6. Tom Clancy's The Division Story walkthrough Part OneUpdate notes


After the cut scene finishes, you'll unlock this achievement:


Get to Manhattan.

1 guideOnline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Make your way through the Camp Hudson's social area. Take a look at the two vendors on offer if you want and then locate the JTF Officer for a situation report. Before heading out of this area, quickly look at and activate the situation board to update the map with more missions. As you will see on the map, various side missions and encounters have now become available in the Chelsea area. It's recommended to be between Levels 2-4 for this area so let's clean up these missions while you're here.

Chelsea Area

Security Encounter - Assault the Stronghold

Make your way to the stronghold and kill the few enemies that are here. There's one tougher enemy included in the bunch with purple health and two blocks of armour. Keep to cover, pick the guys off and the mission is done. Easy as that. At this point, you should be hitting Level 4. This will allow you to equip another weapon as your secondary so be sure to do this at this point. You will also have been rewarded with Security supplies for this specific wing. The various supplies (medic, tech and security) will come into play once you clear the Chelsea area. Before leaving the now empty stronghold, check the open garage door for a lootable box.

Medic Encounter - Water Supply

Now you will make our way to the sewers. If you're following the same route I am on in the video, you will come across an area with Tools. Whenever you come across resources (Tools, Electronics, Fabric, and Weapon Parts), always pick these up. They won't respawn again for two hours once picked up. You won't be doing much with resources for now but they will come in handy for when you eventually reach Level 30. Also, if you come across any civilians in need of help, give them what they need for a small amount of XP and an item. The weapons or gear they give you are pretty much useless most of the time but it's still an item you can sell or deconstruct. Once you reach the sewer entrance, quickly head into the Electronics store for some resources first and then head into the sewer.

Following the path way, you will come across a collectible. These collectibles are the "Missing Agent" type and are kind of like breadcrumbs leading up to the actual collectible itself. You may as well pick this up while you are here.

Carry on into the water supply area. Here you will meet the Cleaners. These guys are equipped with flamethrowers and AR's and some with SMGs. Always do your best to keep them at bay and if the opportunity arises, shoot their tanks to cause them to explode and do severe damage. Kill the enemies here and go down to the lower part to restart the water pump. Defend the pump against more enemies. Restart the water pressure and then kill more enemies. You'll need to keep doing this until the white bar is full in the objective description. Once the water pressure is finally stabilized and the enemies are no more, the mission is complete and you will be rewarded with XP, credits, and Medic Wing supplies.

Missing Agent collectibles 1/20 - #2 Michael Trudeau

Side Mission - Supply Drop: Chelsea Medical Supplies

Head to the next side mission. This type of side mission requires you to defend different supply drops within the area one at a time. Defend the first drop in the middle of the street then move north-west to defend the next one. After this one, the next is higher up on an overpass and requires you to climb up a nearby ladder to defend it. Complete the mission, see what rewards you get and then let's head out to the next nearby side mission.

Side Mission - Bounty: Michelle Mason

This mission will put your skills learned so far to the test a little bit. There's a decent number of enemies to take out as well as two Lieutenants who you need to eliminate before your can take out Michelle. The Lieutenants also come with yellow-bar health and armour so make sure to take your time and keep your distance. In the video below for this mission, I give an example of using one of the consumables to make life a little bit easier. Neutralize the first bunch of enemies and then progress through the small structure. Restock on ammo and then take on the second Lieutenant. After coming out on top here, you will meet Michelle who has the height advantage on you. Wipe out the weaker enemies who come down to meet you and then time it right to make your way up to where Michelle is, unless you're using a weapon that packs enough accuracy and range. Once dealt with, reap your rewards, pick up the loot and dig through the Weapon Part bags that are in this area.

Side Mission - Rescue: Pvt. O'Brian

Head to this side mission and join two JTF officers in an attempt to save O'Brian. The JTF officers will help out during the first part of the fight but don't really make much difference. They can be useful for distractions and occasional suppressing though. Take out the first wave of enemies in this area and pick up the Phone Recording collectible you will come across in the right corner of this area.

Move across the street and through a small alleyway by yourself. You'll come to the area where the officer is being held but there are enemies here that await you. Take these guys out, free the officer, reap the mission rewards, and then loot the box inside the room where you saved the officer.

Phone Recording collectible 1/130 - Before Outbreak #2

Medic Encounter - Virus Research

On to another Medic Encounter, for this type of mission you will need to activate a number of virus scanners and then upload the data to the cloud to finish the mission. You will be against a very generous clock but as I embarrassingly found out in my recorded attempt at this mission, time can soon leave you if you walk right past the scanner before heading up the ladder! Boot up the first scanner in the play-area and pick up the Phone Recording to the right of the scanner.

