Diaries in Tom Clancy's The Division
Extract 130 phone recordings from phones found in Manhattan.
  • Unlocked by 31,924 tracked gamers (21% - TA Ratio = 2.15) 148,924

Shadows of the past in Tom Clancy's The Division
Activate 63 ECHO scenes.
  • Unlocked by 30,933 tracked gamers (21% - TA Ratio = 2.19) 148,924

Head back to the Base of Operations sort through your gear and buy and craft the best pieces and weaponry you can and then prepare to take on the missions on hard difficulty.

The remaining achievements can be worked towards and unlocked during your hard mode playthrough. Flick over to the next page of the walkthrough to blast through the missions on hard.

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