Tom Clancy's The Division Walkthrough

8. Story walkthrough Part Three

Side Mission - Missing Person: Michael Dufrane, Part 1

As you approach this mission, you'll notice that the mission itself begins inside the apartment block. This is accessible via the main street but you'll also notice the Missing Agent collectible in the street too. Follow the Missing Agent markings that will take you up to the first floor and into an apartment. The collectible itself is in the bathroom of this apartment. Head up the next flight of stairs and you'll find Michael's apartment. In here is an ECHO to activate. Activate it and then press cn_X for the ECHO collectible to pick it up. Investigate Michael to trigger Part 2 of the mission.

Missing Agent 4/20 - Gina Esteban

ECHO 9/63 - Michael Dufrane #1

Side Mission - Missing Person: Michael Dufrane, Part 2

The area here is in the middle of the street, as you'll see by the orange rectangle in your mini-map. Activate and then collect the ECHO here and then investigate the red jeep parked to the side. Michael is hid in here from the Cleaner patrol. This triggers Part 3 of the mission.

ECHO 10/63 - Michael Dufrane #2

Side Mission - Missing Person: Michael Dufrane, Part 3

Follow the way-point which will take you into the Subway system and to another ECHO. Activate the ECHO and then pick it up again for it to count. Investigate the enemy at the bottom of the stairs at the same subway entrance you just came down to kick in the final part.

ECHO 11/63 - Michael Dufrane 3

Side Mission - Missing Person: Michael Dufrane, Part 4

The way-point for the fourth and final part of the mission takes you to a pharmacist. Here is where you will find Michael but there's a few thugs hanging around inside to take out first. Once clear, you can find Michael in the first back room you come to. Once free, the mission is complete and all of the collectibles will pop up on your map.

Tech Encounter - Mercy Drop

As you approach the area, JTF will already be doing battle with The Cleaners. You'll need to stay in the marked area for just over two and a half minutes and help defend the supplies. The enemies don't really spawn as relentlessly as they perhaps could so there's not much difficulty involved here. Only one Veteran will spawn amongst the groups of regular enemies. Keep the enemies at bay and survive until the timer reaches zero. After that, clear out any remaining enemies and the mission is done.

Side Mission - Uplink Repair: Garment District

Approach this mission from the north. You should have made your way south along 7th Ave to get to the mission. As you approach, you'll see a lootable Electronics store and some containers alongside it. Next to these is a rappel rope. Use the rope to get straight to the roof where the breaker is. Hit the button and then take out the Cleaners up here. A couple more Cleaners will be further back, one being a Sniper and the other a Thrower although they are just regular enemies so they won't present much of a threat. Take them out then use the ladder to climb the wall or go up the ladder first and then take them out. Hit the switch and then another wave of enemies will spawn to your right. Take these guys out, move to where they spawned and hit the last button to complete the mission.

Side Mission - Bounty: Axel Wallis

Make sure you've set your way-point for this one as you'll be heading underground into the subway system for this bounty. Head down and through the barriers. Take a left followed by a right and make your way down the escalators. Axel's 1st Lieutenant is in this area with a few regular Cleaners. Scope the area first to see which cover you'd like to set up behind then take everyone out. The elite enemy here is a Tech type Cleaner and will use his turret if you don't take him out quick enough. The turret's not a massive threat itself but combined with the hard hitting Tech the turret can be quite distracting and does a good job at suppressing you. The turret itself can be taken out quickly but if you kill the Tech guy before his turret, the turret will begin shooting at any other enemies still alive within its vicinity. Once this area is clear, pick up the collectible that you can't miss in the middle of the area. Then grab the medkit to the right side if needed.

Follow the way-point through a door that will lead you to a lootable Weapon Parts area. Loot the three bags, restock at the box through the next door and then continue on.

The next area where the 2nd Lieutenant is hanging about is pretty much the same setup as last time. The only difference this time is that it's a regular style Cleaner who is the Elite. He doesn't have any different abilities or weapons than the regular Cleaners but will obviously do more damage and has more health and armour. Take everyone out here and then go back the way you came to take on Axel.

Axel can be found even lower underground. He's another Tech guy so you know what to expect from this type of enemy now. The area here is tight but you start with pretty good cover to play with. Chucking a Frag or two is ideal here. So long as you don't let Axel get too close, the fight here is pretty easy. Take everybody out and the mission is a success. Before you leave the subway, there's a small box to loot behind where Axel was found.