Proceed on back to the left through a fenced doorway and boot up the scanner in the left corner. Restock at the ammo box if necessary and then climb up the ladder. Move up the stairway to reach the roof of the building. There will be another ladder to climb up. Proceed along the path and take out the three Cleaners you will see. Proceed along the path to find a lootable chest and the console you need to use to upload to the cloud. Once uploaded, the mission is complete. At this point, your agent should be at Level 5. You will now have the ability to equip another skill. I chose the Pulse skill to go along with the Sticky Bomb.

Phone Recording 2/130 - Suspicions #1

I failed the mission the first time round. That's why in the video there is no enemies or box to loot as the enemies didn't respawn and the box can only be looted once.

Side Mission - Uplink Repair: Chelsea

Make your way to the mission stopping by the Electronics store on the way. Once you arrive, climb up the truck and onto the building. Climb further up and take out the two enemies. As you will see in the video, the Pulse skill gives a higher chance to land critical hits and landing them does more damage. You will know you've successfully done critical damage if the numbers that ping off enemies when shooting them are colored orange. Push the button on the power grid and proceed round the corner. Head into the building and turn right. Go through the door and then climb out of the only open window in this room. Make your way up the stairway and up a ladder. More enemies lie in wait for you. Take these out, activate the console and the mission is completed.

Medic Encounter - Virus Research

For the sake of doing all of the missions in this area first before moving on, I purposely altered the suggested route on the big map to avoid the Security encounter that's part of the Pennsylvania area. Leave the side mission area via the stairwell nearby and pick up the Phone Recording collectible once you hit the ground.

Once you reach 9th Ave, you will need to go into the Plaza area to access the mission. Proceed down the main street and into the alley. Make your way down the alley taking out the enemies if they have spawned. Part way down the alley, one of the buildings to the right will be open. Head inside and up the first flight of stairs. Open the door and pick up the loot and the Survival Guide collectible that's here. Another collectible may as well be picked up just before you reach the doorway to the mission. This one is another Phone Recording.

Proceed through the building to start another virus scanning mission. There's six minutes to play with here so as you proceed through the building, check all rooms and loot everything you can. If you have a lock-pick, open up the room on the same floor you entered for some goodies from the loot box and consumables. As you're going to be checking every room anyway, you won't miss the location of the second scanner that's in the same room as the restock box. Once you're all the way at the top, head outside and follow the way-point to upload the data to the cloud. A batch of enemies will be awaiting you but they'll be easy to take out. Finish the mission and loot the box nearby.

Phone Recording 3/130 - JTF #11

Survival Guide 1/24 - Page 01

Phone Recording 4/130 - Week 2 #10

Side Mission - Return to Manhattan

This isn't necessarily a proper mission, you just need to head back to Camp Hudson and report to the JTF Officer to update her on your completed objectives and the mission is done.

That's all there is for now for in the Chelsea area. The rest of the collectibles we can save for later. There's also another side mission that becomes available but this won't happen until the end of the game. Once this mission unlocks, we will also have access to the ECHO collectible at this point too.

Pennsylvania Plaza Area

From Camp Hudson, set a way-point for the Establish Base of Operations mission. On the way there, you may as well box off the Security Encounter that's right at the south of the Plaza area on West 24th St.

Security Encounter - JTF Support

On the way there, grab the Incident Report where West 24th St meets 10th Ave. Arriving at the mission, you will need to help the JTF clear out the hostiles. Wipe out the first wave and then defend the JTF officer as you proceed to take out the second. Once the second wave are no more, the mission is complete.

Incident Report 1/40 - Rioter Reports #1

Main Mission - Establish Base of Operations

Continue on a few more blocks north to trigger the next mission. There's a bunch of Rioters and one Named Elite here. Keep your distance and pick the enemies off with the support of the JTF. Once all enemies are eliminated, the mission is complete and an achievement will pop:

Gain a Foothold

Regroup with Faye Lau in the Base of Operations.

Gain a Foothold
1 guideOnline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Main Mission - Unlock the Base of Operations

Walk inside the Base of Command. Mission complete. Congratulations!

Main Mission - Booting up the Base of Operations

For this short mission, you will need to boot up each section by accessing each laptop. To the left is the Medic Wing, the middle path and upstairs leads to the Tech Wing, and the path to the right leads to the Security Wing. Fire up each laptop and then meet Faye Lou at the entrance for another cut scene. Once the cutscene has finished, the mission is complete.

