Tom Clancy's The Division Walkthrough

7. Story walkthrough Part Two

Pennsylvania Plaza - Collectibles

At this point here's the remaining collectibles that should be left to collect in the area:

5 Phone Recordings

  • 1 - Creep #3 - Down the alley straight after finding Heather Lou.
  • 2 - Birds #2 - In front of a shop door off of West 33rd St.
  • 3 - Lucky Girl #2 - Directly West of the lootable Fabric area
  • 4 - Lucky Girl #1 - South of the Base of Operations in an alley
  • 5 - Birds #1 - In the apartment block area south of the Base. Be careful here though as there is normally a Named Elite who hangs around this area

2 Survival Guides

  • 1 - Survival Guide #5 - In an apartment off West 29th St
  • 2 - Survival Guide #4 - From the west end of the alley off West 29th St, climb up the ladder that connects to 9th Ave. Go through the office building where the Electronics area is. Go into the corridor here and then take the first room on your left for the collectible.

1 Incident Report

  • Rikers Report #3 - Head east down West 31st St. It's in a tent.


  • General #4 - Directly south of the lootable Fabric area

After the last collectible has been found, the collectible list should look like this:

Survival Guide - 3/24

Phone Recordings - 10/130

Incident Reports - 3/40

Crashed Drones - 1/16

Missing Agents - 1/20

ECHOs - 4/63

Chelsea 7/22

Pennsylvania Plaza 13/13

Camp Hudson 1/1

Garment District 1/23

Hudson Yards 1/15


Chelsea Collectibles

Go ahead and polish off this area's collectibles now too.

7 Phone Recordings

  • 1 - JTF #2 - In an alley between West 26th & 29th
  • 2 - Week 2 #2 - In a garage down an alley on the west side of West 26th St
  • 3 - JTF#1 - Down the alley between West 23rd & 24th
  • 4 - Before Outbreak #1 - Down an alley between West 23rd & 22nd
  • 5 - Week 2 #9 - This one is underground. Take the underground entrance where 8th Ave meets West 21st St and follow the way-point
  • 6 - Week 1 #1 - Just off West 20th St above the out of bounds area
  • 7 - Suspicions #2 - Next to the south-east most contaminated area

2 Survival Guides

  • 1 - Survival Guide #2 - In a building on West 26th. REQUIRES LOCKPICK TO ACCESS.
  • 2 - Survival Guide #3 - In an apartment accessible from the alley between West 23rd & 22nd or from the main door on 22nd


  • 1 - N/A - You can't access this until completing all of the main mission in the game
  • 2 - General #26 - Down the alley between West 23rd & 22nd where the fence has been broke down. Activate and then pick up
  • 3 - April Kelleher #1 - In the middle of West 23rd St, north of the south-east contaminated area. Activate and then pick up
  • 4 - General #9 - On 8th Ave, just under where Chelsea meets Penn Plaza.

1 Incident Report

  • Rioter Reports #2 - In alley between West 22nd & 23rd, north of the south-east contaminated zone

Your list should now be:

Survival Guide - 5/24

Phone Recordings - 17/130

Incident Reports - 4/40

Crashed Drones - 1/16

Missing Agents - 1/20

ECHOs - 7/63

Chelsea 21/22

Head back to the Base to sort through your items and report to the JTF Officer here. Once the mission is complete, another side mission will be available asking you to travel to the Hudson Yards Safe House. Hudson Yards will be the next main area to go through but to keep in line with the main missions and each one's level recommendation, complete the Subway Morgue mission first and unlock the Tech Wing.

Before heading out, rather than selling your items this time round, keep the ones you want to use, mark the rest as junk and deconstruct them all. This should give you plenty of progress towards the Deconstructive Criticism achievement.

Garment District

Main Mission - Subway Morgue

You'll get to know the Cleaners really well in this mission as you will fight against each type of Cleaner that's on offer including the Tank type too. Make your way down the first steps and take out the first lot of Cleaners from a distance. These types of Cleaners carry flamethrowers and ARs so always try to avoid going in close-range where possible. If you can shoot at the tank on their back, hit it and watch the enemy panic and blow up! Sometimes, if the enemy is strong enough and you haven't damaged their health yet, they can actually (and somehow) survive the blast.

Follow the way-point down and around and you will see a locked gate with a notice on it. If you have a lock pick to spare, open it up and loot the box. Carry on running round and take out the single enemy that spawns. This guy is the Cleaners version of a charger. They will try to rush and close in on you with a melee attack but carry a shield to help protect them from your bullets. The shield can eventually be destroyed but is quite strong. Aim for their head as best as possible and they close in on you, roll away for safety, run away to a safer spot, turn back round and try again.