Phone Recording 27/130 - Week Two #3

Medic Encounter - Hostage Rescue

Cleaners will be in the street outside of where the hostages are being held. Take these guys out and then three more will spawn from inside the building. You can rush in and take them on head on or wait for them to come outside. Wipe these guys out as well and then head into the building. Find the hostage key, free the hostages and then the missions done. At the back of the room where the hostages were being held is a lootable to box to dig through.

Garment District Collectibles

8 Phone Recordings

  1. JTF #4 - In a kids park on West 39th St. There's also a lootable box here too.
  2. Week One #2 - Off of West 38th St. Through an alley and to the left.
  3. JTF #3 - Top left corner of the lootable Tools section off of 9th Ave and West 34th St.
  4. Week One #3 - Underground where you was investigating the most recent missing person.
  5. Week Two #5 - In an alley off West 39th St.
  6. Week Two #4 - In an alley off West 33rd St.
  7. Out #2 - In an alley off West 32nd St.
  8. Out #1 - In an alley off West 31st St.

1 Drone

  • Drone #3 - Near the corner of 9th Ave and West 39th St. Shoot it down from the main street and then go back west slightly into the alley. Climb up the garage behind the lootable box to collect.

1 Missing Agent

  • Missing Agent #9 Raymond "Ray" Ovitz - Move down West 38th St. from where the street meets with 8th Ave. Then go down the first alley on your left behind the underground entrance.

1 Survival Guide

  • Survival Guide #7 - In an alley accessible from both 7th Ave and West 31st St.


  1. General #7 - Where West 34th St. and 7th Ave meet.
  2. JTF #5 - In between West 34th St. and West 36th St. behind the Broadway Emporium Mission.
  3. General #8 - Inside the Broadway Emporium mission (I missed this during the mission). Press cn_X to "Find agents and set difficulty". Hold cn_Y to replay mission on Normal and the gate will open. Run inside and stay along the right side, the enemies won't see you. Run along until you come to the only store with its shutters up. Activate the ECHO to class it as found. Run back outside. It won't matter about not completing the mission.
  4. General #3 - To the left of West 36th St's DZ Entrance.

Your list should now be:

Survival Guide - 7/24

Phone Recordings - 36/130

Incident Reports - 9/40

Crashed Drones - 2/16

Missing Agents - 5/20

ECHOs - 14/63

Chelsea 21/22

Garment District 23/23

Head back to Garment District's Safe House and deconstruct all of your findings again. This should be enough to bag the Decontructive Criticism achievement. Report to the JTF Officer to complete the side mission and then set a way-point for the Tenderloin Safe House, south of the Garment District area. There's nothing worth upgrading yet at the Base of Operations so don't worry about heading back just yet.

During my run for the collectibles, I picked up an LMG and used it to bag a few kills. This unlocked the achievement for getting a kill with each of the gun classes. There's six different classes as detailed in the general hints and tips part of the walkthrough. You may already have this achievement but if you don't, whenever you find a weapon type you've yet to use, bag a quick kill with it and then do the same with the remaining types you need:

Raid the Arsenal in Tom Clancy's The Division
Kill 1 enemy with each of the 6 Gun classes.
  • Unlocked by 93,153 tracked gamers (63% - TA Ratio = 1.25) 147,081


This safe house is in the downstairs part of Koby's restaurant. Once you arrive, activate the situation board, speak with the JTF Officer, restock and open the locker to complete the side mission for arriving here. Then just before you take on the main mission in this area, you may as well fix the uplink in the side mission as this will be on the way anyway.

Side Mission - Uplink Repair: Tenderloin

There's a yellow garbage truck you'll need to climb to get on top of the building to access this mission, before you do this though, activate the nearby ECHO in the middle of the street. Climb on top of Koby's and then up another wall to the left of the main sign. Climb up another wall using the air filter box to get up then hit the switch. Climb into the building through the window and walk through the apartment into the main hallway. From here, turn left and run down to the last door on your right into a lootable Fabric area. Come outside and climb over the fence on your left. Climb up two more walls and hit another switch. Look left and drop down. Look left again and drop down then use the air unit to climb up on your right. Climb over the brown fence and run right to fix the power grid. Mission done. Before you leave, there's a box close to the generator that will contain a specialized item.