Main Mission - Madison Field Hospital

Three main missions have become available to attempt, one for each wing. Start with the Medic Mission across the street to fire up the Medic Wing. Before you head out, take a quick look at the vendors for some goods or/and to sell your junk. Also, if you purchased the game's Season Pass or any special edition of the game, go check out the Rewards Claim Vendor at the back of the Base on the ground floor for some goodies! There's various weapons and gear on offer all for free to make your arsenal look a bit fancier. They all are pretty cool additions but don't level up with your character so unfortunately you will have to get rid of them once you progress further. There is also resources you can claim as well such as grenades, consumables, medkits and even Dark Zone keys too.

Also, you can have a play around with the Crafting Station. This will allow you to craft weapons, mods and gear that will come with randomly applied bonuses. If you don't like what comes with the crafted item, deconstruct it and try again. Personally, I'd recommend not messing with Crafting just yet. You don't really need to as the majority of NPC's won't cause much problems for you and the resources you will build up as you progress through the game will be much more useful at Level 30.

Before heading out, quickly speak to the JTF officer located near the Medic Wing entrance. Update the the situation board and head on out to the Medic Mission.

Wait for the JTF to breach the door. Once open, move inside and square off against a wave of enemies. The last enemy here normally likes to stay at the top of the escalator so you may need to rush him to take him down.

Move forward and patch Faye into the security system via the Keyboard. Move forward and loot the bag in the small office area to the left. Open the doors and turn right to find a bag to loot for a possible consumable. Head back left and into the main arena area.

I like to set up behind the cover on the left that's on top of a set of boxes. Using a Marksman Rifle (if you have one) damage the enemies and take them out before they get in close. If you need medkits, there's two you can loot along the fence behind you and one in the first room to your left. Clear the area, restock and move towards the back-left side of the arena.

Before heading into the elevator, go right and loot a box near two treadmills for a weapon. Go into the elevator and head on up.

Move out of the lift and look left for a medkit. If you have any lock picks left, open the locked door to the left and run through this room, quickly open the box and loot the items. You will die here as your contamination mask won't be levelled high enough to stay alive in this area. Thankfully, there's just enough time to snag the items anyway. Once you respawn, head straight and open the door on the right.

Take cover on the first drinking area (with the TV on its wall) and start picking off enemies on the opposite side of the room. Move to the end of the pathway and through a set of doors to speak with Dr. Kandel.

Another wave of enemies spawn from the opposite end of the room past the bar to try and take out the Doctor. Use the various seating areas or bar for cover and stop these guys. Once clear, head to where they came from and go into doorway on your left and up the ladder.

Move along the pathway above the main arena heading left first for a box to loot and then go back to the right for a bag to loot. Follow the way-point to head to the roof.

You've just entered into a no respawn zone! Restock on ammo and then take one the three paths to begin fighting against the Named Elite and his band of merry enemies. I normally just stick with the middle path. None of the paths offer anything special over the others besides different angles to attack from. You'll fight against a range of regular Rioters as well as the Named Elite who's packing an LMG and firing at you on and off from a distance. Pick off the weaker enemies one by one before starting to shoot at the boss. If you find yourself getting rushed, fall back! You can fall all the way back to the restock box and then some if necessary. When it comes to just you versus the boss, don't forget to use consumables and grenades against him. Shock Grenades, Incendiary Bullets and Flashbangs prove very useful against him, leaving him open to a round from your weapon. The Marksman Rifle proves excellent here as you can pick off and kill the boss all the way from where you initially take cover. Killing him this way skips the possibility for him to constantly suppress you or do major damage from short to medium range.

Once you're all done here an achievement will pop and you should be at Level 6. Follow the way-point to head out of the mission area and make your way back across the street to the Base of Operations.

The Doctor

Rescue and extract Dr. Jessica Kandel.

The Doctor
1 guideOnline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeMain Storyline

Main Mission - Unlock the Medical Wing

Now you can activate the medical wing. Speak to the doctor and a cutscene will kick in. Once it's finished, the mission is complete.

Tutorial - Upgrade Wing

Use the laptop again in the same room. At this point you should have 880 Medic Supplies to play with. However, as part of the tutorial, you are forced to unlock the top most upgrade. This being the Clinic. Unlocking the Clinic will give you the First Aid skill and the Medkits perk (increased Medkit inventory +1). With the 380 Medic Supplies you have left, unlock the Pediatric Care upgrade for another Medkit slot and a couple of Talents. This upgrade also gives you 50% progress towards The Humanitarian achievement. Once you back out of this menu, the mission is complete.

Open up your menu and equip one of the two Talents. The group skill is pointless at this stage so equip the Strike Back talent for now. Set a way-point for the lone side mission available in the Plaza area and let's move out!

