Tom Clancy's The Division Walkthrough

5. Story walkthrough - Brooklyn Intro

Before you begin, open up a separate tab/window with this playlist which includes all 207+ videos put together for the walkthrough.

To start off, you'll be tasked with adjusting the appearance of your new character. Adjust his/her appearance as you see fit. None of the options will affect your statistics. Once you are done here, proceed with your first mission.

Side Mission - Agent Activation

This mission serves as a very short tutorial for movement and the controls. Get to grips with aiming, shooting and using cover and then head to Brooklyn's Safe House. You won't encounter any enemies just yet but you will bump into plenty of other actual players all rammed inside the Safe House.

Once the cutscene is over where you meet your fellow Division agent, complete your activation and request a situation report from the JTF officer at the desk. A set of Side Missions will pop up ready for you to take on.

At this point, you can activate a single skill. Choose from the three that are available: Pulse, Sticky Bomb, and Ballistic Shield. The choice is yours. I chose the Sticky Bomb as I like the damage it does. The Pulse is handy for identifying enemies and revealing their locations but enemies don't exactly hide from you anyway, and the Ballistic Shield has its uses but mainly in panic situations when being overrun by enemies. The Shield isn't really worth using over the other two skills.

Let's set out on our next Side Mission:

Side Mission - Retrieve food supplies

Grab some ammo and a set of grenades from the restock box and head to the way-point. Once you arrive, you will discover your first set of enemies. These "Rioters" are at the same level as your character and come with a red life bar, I like to refer to red-bar enemies as "regulars". Purple life bars (Veterans) are stronger followed by Yellow/Gold (Elites). If an enemy's health bar has smaller rectangles within the bar then this means they also have armour equipped which will need to be destroyed first before their health can be affected. Enemies are very easy to take on when at the same level so as you will discover against the first set of enemies you will meet. Take these guys out and search the area for clues.

As you will see in the video, the enemy dropped loot when he died. I received a new back pack which came with better armour than the one I had. Should you find any gear better than what you are currently using, be sure to equip the new piece and mark the former piece as "Junk" by selecting it in the menu and pressing cn_LT. Armor won't affect your Stamina number but it does affect your Toughness. In the character menu it will tell you how much damage your current armour amount will negate. The max amount of damage you can negate is 75%.

Continue to follow the JTF tracking beacon and take down more enemies. Once the area is clear, mark the supplies for pickup. Take down more enemies that spawn and then find the remaining supplies to complete the mission. Before you exit this area, there's a small box you can loot for an item.

Side Mission - Find morphine supply

Upon arriving at this area, you will need to eliminate another bunch of Level 1 enemies. You will see in the video I popped the achievement for closing a door. You will probably have already unlocked this one by now but if you haven't, I'd be very surprised if you don't unlock it before leaving the Brooklyn area.

Shut that door in Tom Clancy's The Division
Close a car door while in cover.
  • Unlocked by 142,600 tracked gamers (97% - TA Ratio = 1.01) 147,018

Once clear, mark the morphine for the JTF and then prepare to hold it out until backup arrives. You'll need to survive for just under a minute and a half. Just keep yourself in cover as much as you can and chip away at the enemies with your handy SMG. Keep an eye on your surroundings incase you need to reposition and use your Medkit if you become overwhelmed or your health drops to the last segment.

Once the timer has finished, clear the area of any remaining enemies and the mission is complete.

Side Mission - Rescue Civilians

Before heading to the objective, once you arrive in this area, there's a lootable box along a pathway above the switch. Head up the stairs to the right of the objective and follow the path round for an item. Open up access to the tunnels so you can progress to the courtyard. Once in the courtyard, take care of the enemies here. Once the area is secure, free the hostages inside and the mission is done! Loot the box inside the room the hostages were in and then head back to the Safe house.

You don't actually need to go back through the tunnel like I did. You can actually climb onto the truck to get by the fence as the civilians do. There's also a box to loot next to the truck.