Continue down the elevator. Take out more cleaners in this area, loot a bag in the room to the right, restock on ammo and continue to follow the way-point down some stairs.

Another bunch of enemies will be roaming round this next area. There's plenty of cover to choose from here. Take cover, take aim, fire, and continue on.

Follow the way-point to go further down underground. Turn right through a doorway and then instead of turning left with the way-point, turn right and go to the end of this tunnel for a lootable box. Turn back round and follow the main path. In the next area, there's a bag you can loot if you need any special bullets. Continue on to the room with the relay in. Activate the relay to open the door. Go through and down the stairs. Go through the contaminated area and you will reach the substation.

Head up the ladder or proceed through the doorway on the lower level. There's a couple of grenadier style enemies here who also have a weak spot, this being the frag bags they have around their hips. Shooting these and blowing them up will cause the enemy to die pretty quickly. Clear the area out and continue on. To the right of the room with the power relay is a restock box. Restock, activate the relay and proceed through the newly opened door.

Proceed to the secondary substation and set up behind cover up the small flight of stairs. There will be two chargers and a regular Cleaner here. Be wary of the chargers as they tend to split up and come at you from either side if you don't take them out quick enough. Clear these guys out and follow the way-point. Head further down to find a component on the floor. Pick it up and place it into the relay. This will be your first taste of moving while carrying something. When carrying an item, you can only fire and reload your pistol, melee, activate your pulse or first aid and walk. To do most of the normal stuff, you need to drop the box. Pressing cn_Y, cn_A, cn_B or cn_left will drop the box. Insert the component into the machine and get ready for more enemies.

Enemies will spawn from a door on the left. This is the perfect opportunity to shoot the electrical box to the left of the door and Shock all of them. Once these guys are done, look back towards the middle of the room and the enemies will come from the middle door. Take these guys out and continue through this door.

In the contaminated area, enemies will spawn again across the room. Wipe them out than continue to move around to where they came from. Be careful in the next area as there will be an enemy up on the walkway. You'll need to be pretty precise to take him out. Fall back to the last section if things get too heavy. Sometimes the enemy may through Incendiary Grenades at you which burn and deplete your health pretty fast! After the enemies are dead, one more will spawn in the door that opens. After he's dead, climb up the ladder and move along the walkway to find a lootable box at the end of the path.

Another component needs picking up. This time however, enemies will attack you while you try to carry the box. Set it down whenever you feel necessary and take these guys out. Once you reach the next set of stairs, a couple of Chargers will rush you. Your Pistol should be strong enough to take these guys out if you're precise enough. head up the stairs and place the box into the relay.

The next area is where you will face the final waves and a named elite. The enemies here are just the same as the rest through the mission. One veteran may spawn and then obviously the named elite will spawn last as well. The first set of enemies come from the north-most door on the ground level. Take these out and then look to the west on the first floor for another wave. It's best to let these guys come down to the ground level to get the best shots on them. After these guys, another batch will spawn from the south door on the first floor. Take these guys out and then prepare for the boss to come who arrives in a lift towards the west side of the room.

The named elite here is the strongest form of Cleaner. These guys are the Tank versions, take ages to kill and their flamethrower has very dangerous range and can cause you to panic and obviously Burn. Knowing that they will be coming up in the lift, prepare yourself with a grenade (preferably not incendiary or shock as the elite will be immune to these). Once the lift opens up, throw the grenade, shoot your Sticky Bomb if you're using one and then drink some Water or use Explosive Bullets and fall back to the first floor. From here, attack any remaining weaker enemies and then focus on the elite, staying a good distance away from him and his flamethrower. His weak spot is the gas cannister looking things hanging from either side of his waist. Shoot these and they will explode and cause severe damage to the Elite or kill him if his health is low enough. Once you're done, head for the lift the last batch of enemies came out of and once you arrive back at ground level, the mission is complete. This achievement will unlock. Head out of the lift and look for a ladder opposite the exit. Climb down this one and another ladder for a lootable bag if you want to top up on consumables. Head back to the Base to speak with Paul Rhodes and unlock the Tech Wing

The Engineer in Tom Clancy's The Division
Rescue Paul Rhodes. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 118,231 tracked gamers (81% - TA Ratio = 1.11) 146,626

Tutorial - Unlock the Tech Wing

Once back at the Base, head up the middle stairs to talk to Paul Rhodes. Another cutscene will kick in and once it's done, the mission is complete

Tutorial - Upgrade the Tech Wing

As per usual, you'll be forced to upgrade the first option. This time around it's the 'Control Room' that will unlock the Turret skill and Inventory perk. The Turret is a nice supportive skill to have and can serve as a great distraction. However, if not placed in a good position, it can be destroyed too easily by enemies. Don't purchase any further upgrades just yet as none of the available ones are really beneficial yet. Once you back out of the upgrade menu, the mission is complete.