Side Mission - Supply Drop Penn Plaza Medical Supplies

There will be four sets of supplies to defend here. Defend each one-by-one and the mission is done.

Medic Encounter - Hostage Rescue

Head to the Medic Encounter on West 26th St. Clear the enemies outside of the Pharmacy and then go inside and pick up the Hostage Key. Free the hostages, loot the box and the mission is done. At this point, you will have earned enough Supplies to purchase another upgrade for the Medic Wing at the Base of Operations. Firstly though, head to the Security encounter on West 29th St.

Security Encounter - JTF Support

The GPS should direct you through a set of alleys. On this route, there will be a collectible to pick up in the form of an Incident Report. As you get closer to the mission, enemies will already be fighting against the JTF. Join in the fight and clear out the enemies. Talk to the JTF Officer and defend him against more incoming enemies. Clear out the enemies and the mission is complete.

Incident Report 2/40 - Rioter Report #3

Tech Encounter - Mercy Drop

Head to the encounter on 7th Ave. This will take you into the Garment District but the mission itself is just inside the Plaza area. Enemies will already be in battle with the JTF again. You'll need to defend the drop for a minute and 30 seconds against incoming enemies. The blue container in the middle of the mission area provides a good place to take on the enemies from all ranges. Survive until the time is up and then clear out the remaining enemies to complete the mission.

Security Encounter - Assault the Stronghold

Next up, head to West 33rd St to assault another Stronghold. A few enemies will be at the front end of the Stronghold ready to be taken down. Once these guys have been dealt with, another batch of enemies will spawn from a garage in this area. One will be a Veteran but it won't be anything you can't handle. Take these guys out and the mission is complete. Loot the Weapon Parts and boxes in this area and then climb up the building to obtain our first Drone collectible. Climb up the ladder to the right of the garage and then go up the stairs. Turn to your right and go towards the wall. Turn 180 degrees and look up towards the sky to see the Drone. Shoot it down with a single bullet and pick up the collectible.

Crashed Drone 1/16 - #1

Medic Encounter - Hostage Rescue

Just a few meters away is the last mission in the Plaza area. When you arrive on West 34th Street , you will see an Electronics area on your left. Loot the Electronics here and pick up the Phone Recording collectible here too. There's enemies including a Sniper outside the cafe waiting for you. Take these guys out, head inside, loot the bags, pick up the key from behind the counter and free the hostages

That's it for the Plaza area for now. Head back to the Base of Operations and upgrade the Medic Wing. Choose the Counseling upgrade for 200 Supplies as the extra credit perk it gives will come in handy for now. This will also unlock two new talents. Replace your current one with the Critical Save talent. Next up, you are going to head to Hudson Yards and take on your first main Security Mission.

Phone Recording 5/130 - JTF #3

Hudson Yards

Main Mission - Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint

Kick off this area with boxing off the main mission. I'd recommend using a stable AR and/or Marksman Rifle for this mission. Set a way-point and head to the tunnel.

If you've been using the Sticky Bomb or Turret since having one or the other unlocked, you should be hitting the 50 skill kill mark by this point. If you've forgot to use your skills then don't worry, there's plenty of hours to go to knock out the necessary amount of kills for this achievement:

Skill Kill

Finish off 50 enemies using Skills.

Skill Kill
2 guidesOnline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeCumulative +Shop

As you make your way down the road, stick to the right-side and climb over the wall where there's a throw over type thing draped over the wall. Loot a box here and then climb back up the wall you just jumped over. Set up behind one of the cars and take out the enemies here. Move forward but stick very close to cover as a couple of Snipers will be waiting up ahead and they have the height advantage on you. Use the approach of not sticking your body out of cover against the Snipers. Corner/cover peek and take them out. If you're not using a Rifle, move from cover to cover until you can either get close enough to launch a Grenade at their position, or if you're feeling brave, climb up the ladder and annihilate them at close range. When you get close to Snipers, they will try and make an attempt to fall back so they can continue to use their Snipers effectively. If they have nowhere to run, or you've gained ground on them quicker than they'd like, they will pull out their pistol to defend themselves. Obviously their pistol does much less damage than their sniper does. Clear the Snipers, restock on ammo and then climb up the rope for a box.

Climb back down, and move forward on the right side of the road. You'll see another ladder to climb on a wall to the right. Climb up, clear the enemies out up here and stay on top of this section for the vantage point against the enemies below. Once clear here, climb down to the main path and follow the way-point into the tunnel.