ECHO 15/63 - General #2

Main Mission - Napalm Production Site

Follow the main path until you come to your first left turn where you will meet your first bunch of Cleaners ready to be toasted. Two of them will be stood in front of a Napalm Tank which you need to destroy. These tanks can be taken out with a single bullet but you must hit where the way-point is. Clean out the Cleaners, destroy the tank and then take out the next set of Cleaners who spawn. Follow the way-point to the next area.

Even though there's the option to stay up high for a vantage point in this section, there's not enough cover to use so head downstairs past the inactive tanks instead. Head behind the long brown wooden cover to set up. The cover is pretty solid for this battle as the enemies still can't hit you whilst in cover and you have plenty of time to move left or right away from grenades. Pick all of the enemies off here and then destroy the five tanks. Follow the way-point and restock on ammo before heading into the next section.

As the blue gates open, there will be a few enemies walking away from you. Use the truck here as your point of cover while you pick everyone off. As you move more forward, an Elite Sniper will come into play on a balcony high up. Snipe him if you have a Marksman Rifle otherwise you'll need to use cover to eventually get close enough to kill him. As you kill the initial enemies, more will spawn. There's only one Veteran thrown in the group of enemies here. Once clear, there's a medic bag you can loot through in the gated area behind you, to the left of a truck. Come back out of this area and follow the way-point. Just before you come near the yellow crane on your left, turn into the scaffolding area and locate a set of stairs to go down below for a lootable box. Follow the way-point again and just before you reach the generator, there will be another lootable medic bag near the generator.

Turn on the generator, restock on ammo, and then begin the detonation sequence. Head upstairs to where the Elite Sniper was and hold out against the Cleaners that spawn from the white offices with the American flag hanging from one of the rails. This sniper spot is super-sweet. There's a variety of regular, Veterans and Elite type Cleaners that will try to destroy the detonator but so long as you can aim and shoot half-decent, none of the enemies will get anywhere near the objective. If they do, then be sure to Sticky Bomb or Frag any enemies that get close. Once all of the enemies are killed and the countdown has expired, pick up any loot they may have dropped, restock on ammo and follow the way-point to the next section.

As you move through the facility, you'll come across an ECHO that you can't miss. Activate and then collect it. Continue following the way-point until you come to a section where you can turn right or go forward up a flight of stairs. Go up the stairs and loot the box that will have appeared on your radar.

In the next section, there's another five tanks to destroy as well as a few enemies to take out. Take out the enemies first and then destroy the tanks.

After destroying all of the tanks, you'll move forward and up to an outside area. Enemies will spawn from a set of double doors in this area and will need to be cleared out before you can progress. Eliminate the enemies and loot the bag and box in this area. Follow the way-point, restock on ammo and then head inside one of the elevators at the end of the path.

This area is where you'll square off against the boss and his group of Cleaners. To start with, take cover behind the wall to your right as you come down the stairs. You won't fight the boss at first as he is in a room that you can't get into or shoot through to do damage. Groups of Cleaners will spawn from the left and right on the same floor you are on. Pick them off but be wary of the Charger who will come for you from either side. After this group, the next spawns on the floor below. One of these will be a Tech Veteran but should be fairly easy to handle as he will more than likely stay back and just try to use his turret against you. After this wave is clear, the boss finally makes his way out of the room with another wave of enemies. The enemies are easy kills again but the boss himself can be problematic, but this is only if you let him get too close.

As soon as the doors open, hit him with a Sticky Bomb (if you're using this skill) and throw a quick frag too. Then drink some Water and nail him with as many shots as you can before he gets within flamethrowing range. Once you're forced to move, start focusing on the weaker enemies instead as they will become more of a threat. Clear these guys out but keep shooting the boss when you get chance too. Once all the enemies are dead, fight against the boss who is the exact same character style as the boss from the Broadway Emporium mission. Once he's dead, head down two floors and into the elevator to escape as the area begins to be torched and destroyed by explosives. Once you've reached the exit, the mission is done and an achievement will pop:

Can't stand the heat! in Tom Clancy's The Division
Eliminate the leader of the Cleaners and escape the Napalm Production Site. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 107,192 tracked gamers (73% - TA Ratio = 1.16) 147,081

ECHO 16/63 - General #7

Upgrading the Security Wing

Head back to the Base of Operations and use 500 of your 720 Security Supplies to unlock the Armory. This will give you an extra Grenade slot and the option to purchase goods from the Advanced Weapons Vendor in the Base of Operations. The Grenade part was the most useful for now. Sort through your items and sell or deconstruct anything you don't want. Open up your map and you should see a side mission that starts in the Plaza area. Set a way-point for here and head back on out.