Hudson Yards

Main Mission - Hudson Refugee Camp

Head back to Hudson Yards to take on the remaining Main Mission in this area. Once you've made your way down the stairs, there will be a collectible ECHO to pick up. Activate it and pick it up. Look at the small structure to the left where the steps are. Go up on this platform to take out the enemies here. After the first lot of enemies are down, a few veterans will spawn. Keep these guys at bay and do as much damage as you can before they get too close. Follow the way-point and watch out for the explosive traps here. They won't kill you, unless you have seriously neglected your health. Steer clear of them anyway as they may burn away a health segment if you're health isn't high enough.

Keep moving forward until you see a couple more Cleaners. Take these guys out and then move slightly to the left of the path as you follow the way-point. You'll see a few more enemies and once clear, there's a lootable box in a small tented area to check out.

Proceeding along the way-point, you'll come to a camp entrance where two cleaners are causing trouble for the refugees here. Take them out and proceed into the small camp.

Make your way through the camp and as soon as you can, reach the structure that offers an higher vantage point on the enemies around. Be wary of the turrets here. The turrets you'll see throughout the game are not packed with much health or damage but can be very annoying and do a good job of you keeping you pinned down if you can't take them out quick enough.

Wipe out all the enemies here and then follow the way-point through the garage. Once you've climbed up a ladder, instead of going down the stairs on your right, look left instead and jump over the fence. In this section you'll find a restock box, lootable box and Tools to collect. Go back up the same way you got down to get back on the main path.

More Cleaners can be found in the open area. Stay up top and take them out. Look in the distance to your right to see more enemies. Take them out and then once Faye Lou begins to speak, this means no more enemies will arrive here. Walk past the stairs and along the path staying up high. Jump over the wall and loot the box that's on top of small lorry. There's also a med kit bag near the corner should you need it.

Move forward and head up high again for a good vantage point. There will be a few veterans here so keep a steady hand. Clear them out and move forward. You'll come to a set of boxes covered by green material that you need to climb over to progress. Before you do so, turn around, run forward, and jump over a small structure to find a lootable box, then continue.

Climb up onto the platform and dive head first into the final area. There's plenty of cleaners here as well as an elite and a named elite. The section is actually quite easy if you're quick and precise with your aim. Headshots make quick work of the regular enemies. I tend to go up on the right during this fight and pick everyone off from here. Just keep in mind that one or two enemies may come up the stairs behind you so watch yourself. The elite isn't much of a threat here. He puts his turret out and mainly tends to keep his distance allowing you to pick him off easily. Reinforcements will arrive once all of the regular guys are killed but are also easy to take out. Once clear, head through the gate and up the stairs. Before you go into the office type room, take a sharp left and navigate over some boxes and fences. Go all the way along this path for an item. Head back, hit the crane button and watch the fireworks. Mission complete and achievement unlocked.

The Engineer in Tom Clancy's The Division
Rescue Paul Rhodes. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 118,231 tracked gamers (81% - TA Ratio = 1.11) 146,626

If you move down the rope to exit the mission, you can't miss the collectible that will pop up on the map to your right. Pick it while you're here.

ECHO 8/63 - General #5

Phone Recording 18/130 - JTF #7

Side Mission - Kerman Station Safehouse

Head to the safehouse in the area and unlock it for the usual uses. Speak to the JTF officer and look at the situation board to update the map. The encounters and side missions in the area will pop up on the map, let's tackle the nearby medic encounter to start with.

Medic Encounter - Hostage Rescue

Arrive in the area and take out the enemies here. Another wave will spawn ready for you to dispose of. Once clear, head into the Electronics store and pick up the Hostage Key from the counter. Free the hostages, loot the boxes and if you have a lockpick, open up the door too for another box.

