Imperial City

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Imperial City

Imperial City Achievements

The Imperial City Add-on for The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited has 6 achievements worth 200 gamerscore.

  • Protector of the Faith

    Complete the Imperial City Temple event by defeating the Daedric Titan, Uzuruz.

    08 December 2019 - Add a guide
  • Imperial Arena Champion

    Complete the Imperial City Arena by slaying the Ringmaster and her monstrous servants.

    08 December 2019 - 1 guide
  • The Sublime Protector

    Bring an end to Molag Bal's secret plot in the Imperial City.

    Locked - 1 guide
  • Imperial Lightbringer

    Complete the Barathrum Centrata event deep beneath the Imperial City.

    Locked - 1 guide
  • Big Score

    Gain 900 Tel Var Stones from a single kill.

    Locked - 2 guides
  • Horror of Horrors

    Kill all the Patrolling Horrors in the Imperial City.

    Locked - 1 guide