Side Mission - Investigation: Sterilization Supplies

Head down into the sewers to begin the mission. Follow the path until you come to a more open area that has the same layout as the Garment District's Safe House. There's a couple of Rioters here but they will only be Level 7 so take them out with ease. Run along the lower path ignoring the path to the ladder you will see on your left. There will be three more Rioters to take out in the next open area. Go left of the path you just came out of and climb up the ladder to go back in the direction you came. The first door on your left contains the supplies in a locker. Once found, the mission is done. Set a way-point for the Medic Encounter, north of the Tenderloin Safe House.

Medic Encounter - Hostage Rescue

The Hostage here is being held inside a small police station. There's a number of Cleaners hanging around outside the area here who will all be Level 12 just like you. Keep to cover and pick them all off. Once the area is clear, head into the police station and open the double doors. Head into the door on your left for the Survival Guide here. Look to your right and open the cell to find the key. Pick it up and then go back out of this room and into another one across the corridor to find the locked up hostages. Once free, the mission is complete. Come back out of the police station and turn left to go back to the main road. Look left again to see the sloped entrance to an underground car par. Head into here and in the left corner of the car park will be a room with a Missing Agent collectible inside as well as a lootable Weapon Parts area.

Survival Guide 8/24 - #6

Missing Agent 6/20 - Joe Chavez #6

Security Encounter - Checkpoint

Once you arrive at the checkpoint, there's a few regular Cleaners to take out. Clear these out and signal for JTF assistance. Enemies will spawn from the south and south-east but almost all of them bar one Veteran will be just regular enemies and easy to take out. The cover you'll be on when activating the console is pretty solid to use but there's plenty of cover to choose from anyway on the ground. You will need to hold out for two minutes and 30 seconds here. Once the timer hits zero and the JTF come storming in, the mission is complete.

Side Mission - Rescue: Tenderloin Civilians

The civilians here are being held in a Subway and there's plenty of Cleaners guarding the entrance. Take the initial Cleaners out and then be prepared for a few more that spawn from the Subway entrance. Take these guys out and go underground. Follow the way-point to a generator you need to activate to open up a gate you will have passed on your left. Head through this gate and further into the Subway station to find three enemies on guard in this area. Once you begin fighting against these enemies, more will spawn from the left so don't get in too close just yet. Once you've taken a few of the Cleaners out, move in closer to eliminate the rest. Once clear, more Cleaners will spawn from the same side including a Sniper. Take these guys out and then the area will be secure. Follow the way-point to the door the hostages are being held behind and once you open it, the mission is complete. In this room is a couple of lockers and a couple boxes you can loot for goodies.

Medic Encounter - Water Supply

On your way to this mission from the side mission, you'll come across an Incident Report at the edge of 6th Ave. You may as well pick this up while you're passing. Once you arrive at the sewer entrance, there will be an ECHO that may as well be picked up too.

Head down into the sewers and follow the path that leads you to a dark door. Go through this door and loot the Electronics on your way through. Head into the mission area and take out the first set of enemies here before restarting the water pump. This mission works exactly the same as the last Water Supply mission with the only difference being you and the enemies have levelled since then. Keep on top of the pumps, pressure and enemies until the mission is complete. There's a box you can loot on the top floor to the south of the mission area.

Incident Report 10/40 - Rioter Report #6

ECHO 17/63 - General #6

Tech Encounter - Supply Acquisition

In this mission, you'll need to pick up the two supply boxes and carry them back to the small storage unit. Enemies will be in the area before you even get started but again, all the enemies here are just regular and easy to take out. Once you're done with the enemies and supplies, be sure to pick up the Phone Recording to the West of this lootable area. All of the collectibles will now be available on the map so go and put this area to bed. Ignore the only ECHO in this area. It's the same one you collected during the last mission but for some reason it doesn't disappear from the map.

Phone Recording 37/130 - JTF #13

Tenderloin Collectibles

1 Drone

  • Drone #2 - Climb on top of the building on the corner of West 22nd St and 5th Ave. Shoot it down and collect.