Side Mission - Bounty: Wild Child

Wild Child will be protected by two Lieutenants each with their own group of goons. You don't need to go directly into the area to take the first set of enemies on if you don't want too. You can actually climb up a van near the blue fence to pop a few shots at the enemies first, this causes them to set up defensively in positions to your advantage as you work your way round. Take out the second set of enemies from a distance and then enter the last area to square off against the Wild Child himself. Keep back in this area as using the truck for cover can cause you to be swarmed. Clear all the enemies and the mission is done. Climb up to where Wild Child was and head along the path to the right for a box to loot. Then, head northeast from this area to take on the Security Encounter. be careful as you come out of the area as there may be a Named-Elite lurking on the main road.

Security Encounter - JTF Support

There's another batch of JTF officers to support. There's no big threats here enemy-wise and the area is very open making it super-easy to line up the bad guys. Head in, clear them out and bag yourself another easy mission completion.

Side Mission - Supply Drop: Hudson Yards Armaments

This side mission is directly north of the area's Safe Area, along the train tracks. You'll be tasked with defending three different sets of supplies, one of these being higher up on a roof. When it comes to defending the high up supplies, there's a rappel rope you can use to get up on your left if you're looking back towards the Safe House. You'll need to defend three different supplies four times. One time each for the bottom two and twice for the supplies on the rooftop. You'll also notice two different collectibles pop up on your map during this mission, you may as well pick them up while you're here. The Phone Recording is simply on the ground just off of the rooftop next to a van. From here, go back down to the tracks and run back towards the Safe House. Stay along the right-side of the track to find the Missing Agent collectible under the same bridge the Safe Area is in.

Phone Recording 19/130 - Creep #1

Missing Agent 2/20 - Jeremy Carmichael

Security Encounter - Checkpoint

Head for the checkpoint and take out the enemies already here. Signal for JTF assistance and then defend the area until backup arrives. You only need to hold out for a minute and there's a sweet little spot on top of a green crater with cover for either direction. The enemies will come from the building that's south-west of where you're defending. Take them out, survive the countdown and the mission is done.

Side Mission - Uplink Repair: Hudson Yards

Head into the lootable Fabric area and pick up the Fabric here as well as the bags. Go through to the back and up the stairs into the apartments. There will be a Survival Guide collectible to pick up in the apartment here. Climb out of the apartment window and up the ladder to intercept the power grid. Climb up the red box to the right of the grid, up the roof, back down the roof through the gap in the fence, and then back up again. Walk across and down a ladder. Follow the stairs round and go up another ladder. There will be three Rioters to take out here. Secure the area and then look to your right for a red box to climb onto the roof and go over to hit the switch. Leave this small area the same way you came via the roof and red box to locate the console and fix the antenna. Mission complete.

Drop back down to where you climbed out of the apartment window and instead of going back through the apartments, jump down to the ground to pick up the Phone Recording.

Survival Guide 6/24 - Page 10 #8

Phone Recording 21/130 - JTF #10

Tech Encounter - Arms Deal Disruption

An arms deal is going down here between Rioters and Rikers. Take out the initial gang members here first and then signal for JTF reinforcements. You'll need to wait patiently for a minute and 10 seconds. One enemy will be carrying explosives to try and destroy the supplies. The enemies will spawn from the west of the supplies but have a lot of distance to cover before they can get near. This makes for easy sniping! Take all of the guys out, survive until the clock expires, and the mission is done.

Side Mission - Procurement: Security Cameras

This mission takes you for a ride along the Highline in the area as you go from one area to another fixing cameras. Head up the highline and restore the first camera. Go back to the highline and run down to the next camera on your left. Continue along the highline and take out the enemies blocking your way. Take the right side path and then wipe out another set of Rioters. Part of the wall will have a blue throw over type thing hanging over it. Climb over at this point to get to the ground and use the ladder nearby to climb back up and fix the camera. Use the gap in the rail to get back on the highline and head to the fourth camera. The power relay needs activating here to be able to switch the camera back on. Thankfully, it's right behind the camera switch. Press on killing a few more Rioters on your way. The last camera also needs the power relay sorting first. Run around past the camera switch. Climb up the first wall, run right, drop down, turn right and climb up the ladder on the wall, climb up another ladder, and then climb down a ladder to activate the power. There will also be a box you can loot here before you climb the small structure to get over the fence and activate the camera. Once the last camera is back online, the mission is complete and all of the Hudson Yards collectibles will pop up on the map.

