Tom Clancy's The Division Walkthrough

9. Story walkthrough Part Four

Hell's Kitchen Collectibles

Have fun in the Dark Zone? I know I did roll. Go to your stash and send your extracted items to your stash and then sort through what you want to keep and then sell or deconstruct the rest. Head back to Hell's Kitchen to collect the collectibles in this area.

11 Phone Recordings

  1. Week One #18 - In an alley east of 12th Ave
  2. Week Two #13 - In front of a Hotel between West 41st St and West 42nd St
  3. Before Outbreak #5 - In an alley south of West 41st St
  4. Before Outbreak #8 - In an alley north of West 41st St
  5. Before Outbreak #9 - Right next to the south-east entrance to the Safe House
  6. Before Outbreak #10 - In an alley north of West 43rd St
  7. JTF #16 - In an alley north of West 43rd St. There's a ladder to climb up and over the building to get to the recording
  8. Before Outbreak #11 - In an alley south of West 42nd St. South of the Pharmacy containing the ECHO
  9. Before Outbreak #6 - Accessible from 9th Ave. Next to a mobile lift machine.
  10. Week Two #14 - In an alley north of West 42nd St, next to the lootable Electronics area.
  11. Week One #20 - In an alley north of West 43rd St. The area looks like a former shelter area.

2 Survival Guides

  1. Survival Guide #10, Page 12 - West side of the area off of 12th Ave
  2. Survival Guide #9, Page 11 - Accessible off West 41st St. Climb up the small truck and onto the scaffolding. Go through the apartment window.

1 Incident Report

  • Cleaner Reports #2 - In an alley north of West 43rd St


  • General #23 - Inside the Pharmacy off West 42nd St. Activate and then collect.

1 Drone

  • Drone #7 - Shoot the drone on West 42nd St. Use the lorry to climb up onto the metal walkway and then up the ladder

2 Missing Agents

  1. Missing Agent #5, Jerome Norton - Starts where West 43rd St meets 9th Ave. Finishes in an Auto Service garage in Clinton off West 45th St, north-east of the start.
  2. Missing Agent #4, Eleanor Jenkins - North of a playground on West 43rd St. Climb the ladder to collect.

Your list should now be:

Survival Guide - 10/24

Phone Recordings - 59/130

Incident Reports - 12/40

Crashed Drones - 4/16

Missing Agents - 8/20

ECHOs - 23/63

Chelsea 21/22

Hell's Kitchen 24/24

Clinton 1/23

Return to the Safe House in Hell's Kitchen to speak with the Officer and complete the Side Mission. The completion here should push you the Level 15. Assign a talent to your newly unlocked slot, either Critical Save or Strike Back, then head out to the Times Square Safe House.

Times Square

Open the locker once you reach the Safe House and then check out the situation board and check in with the JTF officer. Once you're ready, head to Time Squares' main mission.

Main Mission - Times Square Power Relay

This mission kicks off in the Times Square Subway. Head in through the double doors and down the stairs. Level 12 Rikers will be hanging around in this first area. They'll be easy to take out as you'll be three levels up from the recommended level for the mission. Once clear, head down the right path for a lootable box.

Follow the way-point to turn off the power. Head back outside via the exit and into the small police station. Access the keyboard quickly and then dispose of the enemies that spawn from the north and west streets. Move along with the way-point and take out more enemies. You'll pass a lootable Fabric area on your left. Across the street and still on the left, will be the van you need to locate. Pick up the component here and begin to move it slowly but surely to the next way-point.

Once the fuse is plugged in, you'll need to hold out until the power comes back on fully. Enemies will spawn from the stores on north-east, and from West 46th St too. You can use the stage/stairway in the middle of the street to hold out but it's best to keep moving covers for different angles of attack and defence. All types of Rikers will spawn besides the Heavy type. The named Elite here is a Sniper but she is harmless so long as she doesn't get far away enough from you. Once all of the enemies have been nailed, the mission is complete:

Upgrading the Tech Wing

Before you start to clean up the side missions in this area, head back to the Base of Operations to upgrade the Tech Wing. After the episode I had with my recording character in the Dark Zone, it wasn't a difficult choice when choosing what to upgrade. You may not have had the same experience so upgrade either the Generators (upgrades Sticky Bomb) or Water Purification (upgrades Turret). Once upgraded, head to the south most Tech Side Mission in Times Square.

