The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition Reviews

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    16 Apr 2021
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    Skyrim Special Edition is a rerelease of Bethesda's critically acclaimed open world game. Players are given the opportunity to jump back into the world of the Elder Scrolls in the series' fifth main installment. The game offers all kinds of quests and gives you the freedom of really exploring the world at your own pace.

    Now obviously this is a rerelease, and a question that often gets brought up concerning rereleases is, "was this really necessary?" Personally, I find that question a bit difficult to answer. I did have Skyrim for my 360, but I didn't play it very often. I'm not extremely aware of all the features that may have been added to this edition to really set it apart from any previous ones.

    I can say that the graphics look about the same as they did on the 360. If there are any improvements concerning the look of the game, I didn't really notice any. What I did notice is that this version supports mods, and it's one of the very few Xbox games I've seen that can do that. I really do hope that mods become a thing that more and more games can utilize on the Xbox, because I had a lot of fun just installing mods and messing around with the game.

    The Special Edition also comes with all of the DLC packs for Skyrim preinstalled. This part is fine, it is nice that it's there, but it does seem to disrupt the rhythm of things sometimes. You get attacked by mercenaries for a DLC quest as soon as you learn how to use your shout, and to me that whole storyline just seemed like it needed to wait it's turn until after the main questline, or at least a little later. I understand that Skyrim's whole deal is that you sort of do everything on your own time, and in whatever order you choose, but that feeling of not having enough experience to do a quest is definitely there on occasion.

    Everything from the initial release is here, and it seems to work fine. Obviously this is just a rerelease, so it still has some of those small problems that I initially had with the game when it came out. A lot of the major side quest storylines are a little repetitive, and sometimes it can get a little old when that happens. Of course the levelling system is a little broken as well. You can either find yourself insanely underpowered, or overpowered for certain objectives, and I think Skyrim sometimes struggles to really find a balance there.

    Achievements for this game aren't all that bad. They're actually kind of everything I want a list of achievements to look like. There are a ton of achievements related to exploring the world and accomplishing certain tasks. None of these seemed too buggy, with the exception of one or two where you need a certain NPC to be alive, but usually by the time you realize this they are dead and you've saved beyond their time of death.

    Overall Skyrim: Special Edition does offer an Xbox One version of the game complete with all DLC packs, as well as mod support. I still think people will be debating about the move to rerelease this game for quite awhile, but make no mistake, this is the Skyrim experience at its fullest. I would recommend this game to anyone who's looking to spice up gameplay with mods, or anyone who has not yet played Skyrim.

    Overall Score: 96/100