3. The Evil Within 2 Nightmare difficultyUpdate notes

Before jumping into things I would suggest going into the "Options" menu to make some adjustments. Go to Options > Arsenal Menu Display > Toggle. This will allow you to just press cn_LB to bring up your weapon wheel instead of holding it down. Adjust everything else to taste. If you're the more visual type you also may want to have this video up in another tab to help with the collectibles:

Though just be aware I do things in my own order in the text, simply because I feel like I found a route that involves less traveling around the map and putting yourself in unnecessary danger.

Chapter 1: Into the Flame

Start up a New Game on Nightmare, starting off when Sebastian runs down the driveway to the flaming house. Run up the stairs and go around the porch to the right, examining the sliding glass door to break it. Proceed inside, going left around the chairs and living room, through the kitchen, and kicking open the door on the left to enter the main hallway. Go up the stairs here, moving around the banister on the right once you reach the top. Click the cn_RSc to crouch under the burning wood, standing back up and going into the decorated door around the left corner to initiate the next series of cutscenes. You'll be wheeled into the next room with Kidman and The Administrator in toe, with another set of cutscenes occurring right after. Once you can move in the black void, proceed on until you see the distant house. Approach it, and eventually it will vanish. Turn left at this point, heading to the rotating light that will be very familiar to veterans of the series. Once the desk appears in front of you approach it and answer the phone for more dialogue between Sebastian and Kidman. This will cause the Room to appear around you. Interact with anything you want in here, making sure to check the board on the right to get to know the Mobius operatives sent in before you. This will bring you into the next chapter.

Chapter 2: Something Not Quite Right

Enter the next room, approaching the table with the cat. Pick up Slide 1/11 and interact with the projector, viewing the slide and talking to Kidman about your family. Stand up and collect the green gel. Approach the mirror against the back wall, something you'll be quite familiar with by the end of the game. Look into the mirror to be transported properly into STEM. Watch the cutscene and walk through the doors ahead of you, sprinting past the curtain to the painting on the wall. After the crash, turn around and enter the closed door to find another hallway here. follow this hall to another door with a surprise behind it. Facing the scene and camera, look behind you to see an open door leading to a dark room. Enter it and collect the photograph from the developing station for File 1/40. Go into the room on the right and use your hardcore detective skills to determine that the shelf may have been moved. Examine it again to move it out of your way and continue down the hall. Turn right into the next room and ascend the stairs for a floor, crouching under the gate to the left upon reaching the balcony. File 2/40 will be waiting for you on the small table here; collect it and crouch back under the gate.

Ascend the stairs to the top, passing through the room of curtains on the right. Entering the next room you will be introduced to Stefano and his eccentricities, so stay crouched by the couch. One the game gives you the stealth tutorial sneak left, using the couches for cover as you move past the frozen moment and through the doors here. Run to the end of the hall, turning right into the smaller hallway and jumping over the debris here. Collect File 3/40 from the table in front of you. Go back the way you came, ascending the stairs for one floor before going through the broken double doors in front of you. Follow this hall to the display room, where all you can do is admire the art before going into the elevator on the left. Take the elevator down, then crouch under the left gate in the next room. Follow this room to the end, past the corpses to the wall. Turn around and go back to the opposite wall, finding a camera instead of the gate. Turn back around to find a door, being blinded by a flash. Turn around once more to find a mirror, collect the picture on it for a short scene and an introduction to the Guardian. After it shatters the glass, run around and past it. Start sprinting immediately, going around the boxes and vaulting over the gate here. Go through the door and after you slam it, turn right and approach the ladder propped against the wall. Climb up and into the vent, following the path until you see a rat get sliced in half. Fall back a bit to avoid the blade, then drop down into the next room. Follow the path until Stefano hits you in the chest with Weapon 1/15, when the Guardian will proceed to grab you. Mash cn_A to not die, then get tossed into a different hell.