Hudson Yards Collectibles

5 Phone Recordings

  1. JTF #8 - To the west of the Safe House but on ground level. Behind the first building you come to after leaving the base.
  2. Week Two #7 - In an alley of 7th Ave past the red van.
  3. JTF #9 - In an alley of West 36th St. Next to an inaccessible door, dead body, bin bags and yellow drink crates.
  4. Week Two #8 - Off West 38th St on the corner of the Lincoln Tunnel mission. Head down the alley where the double gates are open.
  5. Creep #2 - In between 9th Ave and the area's main mission in an apartment car park.

2 Incident Reports

  1. Cleaner Reports #1 - Right by the sea side. In front of three police cars.
  2. Rioter Reports #9 - In the northwest most corner of this area inside a yellow tent.

1 Missing Agent

  • Missing Agent #3 LaMarcus Henry - In a parking garage off West 34th St. Go all the way to the top and look in the south-east corner of the top floor.

Your list should now be:

Survival Guide - 6/24

Phone Recordings - 26/130

Incident Reports - 7/40

Crashed Drones - 1/16

Missing Agents - 3/20

ECHOs - 8/63

Chelsea 21/22

Hudson Yards 15/15

At this point, you will also have hit Level 10. Deconstruct any unwanted gear and weapons at this point. I know that you'll have supplies ready to be used for the Medic and Tech sections of the Base of Operations but save them for now and head out to the next safe house in the Garment District.

Garment District

This safe house, known as The Cavern, is situated in the sewer system. So long as you are following your GPS, you will be directed to the nearest entrance to the underground. Once in the safe area, open the locker to complete the mission and then speak with the JTF Officer and look at the situation board to update the map. Check with the vendor here to see if there's any items to your liking and then head out through the same way you came in to the Broadway Emporium for the next main Medic Mission.

Main Mission - Broadway Emporium

On your way to the mission start, you'll come across a collectible. You may as well pick it up while you're here.

Once inside, secure the initial area. The Cleaners here may try to flank you on either side so take them out as quickly as you can. Once clear, follow the way-point to head down stairs. Open the door, move downstairs but then turn 180 degrees for a lootable locker and a box. Watch out for the Incendiary trap here. Shoot it with a single bullet to set it off.

Move back along the main path following the way-point again through a door to your left. Watch out for the trap in this room and proceed forward through the broken window. Head into another room to activate the sprinkler system. There's another trap in here as well as a locker to loot. Head back to the main path but be wary of the single Cleaner who will make his way downstairs near the restock box. Wipe him out, restock and proceed back upstairs.

Three separate way-points will be available to follow now. Follow them until they split and take the path on the right to check the first shop for dollar bills. There will be a bag to loot on your right and the cash register will be on the left.

Head out of the shop and take the nearest escalator up. Turn right and into the another store where another bag and cash register await you.

Across from this shop on the other side of the floor is the last one you need to check. Yet again, a bag and cash register are here to be checked out.

After having no success with the bills, you need to continue along the main path on the same floor where you will do battle with more Cleaners. Stick behind cover and pick everyone off. Once the first set of enemies are down, another few enemies make their way down from the next floor up. Take these guys out too but before you head up the escalator they came down, run past it all the way to the end of the path and into the last shop on the left for a bag and a box to loot. Then head back to the escalator.

Once you come onto the next floor, the cash register in the shop to your left needs checking. Once checked, head back out of the shop and proceed to your left. The next ship contains the next register as well as another bag. Exit the shop and look to your left for a red medic bag to loot should you need a medikit at this point. Then follow the way-point to discover a fire blocking your path. Continue past the gated doorway to a shop where a couple of civilians will be hiding and the sprinkler system can be found. Hit the button and head back to the gated entrance.

Head upstairs and to your right to see the shop which is locked and also flagged as a contaminated area. You'll need to head past the shop and past Kerman Coffee to find the sprinkler button to put out the fire and open the gate.

Hit the button, restock on ammo and then prepare to defend the current area you're in. The enemies here come from both sides of the floor, right at the back. They won't spawn in thick and fast but if you can't take them out from a distance, you'll have to defend yourself at close-medium range from both sides. The last enemy that spawns here will be an Elite. Make sure you put as many bullets into him as you can before he gets to close and switches to his flamethrower. Once secure, look to your right near the two elevator doors and you'll see a christmas tree. Next to this is an item box you can loot. Head back to the contaminated shop for the contaminated dollar bills and a medic bag to loot. From here, follow the way-point which will lead you to an elevator shaft you can rappel down.