Once back at the Safe House, report to the officer to complete the mission and reach Level 3. The final mission "Precinct Siege" will become available to attempt. Quickly look at the vendor's stock to buy something if you want. Make sure you get rid of your "junk" for credits. So long as you've marked anything you don't need anymore as junk, you can just switch to the "sell" tab and hit cn_LS to sell everything marked as junk. Use the Restock box on your way out and head to the final Brooklyn mission.

Main Mission - Precinct Siege

As you arrive at the police academy, you have a few options to play with before starting the mission. You can change the difficulty and matchmake with other players. The rewards for each difficulty are also displayed. There is an achievement for completing all of the missions on hard but this is only when you are at Level 30 and this mission doesn't count. Once we leave the Brooklyn area, there's no coming back, hence why this mission isn't required to be completed on hard. Team up with other agents if you want to quickly blitz through the mission and make a bit of progress towards the achievement for completing 20 missions as part of a group.

There's not much point in completing missions on hard difficulty at the moment, not unless you really want that extra bit of credits. The XP awarded from completing missions and killing enemies is a bit over-generous and as you progress through the game, you will find yourself out-levelling the available areas in the main part of the game.

Kick off the mission on Normal. Clear out the first wave of enemies. Move forward through the gate and grab the medkit if necessary and prepare for the next wave. Some of the Rioters in this area are "Rushers" with a lighting bolt next to their health bar. The Rioter Rushers don't carry any weapons besides a melee weapon and will try to rush and beat you. Take these guys out quick before they do severe damage and knock you out of cover, exposing you to the other enemies around. Clear out the enemies, move forward again and then clear out another wave. There are several red barrels you can shoot in this area that will explode and cause the enemies to set on fire. When enemies are on fire, they are pretty much immobilised during the status effect and will lose damage over time.

Before heading into the parking garage, use the restock box to fill your ammo back up. These boxes won't refill medkits, grenades or consumables, only the ones found in Dark Zone checkpoints and Safe Houses will fill everything apart from consumables. As you move down into the garage, you will a trigger a checkpoint. Should you die from now up until the next checkpoint, you will simply restart from this point. Keep in mind when playing solo in the PvE world, you can't go DBNO. Should you lose all of your health, you will die, even if you are using the Support Station skill that can revive you when DBNO. The only time you will go DBNO is when playing co-op or in the Dark Zone.

During your attempt to secure the garage, you will meet the Grenadier type enemies (Throwers) for the first time. These guys specialize in hurling grenades at you. They do have a weapon to use as well such as SMG's or AR's.

Clear the area and move on. Loot and open any lockers, bags, etc for medkits, consumables and grenades. Free the hostages and head up stairs.

Clear out another set of enemies. Stay at the back-end of the room and pick the enemies off. Move forward slightly once you're down to the last couple of guys. Once clear, you'll enter into your first "no respawn zone". This is as it says, you die, you won't respawn! Well, you will, just at the last checkpoint. If you are playing in a group, your team will be DBNO/dead until you or another teammate revives them. Once the whole group is dead, it's back to the last checkpoint for everyone.

Restock your ammo and head outside for the final fight of the mission. During this battle, you will bump into your first Named Elite! These guys come with the highest health bars and highest amount of armour. Always try to keep these guys at bay as there weapons will always pack a punch as well. If you have a Shock or Incendiary grenade, use one or a couple of these against the Elite to immobilize him and get some free shots in. Once the Elite and the rest of the enemies are dead, pick up the loot, climb down the building and the mission is done.

At this point you will be introduced to "Standard" weapons and gear. The categories go from Worn (grey), Standard (green), Specialized (blue), Superior (purple), and then High-End (gold) being the best. As the tutorial will teach you, the higher the quality, the better stats the weapon/gear will offer (in most cases and dependant on personal preference).

Side Mission - Manhattan Transfer

That's all for the Brooklyn area. You can explore the area further before moving on to Manhattan for more items to find. Once you're ready, head to the last way-point. A cut scene kicks in and after it has finished, you arrive in Manhattan were the world really opens up!

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