Tom Clancy's The Division Walkthrough

18. DLC: Survival hints and tips

The Survival DLC in The Division has some pretty interesting twist on the style of the original game. A life-threatening storm rages through Manhattan, a disease is slowly killing your agent, NPC's are up to no good as per usual, a new enemy type - The Hunter - is out to get you, and hunger and thirst are just a couple more factors adding to your troubles too.

In Survival, you're helicopter has gone down and you find yourself in a random hideout on the perimeter of the game's map. From here, you have minimal equipment, a pistol, no skills, no consumables, one medkit, no talents, and just over an hour to get to the Dark Zone, find the Antivirals and then escape.

All of the necessary information is in the walkthrough part of my DLC coverage but to summarize the best way forward, take a look at this list:

  • Take your time - Medicines and Painkillers are vital to scoring enough points to become a Master (Rank 5) as these can extend your playing time by an extra hour
  • Play selfishly until you reach the Dark Zone - Don't worry about other players unless they are DBNO, unconscious, or dead. Once in the Dark Zone, you can invite other agents to a group to make it a little bit easier against the Hunter
  • Don't worry about your current gear - It doesn't matter at all once you start Survival as you will be stripped of everything until you come back from this game mode
  • Avoid PVP if you're not in a group - PVP is pretty brutal. It's almost like having the entire map turn into a Dark Zone.
  • Give yourself at least a two hour window for each attempt - If you want to succeed comfortably, you'll nee between 90-120 minutes per attempt.
  • Lock the door, close the curtains an turn the lights off - The clock will always be ticking in Survival so unless you manage to find some Medicines to spare, you wont have time to chat at the door, feed the kids, etc.

The walkthrough portion covers pretty much all you need to know in the Survival expansion. 4 out of the 5 achievements can be unlocked in one playthrough while the achievement for extracting 100 items from the Survival Dark Zone will take around 30-34 hours of playing time to unlock. That's only counting successful Survival attempts with 6 items extracted each time. 6 is the maximum number of items you can extract per go.

When playing Survival, you want to follow the main objectives but before heading into the Dark Zone, your main aim will be to gather as much Medicine, Painkillers and Resources as possible. This will allow for you to craft three high-end weapons, high-end gear pieces for each gear slot, and also some high-end mods for your weapons and gear if you have enough resources to spare. From here, the battle against the Hunter will be much easier and you shouldn't have much trouble completing the session.

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