Once you hit ground level, restock on ammo and then prepare to take on the final wave of enemies. To start with, you'll only see a few regular Cleaners. Once you quickly dispose of these guys, a Named Elite will appear in the form of the biggest and most dangerous version of the Cleaners. These Tank like guys come with tons of health and armour. They only use a Flamethrower and incendiary grenades, limiting their range, but you will know about it if you get burned. The range on their Flamethrower is incredible and their fire grenades always seem to go off quicker than expected. It's a good idea to use a consumable here (if you hadn't already been using them anyway). Drink some Water to increase your damage against Elites by 20% and then hit the Named enemy with all you've got. The Tank comes with a couple of weak spots, these being the gas tank looking things hanging from either side of his waist. When shooting these, they will blow up and damage the Elite. As they are about to explode, the Elite will panic leaving you a few seconds to do more damage. Should the Elite catch you off guard with his grenades, quickly eat an Energy Bar to remove the Burn Status Effect if you can. Sometimes you may be in an awkward position to do so and it can be much easier to try and quickly run away. Just keep in mind that if he's hit you with a grenade and you're within range of his Flamethrower, you'll be very lucky to escape and with being Burned, the medkits won't heal as efficiently.

Once the Elite and other enemies are toast, the mission is complete, an achievement will unlock and you'll have some goodies to pick up from the dead enemies.

Outbreak in Tom Clancy's The Division
Outbreak11 (10)
Secure a sample of the original virus strain. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 111,387 tracked gamers (76% - TA Ratio = 1.14) 146,626

Incident Report 8/40 - Rioter Report #7

Upgrading the Medic Wing

After a bit of one-sided banter with the doc, take a look at the next upgrade to the Medic Wing. You should have 1160 Medic supplies to spend at this point. Upgrade the Pharmacy, Decontamination Unit, and Quarantine. Mod your Pulse skill to the Tactical Scanner (if you're using this skill) and change the Critical Save talent to Adrenaline. You'll have some Tech supplies to spend but there's still nothing worth buying yet.

Tech Encounter - Arms Deal Disruption

Head to the corner of 9th Ave and West 38th St for the first encounter we'll take on in the Garment District area. Take out the first set of enemies and then loot the box in the garage door to the west of the supplies. Mark the supplies and then you'll need to hold out for just over a minute and 35 seconds until backup arrives. From the supplies, enemies will spawn south across the street through a set of brown double doors and also from the south-east around the corner and a bit further away. As per usual, a select enemy will carry an explosive device. Survive the countdown and the mission is complete.

Side Mission - Rescue: Garment District Civilians

There's quite a number of enemies in the area for this side mission. Keep a little bit of distance and start chipping away at everyone here. A set of enemies will spawn from a garage. Take these guys out also and then enter this garage once the whole area is secure. Go through a door to your left until you get to a set of stairs to go up. Head up the stairs and through the door. Make your way through the various rooms until you come to one with a window that has a blue throw over hanging over its ledge. Jump out of this window and down to the ground and then open up the gate to the right to let the JTF in.

Hostiles will spawn in the alley opposite the gate. Defeat these guys using the cover of the various cars and structures around and then head back through the gate to rescue the civilians from the mini storage unit.

Medic Encounter - Virus Research

Despite being a level 2 contaminated area, thankfully, the recent upgrade to the Medic Wing allows you to access these areas now as your mask will be level 2 ready. Head through the gate and into the cafe to set off the first virus scanner. Follow the yellow marked area on your radar which will lead you to a ladder in an alley. Before heading up the ladder, activate the scanner underneath it. Climb up the ladder and follow the yellow marked path leading you through an apartment window. Head up the stairs to find the next scanner. From here, head up more stairs and open the closed door to come back outside. Eliminate the Cleaners in the distance after heading down the stairs. Keep an eye out for a lootable box slightly to your left before you reach where the Cleaners were hanging out. Follow the path to find the console to upload the data. Upload the goods and the mission is complete. Don't forget to loot the chest that's just behind the uploading machine before leaving too.

Security Encounter - JTF Support

Your GPS should be taking you through West 36th St and then up 7th Ave. As you run along 36th, you'll come across an Incident Report behind a Hazmat van. Pick it up while you are here. Continue down the road out of the hazmat area where you'll see a small play area on your right. Here you'll find a Phone Recording that you may as well pick up too. A wave of enemies will be fighting against the JTF once you arrive at the mission area. Handle business as usual and then defend against another wave that spawns once the first has been taken out. Once the area is secure, the mission's complete.

Incident Report 9/40 - Rioter Report #8

Phone Recording 26/130 - JTF #6

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