Run all the way down to the end of the tunnel where a couple of enemies will be messing with a bomb. Take them out and then prepare to defend yourself and the JTF Officer from continuous waves of enemies that will come from the same path you just came down. At this point you have two options; sprint all the way back to the tunnel entrance and set of defence here. It's a bit riskier if you don't have good enough skills and weapons equipped, but it can be safer for the JTF officer. The other option is to stay near the JTF officer and defend here. The officer will be at more of a risk but you will have a bit more distance between you and the enemies. You've got three minutes to hold out here.

A quick note as well, at around 14 minutes in the video, I unlocked the Natural Talent achievement. This was awarded because I had to use a medkit urgently when at critical health. The talent kicked in and increased my resistance for 10 seconds. During this time, I got a kill, therefore fulfilling the requirement for the achievement:

Natural Talent

Be attributed with a kill while having a Talent active.

Natural Talent
1 guideOnline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeLevel

Once you've survived the assault, follow the way-point through to the headquarters and speak to Roy Benitez.

Before Roy can even finish talking, the next wave of enemies breach the building! Set up in cover before they do as they will blast through the garage door. You'll need to have your wits about you here and take out the enemies who run straight in pretty quickly. There's various explosives you can shoot in the garage to help out. Once clear of the close-range threats, it's time to focus on everyone outside including the Snipers who will set up in the high position you were before (where you climbed up the ladder on the right side of the road attached to the wall). If you have a rifle, pick everyone off one by one keeping in mind that enemy sniper shots will probably take two segments worth of health off you. Without a rifle, you will need to move in close using cover to get within decent range of the Snipers.

When the wave is clear, you will be informed of the enemies having a sniper position setup. This is the Named Elite of the mission who comes with another wave of enemies. There's tons of cover to use in the area to get close to the enemies but if you want to be really cheeky. Get within hit-registration rang of the Named Elite with your rifle and begin to hit him with headshots. Just like in the following video, if you are far enough away, he isn't able to fight back and will just continue to scurry around the truck he's set up on. However, even if you manage to kill the Named Elite before even seeing the other enemies, you will still need to clear them out too. Clear all the enemies, pick up the new found goodies and the mission is complete. A story-related achievement will unlock:

The Captain

Rescue Captain Roy Benitez.

The Captain
1 guideOnline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeMain Storyline

Main Mission - Unlock the Security Wing

Make your way back to the Base of Command to talk to Roy. A cutscene will play and once finished, the mission is complete.

Tutorial - Upgrade Wing

Access the laptop in the Security Wing. You'll be forced to choose the first upgrade again. This is the 'Situation Room' for 500 security supplies and will unlock the 'Smart Cover' skill as well as a perk for increased EXP. With the remaining supplies, unlock the 'Canine Unit' upgrade. This will pop another achievement:

The Humanitarian

Purchase the Canine Unit and Pediatric Care Base of Operations Upgrade.

The Humanitarian
1 guideOnline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeShop

With this upgrade, you will now be able to see every collectible in an area where you have completed all encounters and side missions.

Unlock the 'Procurement Team' upgrade too. This will allow you to collect scavenged items from a box in the Base every 12 hours. It doesn't sound like a whole lot but you can on occasion get a good item from this and anything you don't want is another item to deconstruct/sell. Now, you can go back and find the collectibles (now highlighted) on the map from earlier.

Side Mission - Missing Person: Heather Lou, Part 1

To start off the first collectible run, head back to Camp Hudson first and complete the set of Side Missions that come with the Missing Person mission.

When you arrive at the mission marker, you'll find an ECHO near a double gate. Activate the ECHO and then collect it. Look around the ECHO and investigate the Guitar Case to unlock part two of the mission.

ECHO 1/63 - Heather Lau #1

Side Mission - Missing Person: Heather Lou, Part 2

The next area will need securing as two Rioters will be hanging around here. Take them out and then activate the ECHO near the apartment door on the left. The ECHO will need to be picked up again here. Investigate the person at the door (this being Heather) to unlock part three.

ECHO 2/63 - Heather Lau #2

Side Mission - Missing Person: Heather Lou, Part 3

Part three is in the alley behind this apartment. Clear the enemies here and activate the ECHO. This time around, upon activating the ECHO the collectible is classed as found. You won't need to collect it separately. Investigate the Rioter that looks like he's keeling over to unlock part four.

ECHO 3/63 - Heather Lau #3

Side Mission - Missing Person: Heather Lou, Part 4

Climb up the apartment ladder to access the stairway. Go up the stairs and through an open window. Open the bedroom door and loot a nearby set of drawers. Go into the apartment lobby and go up two floors. Heather will be in an apartment awaiting your arrival. Upon completing the mission, all of the collectibles left in the Plaza area will be discovered on the big map.

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