Tech Encounter - Supply Acquisition

Rikers will be hanging around the street here. Three supplies will need picking up and moving back to their storage. Pick them up one at a time and move them back. You may actually need to drop them this time around however as the Rikers won't be as easy to take down with just a pistol like the Rioters are. Once all three supplies are back in the box, the mission is complete.

Tech Encounter - Arms Deal Disruption

Engage the enemies doing a dodgy deal here. Once clear, mark the supplies for the JTF. You'll need to hold out for only around a minute as enemies come from both main streets on either side of the alley. One enemy at a time will be carrying explosives so be sure to keep them away from the supplies. Once you've held out for a minute and all the enemies are done with, the mission is complete.

Security Encounter - JTF Support

The JTF will be fighting against Rikers members in an alley. Take these guys out and then pick up the Phone Recording in this area while you're here. Talk to the JTF Officer and then prepare for another couple of small waves of enemies. They will spawn from the North-side alley. Once clear, the mission is complete.

Phone Recording 60/130 - Week One #7

Side Mission - Uplink Repair: Times Square

To access the roof, go south a few metres from the last Security Encounter and you'll see a white truck with wooden boxes strapped to it. Climb up onto the boxes and then onto the building. Head up the stairs and hit the button. Move forward to where five Rikers will be waiting. Take these guys out, head up the stairs and hit the next button. Head up the stairs behind you and jump over the rail. Climb up two walls and then move around the pathway to your left to find and turn on the generator. Mission complete. There's also a small lootable box to the right of the generator.

Supply Drop - Times Square Winter Supplies

There's three sets of supplies to defend in this area. One is within the Automotive services, one is on the roof of the building with the ambulance parked in front of it, and the other is in the middle of the crossroads where 8th Ave meets West 49th St. The supplies will need defending four times all together. Make sure you're concentrating on the supplies and don't get distracted by the random NPC's who may be hanging around in the street. Shotgun-toting Rikers will be doing damage to the supplies and there weapon can do some decent damage. Successfully defend the supplies and take out the enemies to complete the mission. There's a lootable box on the roof of the building with one of the supplies on top. There's also an Incident Report near the ambulance you may as well pick up as well.

Incident Report 13/40 - Cleaner Reports #10

Security Encounter - Checkpoint

A few low-level Rikers will be hanging around. Take these guys out and call for JTF assistance. You'll need to defend the checkpoint for just under a minute and a half. Enemies will spawn from the north of you. The green crate with the cover on either side is a sweet spot to hold the fort down. Defend the checkpoint against the enemies until the JTF arrive and the mission is complete.

Side Mission - Times Square Civilians

On your way to this mission after the Security Encounter, you'll come across an Incident Report next to a Police Hazmat van that may as well be picked up. Head down into the sewers and down the sets of ladders. There will be two Rikers here to take out. Climb up the ladder they were stood by and follow the path forward and then right and take out another set of Rikers. Head through the door and down a ladder. Go forward and then turn right. Go through this door, restock on ammo and then turn on the generator. Defend the generator from the enemies that will spawn on the opposite walkway north of you. Once the bar fills up in the objective, neutralize the remaining enemies to complete the defensive objective.

Follow the way-point to a door and hit the switch to open it. Climb down the ladder and continue to follow the way-point. Two regular Rikers and an Elite Heavy will spawn here. Take out the regular guys as quickly as you can so the fight against the Elite is slightly easier. He will only be a Level 13 enemy but he can still pack a punch. Use a Shock or Incendiary Grenade against him and then shoot the red part of his backpack to make him panic as he slowly begins to have a technical fault. Once clear, follow the way-point to free the civilians and complete the mission. There's a couple of lootable boxes to dig through in the area where the hostages are being held.