9 Phone Recordings

  1. Week One #12 - In an alley off West 24th St.
  2. Week Two #12 - To the north of where West 24th St connects to the Main Mission in this area.
  3. Week One #13 - In an alley north of West 26th St.
  4. Week One #11 - In an alley of West 29th St.
  5. Week Two #11 - In an alley south of West 29th St and west of 6th Ave
  6. Week One #10 - South of the Tenderloin Safe House.
  7. JTF #14 - In an alley off West 24th St. West of the lootable Fabric area.
  8. Week One #9 - In an alley off West 22nd St.
  9. JTF #12 - In the same alley near the Incident Report

1 Incident Report

  • Rioter Report #5 - On the corner of West 22nd St and 7th Ave

Your list should now be:

Survival Guide - 8/24

Phone Recordings - 46/130

Incident Reports - 11/40

Crashed Drones - 3/16

Missing Agents - 6/20

ECHOs - 17/63

Chelsea 21/22

Tenderloin 18/18

Return to Tenderloin's Safe House to speak with the JTF officer and sort through your items. Once you're good to go, make your way to Hell's Kitchen to check in at the Safe House here.

Hell's Kitchen

This Safe House is at the back of a clothes store. Do the usual when you arrive and then head out to complete the side missions here. There's no main missions so let's start with the top left corner Tech Encounter.

Tech Encounter - Arms Deal Disruption

The arms deal is taking place on the train tracks below. There's a Veteran here in the mix of enemies but as you'll engage from the top of the stairs none of the enemies will be a threat besides the Riker's equivalent of a Charger who comes equipped with a shotgun. Move down to the tracks mark the supplies for the JTF and prepare to hold out. You'll need to defend the area for just over a minute as the enemies come from the north here. There's no major threats to worry about here so take care of the enemies until the time runs out. Once you're all clear and the JTF arrives, the mission is complete. Also as you'll see in the video, after the mission is complete I dive into battle against skull-level enemies.

Tech Encounter - Supply Acquisition

As you make your way south from the Arms Deal Disruption, you'll pass through a lootable Tools area. Just south of this is a Phone Recording.

This mission will see you locating and carrying lost supplies back to their crate again. There's three to pick up this time but besides the initial enemies in this area, further enemies seem to either not be bothered by your presence or spawn too far away to do anything. Either way, the mission is much easier than it should be and you should be able to polish it off in no time.

Phone Recording 47/130 - Before Outbreak #7

Side Mission - Bounty: Lord of the 212

The Lord is holding out in a bus station but as per usual, there's waves of enemies and a couple of Lieutenants to get through first. Use both sides of the first bus you come to for cover to pick off all of the enemies. The first two Lieutenants are the most common forms of Rioters here but obviously with more health, damage and armour. Once clear of the first couple of sets of enemies, you'll be guided to shutter controls by a way-point. Once activated, the Lord himself will appear in the area with a few regular Rioters as well as a Sniper who will spawn closer to you than the rest of the enemies. The Lord is a Tank version of the Rioters and rocks a mean LMG. Use Incendiary Grenades, Flashbangs, etc to buy yourself a few seconds here and there to do damage to the Lord. Once clear of all enemies, the mission is complete.

Side Mission - Rescue: Hell's Kitchen Civilians

Talk to the JTF Officer and then race him and his friend down to the bus terminal entrance. Open the entrance and take cover behind the bus. Engage the first group of Rikers here. Move forward where another two groups of Rikers will come from behind the buses. Take these guys out and then loot the Electronics area on your left. Progress further into the terminal where you will see another set of enemies in the corner. Take these guys out and then go through the door and downstairs to free the hostages. After the mission's complete, you can take the rappel rope to exit the terminal quicker than going back the way you came.

Medic Encounter - Hostage Rescue

On your way to the mission, there will be a Phone Recording you'll see just after coming up from the bus terminal. Continue to the mission and clear the area of enemies. To find the key, climb on top of the small green office type structure and then climb onto the scaffolding. Pick up the key and then open the double doors to free the hostages. There's a lootable box at the back of this room.

Phone Recording 48/130 - Week One #19

Tech Encounter - Mercy Drop

You'll need to hold out and defend the supplies here for a minute and 25 seconds. The enemies spawn from all directions but only in small groups and just as regular Rioters. Keep the enemies at bay and the supplies intact until the clock reaches zero and the mission is done.

Side Mission - Missing Person: Judy Walters, Part 1

Search the area for an ECHO. Activate and then collect it for it to count as found. Look at the person who is accessing a door and investigate to trigger Part 2 of the mission.