Incident Reports 14/40 - Cleaner Reports #8

Side Mission - Investigation: Cleaner Informant

Jump over the fence to access the camp and then activate the ECHO along your path here. This one will count as soon as you activate it. Climb the ladder up the building. Loot the box on your left for an item and then loot the small draw to complete the mission. You'll notice the Drone nearby here too. It's a very tough one to hit from the angles your are given while on the rooftop so unless you have the Sticky Bomb unlocked, you'll have to go down to the street, shoot it down, and then make your way back up to collect it. Whichever way you need to do, do it now so that you don't need to come back for it later on.

ECHO 24/63 - Rogue Agents #4

Crashed Drones 5/16 - Drone #8

Return to the Safe House to speak with the JTF Officer. Then, the remaining collectibles will pop up on the map.

Times Square Collectibles

2 Incident Reports

  1. Cleaner Reports #7 - Just west of a lootable Tools area off West 46th St.
  2. Cleaner Reports #9 - In a yellow tent near West 55th St's underground entrance

4 Phone Recordings

  1. Week One #4 - In the Subway. Follow the collectible Icon and it will be on a bend.
  2. Week One #5 - In an alley off West 43rd St.
  3. Week Two #6 - West of the Safe House. Alley is accessible from West 49th St.
  4. Week One #8 - In an alley off West 53rd St.


  • General #25 - In a parking lot accessible from both West 45th and 46th St.

1 Crashed Drone

  • Crashed Drone #6 - Behind/next to a movie billboard on West 42nd St. Shoot it down from the street and then head west to see a set of stairs and a ladder to climb up.

Your list should now be:

Survival Guide - 10/24

Phone Recordings - 64/130

Incident Reports - 16/40

Crashed Drones - 6/16

Missing Agents - 8/20

ECHOs - 25/63

Chelsea 21/22

Clinton 0/22

Times Square 13/14

I'd missed one of the collectibles in the area as it wouldn't pop up on the map until I switched the option on the big map to 'Intel'. Do so now if you'd like to see where the collectible is, otherwise I do come back for it later in the walkthrough. Head back to Times Square's Safe House to sort through your items and then set a way-point for the Safe House to the west in Clinton.


On your way to the Wolves Den, you'll come across a Security Encounter you may as well do before arriving at the Safe House.

Security Encounter - Assault The Stronghold

There will be a Named Elite to take out here who is the Heavy form of a Riker. There will be regular Rikers around him too so take these guys out first and then kill the Elite. His weapon fires very strong explosive rounds at you so you really need to time your shots well. Don't be afraid to immobilize him with Shock and Incendiary Grenades and drink some Water too if necessary. Once he's down, even if the area is not clear, the mission is complete.

Clinton's Safe House: Wolves Den

The Safe House here is on top of the buildings, accessible via a ladder. Head inside and do the usual bits and then head to the Amherst's Apartment Main Mission. On the way, following the way-point, there will be a Bounty to collect by the name of Simon Burris.

Side Mission - Bounty: Simon Burris

The outside area will be being patrolled by the 1st Lieutenant. He's just a regular Riker but with an Elite's health. Take him out from distance and then kill the other enemies here.

Head inside to take on the 2nd Lieutenant who is a Thrower this time. This guy has Snipers, Shotgunners and more with him so try and nail the Snipers first, the Shotgunner as and when he charges you, then use cover to get close to the Elite or just pick him off from outside. Once clear, Simon and another small group of Rikers will spawn from the bottom back left corner of the warehouse. You may need to fall back outside if you're not confident enough against Elites as this guy packs a hard punch and the angles you have to attack from are not the best. His regular Rikers will also spread around to flank you too so be careful. Also, if you spend to long standing around like I did (while typing this walkthrough), Rioters will join in on the action too from outside!

Once Simon has been dealt with, the mission is complete and you can loot the Weapon Parts from the back of the warehouse, loot the item box and dig through a couple of cupboards upstairs too.

Main Mission - Amherst's Apartment

Head into the apartments and take out the first lot of Cleaners here. They'll only be Level 14, weaker than the guys you've been taking out in the street, so this should be a fairly easy mission. Move through the apartments into the next open area and engage more Cleaners. There's a Sniper right at the back on the left side. Take him out first, but if you're struggling, there's a couple of explosive tanks conveniently sat next to him to help out. A Heavy Cleaner will spawn after most of the enemies have been dropped. Keep your distance and hit his weak spots to help take him down.

Head under the apartment blocks and follow the way-point. When the way-point goes right, keep going straight on and then turn right at the end instead to find a lootable box. Head back outside to take on more Cleaners including a Veteran Engineer and an Elite Thrower. The Engineer can be taken out pretty easy while he plays with his Turret and the Throwers are not that strong to begin with. Once clear, head up the walls and stairs to access the apartment.

Loot through everything on both floors for consumables and a medkit. Once you find the evidence, jump out of the window, restock on ammo and then get ready to fight more Cleaners. Take these guys out and move forward. Restock on ammo again and then move forward into the no respawn zone. There will be more Cleaners already in this final area. Once you engage against these guys more will spawn from apartments further back. Keep hammering the enemies until the extraction chopper arrives. Once it does, you'll have a small window of time to extract undisturbed. Quickly attach the evidence to the chopper and then prepare yourself for a Veteran that spawns from a door on your left, one that spawns from the back apartment, and the Named Elite from the same location. The Elite is just a Sniper so he can be taken down quickly, once all of the enemies have been nailed, the mission is complete.

Security Encounter - Checkpoint

Rikers will surround the area here, but these guys are only Level 15 enemies. Clear out the initial group and then signal for the JTF. Enemies will spawn from the south and north sides of this intersection. There should only be one Veteran that spawns but again, he's only a Level 15 so he shouldn't cause any trouble at all. Once you've held out for just under two minutes, the mission is complete.

Tech Encounter - Arms Deal Disruption

A Rioter will be doing a soon-to-be disastrous deal with a group of Rikers. Eliminate this first set of enemies and then signal the supplies for JTF pickup. You'll need to hold out for just under a minute and a half although there's no where near enough enemies to keep you entertained for this long. All of the enemies will spawn from an alley on your south side. Keep them at bay with barrages of bullets and then wait for the timer to finish to complete the mission. Once done, there's a collectible Phone Recording and lootable box in the alley to the north.

Phone Recording 65/130 - Week One #14

Side Mission - Uplink Repair: Clinton

Head into the building via the parking lot and hit the button. Head into the room with two ladders stood up in it, then go through another door to a set of stairs. Once in the apartment, jump out of the window and take out a few Rikers members. One of them is a Sniper on your left, up high so keep him in mind. Once clear, use the console. Look to your north-west and then jump down the wall to get to the staircase and work your way back up. Climb over a small block and run and hit the switch to complete the mission.

Medic Encounter - Virus Research

The entrance to the mission is on West 47th St. The first scanner will be behind the doors you first open. On the third floor, there will be a room with a lootable bag in it. In here, you can jump out of the window to access the next scanner. From here, go up the stairs and into the apartments. Head into the lobby for the third scanner. The next and final scanner is in a room on the next floor up. Head out of the window and up the stairs to the roof. Four Cleaners will be on the roof, all regular Level 15 enemies. Take them out and then upload the data to complete the mission.

Tech Encounter - Supply Acquisition

Talk to the JTF Officer to begin the mission. Three supply boxes will need recovering and bringing back to the container. Three separate waves of enemies will spawn as you recover the supplies. They tend to spawn on the opposite end of the street you pick up the supplies from. Take out the enemies and move all three of the supplies back to the container to complete the mission. Once you're done, there's an Incident Report to collect that will have popped up on the map.

Incident Report 17/40 - Cleaner Reports #4

Side Mission - Supply Drop: Clinton Food Supplies

You'll be tasked with defending three lots of Supplies here. Thankfully, they will only need to be defended once each time and they are all quite close to each other. You can reach each supply drop before the enemies even get to them. Successfully defend each one once to complete the mission. Once complete, there will be a Phone Recording to pick up near the initial mission marker.

Phone Recordings - 66/130 - Week One #17

Security Encounter - JTF Support

Three Rikers members will be fighting against the JTF. Take these guys out and speak with the Officer. All of the enemies come from an alley on your east side. Due to the alley being pretty slim, you can pick these guys off very easily. Take out the three waves of enemies and the mission is done.