ECHO 18/63 - Judy Walters #1

Side Mission - Missing Person: Judy Walters, Part 2

Go into the building through the door and up the stairs. Head through the building and over the connecting bridge into the next building to find an ECHO. Activate and then collect it. Go into the office on your left to find Judy messing with a laptop. Investigate her to trigger Part 3.

ECHO 19/63 - Judy Walters #2

Side Mission - Missing Person: Judy Walters, Part 3

Proceed along to the other side of the office to find another ECHO to activate and collect. Investigate Judy storming out of the meeting to trigger part 4.

ECHO 20/63 - Judy Walters #3

Side Mission - Missing Person: Judy Walters, Part 4

Now you'll need to head down the stairs of the same building you are in. The ECHO on the ground floor needs activating and then collecting again. Judy is right in front of where the ECHO starts. Investigate her to trigger Part 5.

ECHO 21/63 - Judy Walters #4

Side Mission - Missing Person: Judy Walters, Part 5

Activate the ECHO on the corner of the search area and collect it. Then, investigate Rick Valassi, the guy picking up the dropped item from the deceased Judy Walters to complete the mission.

ECHO 22/63 - Judy Walters #5

That's all she wrote for the missions in this area. Before going on the collectible hunt however, head back to the Base of Operations to sort through your items and upgrade some of the sections here as we you are going to take a quick dip into the Dark Zone!

Upgrading Multiple Wings

Upgrade the Medical Wing's Intensive Care using 400 of the 660 Medical Supplies you should have. This is beneficial for the extra medkit slot and mods for the First Aid skill. Head to the Tech Wing and upgrade the Communications. This is good for the extra Dark Zone inventory slot. There's still nothing worth upgrading yet in the Security Wing so leave that for now. Open up your skills menu and equip First Aid as one of your skills and mod it with Overdose. If you've leaned more towards Electronics in your stats, then you could use the Sticky Bomb as your other skill as this will do heavy damage. If not, Pulse modded with Tactical Scanner will be your best bet instead. Change your Critical Save talent to Adrenaline instead. Set a way-point for West 31st St DZ checkpoint and head on out.

Dark Zone 01 - Level 14 Agent

With your character equipped with your best weapons and skills set to what you prefer, head to the Dark Zone checkpoint on West 31st St. Our goal here is to extract at both areas in DZ01 and kill at least one Named Elite. Any other progress made towards the other DZ achievements will be a bonus. Here's the achievements you will unlock after your first visit to the Dark Zone:

Headhunter in Tom Clancy's The Division
Headhunter21 (15)
Kill a named Elite in the Dark Zone.
  • Unlocked by 76,368 tracked gamers (52% - TA Ratio = 1.38) 147,081

Worth the Wait in Tom Clancy's The Division
Successfully Extract a contaminated item from the Dark Zone.
  • Unlocked by 89,484 tracked gamers (61% - TA Ratio = 1.27) 147,081

Here's the ones you will be gradually working on:

For Justice! in Tom Clancy's The Division
Kill a player who has Gone Rogue.
  • Unlocked by 60,188 tracked gamers (41% - TA Ratio = 1.55) 147,081

You Just Made the List… in Tom Clancy's The Division
Kill 10 Named Enemies in the Dark Zone.
  • Unlocked by 43,448 tracked gamers (30% - TA Ratio = 1.83) 147,081

Mass Extraction in Tom Clancy's The Division
Extract an item from all Extraction zones in DZ01-06.
  • Unlocked by 27,992 tracked gamers (19% - TA Ratio = 2.28) 147,081

I am the LAW! in Tom Clancy's The Division
Kill 20 Rogue Agents.
  • Unlocked by 16,347 tracked gamers (11% - TA Ratio = 2.99) 147,081

I've been using a 2nd character on my main Xbox profile to type up the walkthrough ahead of recording with a character on a different Xbox profile. Check out how my run went with this character at level 14.

I didn't manage to kill any rogues but I nailed a few named enemies and managed to extract a few items at the two extraction areas in DZ01. Keep in mind that this was recorded when the game was in Update 1.2 form so the during the extractions, other players couldn't hijack my extraction and the helicopter only waited for 30 seconds instead of the 60 it does now.

Here's how the run went for the character you've been watching in action on my other profile:

In the video, I managed to kill a Rogue agent twice (counts as two separate rogue kills), kill a Named Elite, and extract at both areas in DZ01.

Once you've successfully extracted at both areas, leave the Dark Zone and head back to the Base of Operations. Retrieve your newly acquired gear and sort through it.

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