Clinton's Collectibles

Head back to the Safehouse to complete the Side Mission to bring up all of the collectibles in this area.

3 Incident Reports

  1. Cleaner Reports #5 - In an open tent off West 49th St.
  2. Cleaner Reports #9 - In the middle of the street on 9th Ave.
  3. Cleaner Reports #6 - As far west as West 45th St goes.

2 Drones

  1. Drone #4 - Shoot the drone from West 47th St and then head slightly east to access the building. Head up two flights of stairs and then go through the apartment on your right. Jump out of the window and collect the drone
  2. Drone #5 - Shoot the drone from 10th Ave. Run round onto West 48th St where you'll see a ladder to climb. Climb up and then move forward and look right for another ladder. Climb up this ladder to collect the drone.


  1. General #24 - Inside the Police Station. Activate and then collect.
  2. April Kelleher #2 - Above the lootable Electronics store on 9th Ave
  3. General #1 - There's a ladder in the area behind the apartments that the ECHO is on top of.
  4. Rogue Agents #5 - Off of 10th Ave and above West 47th St.
  5. General #22 - On West 45th St, underneath the area's main mission

5 Phone Recordings

  1. JTF #15 - Near the sewer entrance off West 53rd St, behind a set of double gates.
  2. Week One #16 - West of the lootable Tools area on West 53rd St.
  3. Before Outbreak #4 - Next to the out of bounds corner between West 49th St and West 52nd St.
  4. Week One #15 - The way-point takes you to the middle of the street near to the recording. There's a lootable Electronics area near here you can go through to get to the collectible.
  5. Before Outbreak #3 - In an alley off West 47th St.

1 Survival Guide

  • Survival Guide #12: Page 15 - Head up the stairs to the scaffolding and into the building through one of the windows.

2 Missing Agents

  1. Missing Agent #10: Angela Leung - Starts on West 55th St. Goes down into the sewer.
  2. Missing Agent #8: Piper Gibson - Starts where West 49th St meets 9th Ave. Head north from here for the next part. Turn right into the open area of the apartment block.

Your list should now be:

Survival Guide - 11/24

Phone Recordings - 71/130

Incident Reports - 20/40

Crashed Drones - 8/16

Missing Agents - 10/20

ECHOs - 30/63

Chelsea 21/22

Clinton 22/23

Times Square 13/14

Head back to the Base of Operations and upgrade the Virus Lab in the Medical Wing. Leave the Security and Tech Wings for now. Sort out your unwanted items and prepare yourself for another trip into the Dark Zone!

Dark Zone 02 & 03 - Level 19 Agent

Our primary goal will be to focus on the extraction again. In Dark Zone 02, there's just one extraction area but it can be a busy one with groups of agents regularly extracting here. It's not far away from a DZ Checkpoint, DZ 02's and 03's Safe Rooms, and a couple of landmarks too. Here's another trial run of extracting at DZ 02:

It was a good result, despite dying a few times. I managed to extract in both DZ 02 and 03 which is the main thing I wanted to do. Let's see how it went with the recording agent:

During this run through, a random invited me to a group. This unlocked this achievement:

Looking for Group in Tom Clancy's The Division
Join or create a group.
  • Unlocked by 131,483 tracked gamers (88% - TA Ratio = 1.06) 148,942

You can do this pretty much anytime and anywhere, I'd just forgot about it completely up to this point.

After a successful extraction, head to the nearest DZ Checkpoint, retrieve your goods from the stash and head back into the world of PvE.

Missing Collectibles

Before continuing with more missions, quickly head back to Times Square for one of the missing collectibles and then Clinton for the other. I didn't realise at the time that if you open the big map up and then press cn_RB to scroll over to Intel, it actually brings up nothing but the intel on the map. It's possible that the intel I'd missed was covered by other icons. Run back for the last collectibles in Times Square and Clinton and then head out to the Flatiron District's Safe House, south of Dark Zone 01.

Phone Recording 72/130 - Week One #6

Survival Guide 12/24 - Guide #11 Page 13

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