In the house, enter the living room. Collect and use the syringe on the table, then enter the bedroom behind you. Collect File 4/40 from the bureau in here, then go to the front door to automatically collect Weapon 2/15. Immediately after exiting you will also automatically be holding File 5/40, you'll also unlock:

Equip your gun and assign it to something on the D-pad, then continue down the road until a cutscene occurs. Once it ends you'll be thrown into combat with a Lost, quickly fire off shots, aiming for the head. Once it dies, go upstairs and into the room at the end of the hall. Collect the ammo here and go back down the stairs. Wait for the Lost to break down the door and run behind it, down the road. Smash the crates here with cn_RT and collect whatever they give you, then move down the road for a cutscene.

After the Mobius soldier runs into the house, get up and sprint to the left. Pick up the herb on the ground here and start walking at a regular pace. Collect the 2nd herb, then move past the brick gate and take the bottle from the dumpster. Crouch down and approach the car on the left, watching the Lost through the window. Wait for it to patrol back to the right, then go around the car and sneak kill it from behind. Turn around to see another car, taking the bottle from the side of it and sneak killing the Lost banging on the door. Break into the house, then go down the stairs to initiate a cutscene and dialogue.

Chapter 3: Resonances

When talking to O'Neal, select the "Supplies?" dialogue option to initiate one of the sidequests. There aren't very many, but most are long and can span multiple chapters. End the conversation and approach the coffee machine to the right, drinking a cup for Coffee Maker 1/7. Take all the supplies in here and exit this room, watching the ghost float down the hall to the mirror. Leave her be for now, exiting through the door on the right for a cutscene. Head across the street to find a statue on a bench, break it and retrieve Key 1/32. Go right to the other bench for a bottle, then run straight ahead to find some supplies on some creates. Examine the blue glow under the car for gunpowder, then crouch and wait for the Los dragging the corpse to pass by you. Sneak up and stab it, taking the axe from the corpse pile. Enter the church doors for a scene, then immediately run around to the right. Wait for the 2 Lost in here to congregate, then press cn_RT to swing the axe and kill them both. Take Key 2/32 from behind the altar, as well as the herb and gunpowder in here. Exit through one of the windows and sneak back to the front of the church to get a drop on the Lost waiting out here.

With them cleared out, move down the street to the next building, the Union Visitor Center. Enter it and take the herb from the left, supplies from the right, and File 6/40 from the desk in the back. You'll return here eventually. Go down the street just a hair, turning right into the alley here. Go up the stairs and ladder, crouching down once you get to the top. Sneak up to the Lost up here and kill it, taking all the supplies (especially the broken sniper rifle) and examining the corpse for File 7/40. Go back down the ladder and stairs, going down the alley some more and turning right. Sneak up on the Lost down here and kill it, returning to the alley you just came from. Continue down until you can jump over the metal fence on the left, crouching down and sticking to the left side of the path. Wait for the Lost to crawl out in front of you, then kill it. Move into the next street area, climbing the ladder here and killing the Lost eating the corpse. Drop back down the ladder and go across the street, sneaking up past the intersection where the 3 Lost are gathered by a body. Sneak by them down the alley to find another Lost eating, so kill it for its axe as well as the supplies here. Creep back to the intersection, sticking left to the building and sneak by the Lost in the street, taking the supplies and Crossbow (Weapon 3/15) from the APC for:

Equip the bow with the shock bolts as soon as the hydrant explodes, shooting one into the water and the Lost gathered in it for:

Then immediately get yourself killed to save the ammo and keep the Lost undetected. Such is life in Union. Take the supplies once more but this time sneak away to the right in order to avoid the hug number of Lost. Cross the street past the intersection and take the bottle and herb from the front of the building, then turn back down the alley with the staircase. Return to the ladder and climb up to the roof, going across and dropping down at the opposite end of the building. Interact with the shadows here for Memory 1/24. Go around the side of this building to the train cars, stopping just short of the overturned van. Enter the open car on the left and follow it to the end for Object 1/8. Go to the opposite end of the car, breaking the crates here to find some supplies. Exit the car and check the ground behind the van for Key 3/32. Cross over to the next row of cars on the right, entering the very last one at the end. Go to the very back for Memory 2/24 and Red Gel 1/10. Sneak back through this car, killing the Lost here and unfortunately waking up a few of his friends, but fortunately unlocking:

This isn't a fight you want to be in, so run out of the train and to some cover. Once they lose you, pull up your map and select the green circle on the right. This is your next destination. Move through the town quietly, taking the ammo from the corpse at the front of the house before entering. There are supplies in the living room and a syringe in the bathroom, but what you want is at the end of the hall on the right. Enter it for Memory 3/24, then go through the door and down the ladder to find a computer. Use it to access the Marrow for the first time.

Collect the supplies from in there and proceed until you find the elevators. A Hysteria will be guarding them, which is bad news. Reason being, sneak kills don't outright kill the damn things. Sneak up and "kill" it, then immediately run to the right and through the door. Crouch behind the boxes here and wait for it to lose your trail, then sneak kill it again to finish the job. Return to the room you just hid in and crawl through the broken floor vent, killing the Lost bashing the security guard on the left. Enter the armory proper by using the sticks to tune the door control to synchronize with the wave playing on it already. Raid it for supplies and Weapon 4/15, the sawed-off shotgun. Go back the way you came, backing up once the elevator door is ripped open by 2 Lost. Wait for them to split up, then sneak kill them both, retreating to the box/vent room if you need to. With them gone, check the elevator they emerged from to find Key 4/32 in the corner. With the threats eliminated, exit the Marrow using the same computer you entered it from.

Move quietly through the house after ascending the ladder, a Lost will have broken in. Follow it out to the street and kill it, using your axe on its axe-wielding friend so you can get it back immediately. Go around the corner and through the hedges, into the open garage. The door will slam shut, so quickly run up to the Lost lying against the shelves and mash cn_A to sneak kill it before it becomes "aware" of you. With it dead, raid the supplies and exit the garage. Set your marker to the next green circle, moving carefully through the area as you pass by a field full of corpses. Leave the items in here alone, since they'll end up waking the Lost. Instead, go around the fence and climb the ladder up to the roof area near the trucking depot. Follow the roof until you can get a drop on the Lost up here, kill it quickly. Move back to the red container and drop down from it, using your melee to break the chain on the door. Sneak kill the Lost on the left and use your axe on the right one, flipping the switch and picking up the axe in here when both are dead. Sneak out of here and around the containers, killing the Lost on patrol between the containers and fence. When it's dead move the yellow cart back, then climb up on it and onto the containers next to you. Drop down on the other side of the fence and go down the street to the auto shop, taking Key 5/32 from the porch across the street first. Collect supplies from the shop and check the back room for Memory 4/24. Examine the panel on the wall and flip the 2nd and 4th switch, this will activate the lifts for the cars. Investigate the panel near the closest car and open the hatch below. Take the pipe from the barrel and go around the corner for Memory 5/24. Crawl through the passage here, examining the corpse at the other end for a keycard. Take the gunpowder from the barrel and turn around to see a Lost crawling from the vent. Run behind it and sneak kill it while it remains unaware, then check the code panel to the right of the door. Enter 9676 and take Weapon Parts 1/11 as well as the supplies in here before entering the door on the right. There's a lot of good supplies in here, as well as File 8/40. Climb the ladder and trip the wire for a free explosive bolt, then sneak kill the Lost in here and raid the room of supplies and ammo. Move the cart blocking the door and go left, breaking the lock on the fence and taking the herb. Use the blue boxes on the right to climb the next fence, going around the truck to find a corpse clutching a gun. A Lost will jump you when you touch it, so handle him and retrieve Weapon 5/15 from the ground. Jump the north fence with the help of a car or box, then keep moving north. Take the herb from the porch ahead of you, then stick to the left as you continue. Sneak through the lot and to the shed on the left, taking Key 6/32 from the corner. Move around to the opposite side and break the lock, sneak killing the Lost in here. Take the supplies and sniper rifle parts from the bench in here, then access the bench and craft the sniper rifle for Weapon 6/15 and:

Now is the time to move back to the objective at hand; finding Lily. Move across the lot, avoiding the Spitter and going until the street on the right comes into view. Go in front of the house here and fire a shock bolt at the panel on the wall to open the garage door, taking the replacement from next to it. Go down the street to the gas station, sticking to the right side to avoid the wandering Lost. Go as far as you can go, then make your way up the hill while staying as far right as possible. Go behind the gas station, checking the corner of the building near the roof for Key 7/32. Take it and return to the front of the building for a memory of Lily. Follow it inside and around the counter, trying the door to no avail. Move the shelves out of the way and crawl through, taking the doll for a cutscene. Go back outside and investigate the dumpsters you saw earlier to get a new frequency picked up on your transmitter. Go all the way to the right once you do to avoid spawning in dogs, going to the ambulance and getting the supplies from it as well as the herb down the path. Make a left here, going back to the road. Follow the road to the sign for the gas station, taking Key 8/32 from within it. make your way to the house just off to the right from here, following the hall around until you reach the garage to find File 9/40 on the gurney here.

Note: If you're only interested in going for the weapons, this is the first of 4 events needed to obtain the Revolver in Chapter 11. Make sure you get this collectible if you do not want to miss the gun!

Go back to the living room and investigate the TV for a short scene, then go down the hall on the right and into the bedroom to find File 10/40 on the nightstand. A scene will play out with Sebastian and the psychiatrist, so just wait for it to finish. Enter the bathroom and check the mirror when it does, Turn around and follow the hall once it does, picking up Slide 2/11 from the wheelchair here. Proceed through the doors and into the room with...Yourself to wake up. Grab Red Gel 2/10 right in front of you upon waking. Leave through the side door and proceed past the large manor house, jumping the fence using the boxes in front of you and breaking the chain. Climb up to the small roof to find Object 2/8 on the edge of it. Drop down and go behind the manor, climbing the ladder to the 2nd floor. Along the terrace you'll trip a wire that activates a freezing camera, run through it and past the Hysteria here. to the other side. Take the ammo, syringe, and pouch before jumping over the balcony and moving back around the house. With that done, go across the street to 336 Cedar Ave. Go down the left hall and into the bedroom, collecting File 11/40 to trigger the first Anima event.

Note: If you're only interested in going for the weapons, this is the second of 4 events needed to obtain the Revolver in Chapter 11. Make sure you get this collectible if you do not want to miss the gun!

Return to the living room for a scene, then get ready to enjoy Beacon some more. Move left and wait for Anima to pass through the door, then follow here. Stay low and open the door on the right, following the room left and under the hole in the wall. Take the keycard from the drawer right next to the hole, then return to the first room. On the far left side of the first room is a card reader, use it and escape Beacon for now. Once you're back in the bedroom, Slide 3/11 will be waiting for you on the table. Even though our primary objective is closer, it's best to finish the Rogue Signal side mission before dogs or Spitters start roaming the quiet streets of Union, so head down to the Visitor Center once more. Enter the basement and play Memory 6/24. Once it finishes, find the communicator on the desk to the right of the body for File 12/40. Go to leave this room for a flash and surprise, just go into the next room, take the gunpowder, and examine the light emanating from the wall. Move the furniture aside and end up in front of the visitor center, so follow Seb's advice to visit O'Neal across the street for:

On your way out, go to the mirror and enter it. Go around the corner and approach the wheelchair, sitting down after the scene. Tatiana will brief you on the upgrade system, so it's time to use some of your green gel. I upgraded my stamina meter, life gauge, recovery, and stealth. I also purchased the Ambush ability. Once done, leave the Room (you can view your slides first if you'd like). Now it's time to get back to Lily! Make your way to the resonance, equipping your communicator when you find her shadow. Follow the ghost to the bushes, then to the blood for a new resonance to pop up. Go to it, then examine the bush and truck. Follow the ghost to find yourself back at the truck lot. Sneak into the lot and kill the 3 remaining Lost, then head to the far right side of the lot. This is also where I earned:

Examine the back of the truck you can interact with, getting in it and taking the gunpowder and Object 3/8. Now you can clear the rest of the lot of supplies, then interact with the lever by the door to enter the warehouse. Take the supplies in here and examine the board to sneak under, following the shelves to the left. Crouch under the boxes and take the handgun ammo, going around the corner and sprinting past the Lost to the ladder. Climb it and take the first door on the left, finding a shock bolt, File 13/40, a syringe, and Weapon Parts 2/11 on the bench. Leave this room and go all the way to the end of the catwalk for some gunpowder. Check the only other door up here, taking the ammo and examine the doll for a scene and:

Return to the ground floor and follow Stefano outside, where his sky eye will summon 3 dogs. Immediately run right and vault over the barricade, taking this long route around to the yellow cart you moved the first time here. Climb it and drop down behind the fence, moving away from the lot until the screen brightens and the dogs disappear. After the call, more enemies will spawn around the map. Run straight down to the end of the street, making a left at the intersection and following it back to the safehouse. Talk to O'Neal to end this chapter.

Chapter 4: Behind the Curtain

Take the supplies here and head back outside, taking the alleys and back streets to reach the north safe house. Once you do, sneak by the Spitter in front and equip your shotgun. The Lost in here will rise up, I suggest a shotgun blast and stomp to finish it off. Use your communicator to reveal Memory 7/24 and enter the safehouse. To your left will be Coffee Machine 2/7 and a smoke bolt on the desk. Around the divider will be supplies, File 14/40 and a mirror. I suggest going back to your Room once more. A new door will appear in front of you, enter it to begin the shooting gallery. There are 2 modes, Gallery and Chain Attack. In Gallery you are placed in pop-up shooting gallery where your goal is to shoot as many targets as possible before they disappear. You get more points for headshots and chained combos, with a huge point boost for "special" targets like Ruvik, the Sadist, and a rat. It's worth it to take the time to go through all 4 ranges in the gallery, making sure you score at least 2,500 points in the Very Hard course for Key 9/32 and at least getting the 2nd tier of rewards for everything else. Here's a visual of doing the Very Hard range:

In Chain Attack mode you are tasked with creating a cluster of 12 identically colored blocks, shooting them for a score combo, and using the hourglasses provided after scoring a combo to keep the game running. You earn Key 10/32 at 70,000 points, the last 2 tiers being incredibly difficult to achieve. Here's a video of this mode as well:

With that done, head to the crafting bench and upgrade your Smoke bolts 3 times now that you have them. Apply other upgrades as you see fit, but I'd focus on the shotgun and handgun for now. This is where I used one of my weapon parts and earned:

Go down the hall to the chair and you'll be allowed to use the keys you accumulated to open the lockers here, since supplies are random it's up to luck whatever you get. Upgrade yourself some more if you'd like, if you use a Red Gel to unlock the next part of the skill tree you will earn:

I decided not to yet, however, just based on the fact I wanted to upgrade most of my abilities simultaneously to avoid imbalance. With all of this said and done return to the safe house, save if you'd like, and use the computer to access the Marrow. Upon arriving take the supplies in this room and go into the hallway. Hit the vending machine on the left twice for some gel, then go into the room across from it. At the bottom of the stairs near the wall is a computer you can examine for File 15/40. Leave this room and check the body next to the vent for some gunpowder, then crawl through and take the supplies from the crates in this room as well. Equip your Smoke bolts and drop down into the next room. Find the frequency of the door, then immediately climb the ladder to your left and go into the door above you. Wait for 3 Lost to break in, then shoot your bolt on the ground. Go up to each of them and kill them while they're stunned for:

After that I suggest loading the last auto-save to keep the bolt. Solve the door puzzle again, and run up to the top room to collect all the stuff up here, including a crossbow ammo pouch. Return to the ladder and climb down halfway, making sure to not fully drop down or climb up. The Lost can't hurt you here, so it becomes a matter of waiting for the door to unlock. Once it does, slide down and run into the tunnel in the next room. Go around the walkway and pull the lever here, then go down the ladder you passed to reach it. Run to the end of the tunnel, avoiding the awakened Lost and climbing the ladder. Go through the door on the right to initiate the first-person gas sequence. Enter the next area and sneak by the boxes to stealth kill the Lost in here, following the path downward until you reach a larger sewer tunnel. Go left here, making note of the door on the right. Watch for the Spitter on patrol up ahead, going down the left path when it moves down the right. At the very end of this tunnel you'll find Key 11/32 on a barrel. Return to the junction and wait for the Spitter to go down a smaller path to the left, then move past it and take cover behind the box. Wait for it to complete its route then enter the room it was guarding for a fuse and a fusebox. Flip the first, second, and fourth switches to open the door you passed in the tunnel. The Spitter is slow, so run past it and into the door to finish the first-person nonsense forever.

Climb the ladder and check the left corner of the next room for a computer holding File 16/40. Proceed on until you see the yellow catwalk, take an immediate left and go up the stairs. The room at the top has ammo for you to take, grab it and return down the stairs. Go through the door at the end of the catwalk and search the back left corner of the room for Memory 8/24. Return to the door and crouch into the vent next to it, following it to get by the collapsed floor. In the next hall run to the door, search the room for supplies, then exit the Marrow once again. You'll find yourself back in the next safehouse, equipped with Coffee Machine 3/7 as well as Red Gel 3/10 off to the side room with the mirror. Climb the ladder up and out of here, opening the door and going to the back of the building to find Key 12/32 on the ground. Go down the street, searching the garbage can for gunpowder before seeing Stefano appear. Once he does...It gets serious.

Chapter 5: Lying in Wait

Start off by going left to the gazebo for Memory 9/24. Leave this area and go to the far right side of the "island" that City Hall is now on, finding a body with a Medical Pouch on it. This allows you to hold another syringe and is going to be very useful. Head to the opposite side of the island now, picking up the gunpowder and smoke bolt from the van. Return to the tentacle and examine the body in the center for File 17/40. This will initiate some scenes and the Guardian will now reappear. Start off by running to the right, avoiding the wire and crashing through the fence. Take the Explosive bolt here and as soon as the Guardian reaches you, leave through the other door in the fence. Smash crates and wait for it to saw through that fence, then shoot the barrel to stun it. Run across the front of the building and hide in the truck, taking the ammo in here. The Guardian will saw through the roof of the truck, wait for it to do it again before running out and around the corner to the right. Shoot a barrel here to clear the path, run past the wire (it's fine if you trip it) and shoot past the crate around the corner to blow the boxes here up. Switch to your crossbow and select Shock bolts, collecting the 2 Explosives from the wall as you move past them. After you do, fire a Shock at the floor to stun the Guardian that is likely close behind you. Approach the door and mash cn_A to open it for:

Move down the stairs and take cover behind a box to your left by holding cn_RB. Wait for the Lost to approach the box and the sneak kill prompt to come up, utilize it for:

Sneak kill the next Lost in here, then move the yellow cart away form the gate. Climb the ladder to the City Hall proper, entering the next room for a scene. Check the desk for File 18/40, take the supplies, and exit the room. Make your way around to the left side of the building, taking the herb from under the stairs. Ascend them and go behind the curtain to the next room. On the left side of the room you can collect the rose from the vase and the necklace from the stand. Put the necklace on the mannequin and the rose in the vase next to it, then rotate the mannequin until it faces you. Examine the camera and adjust the focus once before snapping the picture. Once it does, the passage opens behind the mannequin. Follow it down, checking the desk on the left side in this hall for File 19/40. Examine the message on the wall, turning around and walking up to each lit up painting in the hall behind you. Once you check each painting, a new one will appear bathed in red where the message was. Examine this one and turn back around down the hall, a door will open once you reach the end. Go into this room and wait for the door to appear. Proceed through and take the hidden herb from the dressing room doors. Go around the corner and search the desk for File 20/40 and:

Leave this room the way you came in from, turning right and running until the door slams in front of you. Turn around and go down the staircase and into the darkness. After the flash and the awakening in the room with the frozen Lost, go around the barrier behind you and take File 21/40 before proceeding through the doors. Collect the ammo in the next room and get ready for a bit of a fight. Approach the emitter and activate it for a scene, after which you will have to fight off Obscura. Run to it with your shotgun out, aiming for the camera. Hitting it will cause the emitter to start counting down again, with your new goal being to keep Obscura away from the emitter. Stick close to it, but keep enough distance to avoid the legs. If it does freeze the emitter again, run after it and use your handgun to damage it until the countdown resumes. There's some ammo and a syringe in the room if needed. Once the countdown ends, the fight is over. Exit through the double doors and go out onto the balcony. Turn left and take the supplies, then continue through the door here. Check the room on the right to find File 22/40 on a desk. Go down the stairs and return to the first floor. Go straight until you reach the end of the building, then go over 2 rooms to the right to find Key 13/32 on a bench. Return to the previous room and go through the double doors on the left, proceeding into the next room to find gunpowder and a syringe on the desk. Exit the building to finish the chapter.

Chapter 6: On the Hunt

Return to the safehouse and use the computer to access the Marrow once more. After leaving the computer room the bast door in front of you will open. Go through it and solve the puzzle door to the left, checking inside for supplies. Leave this room and go through the gap in the fence, going down to the right. Look up in the pipes near the ceiling, shooting the statue here for Key 14/32 as well as some upgrade parts. Continue down this corridor, crouching low and going left after passing the collapse. Sneak by the Lost to the right and go down the stairs here. Move through the goo in the hall and into the next room, where shadows will be projected against the wall. Once the conversation ends, turn around and collect Slide 4/11 from next to the projector. Collect the herb on the way to the next room, and turn right in this hallway. Push through the sticky door for a brief scene. Sneak by the Watcher as best as you can, but you can easily outrun anything that it throws at you. Leave the room and go down the hall, stopping in the storage room. Check the floor near some boxes on the left for Object 4/8. Walk up and attempt to leave through the doors, only to be grabbed by the Watcher. Fire at it's face until it lets you go. Once it does go left, solving the door puzzle down the hall. This room contains a large amount of supplies and File 23/40. Leave this room and head into the safehouse for a scene and:

Once you can move around again, raid this room! You'll find supplies all over as well as Coffee Machine 4/7, File 24/40 on the computer behind it, and Red Gel 4/10 from the couch. Once done, go into the next room and use the computer to get back to Union. Once in the safehouse, check the bag next to you for Weapon Parts 3/11 and supplies. Coffee Machine 5/7 is also in here. Leave the room and examine the shadow in front of you for Memory 10/24. Exit the safehouse and go right, making your way to the theatre. Once you reach it, interact with the paintings wrapped in the wire here. This will end the chapter.

Chapter 7: Lust for Art

Go down the street, sticking to the wall. Once the tentacle pops up, go into the parking lot on the right. Hug the right wall and follow it to find Key 15/32 on the ground. Sneak across the street now, avoiding the numerous Lost as you make your way to the front of the building. Grab Key 16/32 and quickly run behind the building. Examine the shadow back here for Memory 11/24, and an invitation for the Guardian to show up. Sneak around it, making your way back to the main road. Follow it down until you hear a man yelling for help, going up to the gate and opening it. The guy will jump on an overturned vehicle, so go help him out! Shoot at some of the Lost so they follow you, then run to a barrel at the other end of the plaza. Kick it over and wait for the oil to spill, then light it up with a bullet. Killing 2 or more Lost in the flames will get you:

Clear the rest of the Lost that pour into the plaza, then you will be introduced to Sykes. He will lead you to his safehouse, so take the gel dropped by the dead Lost and herb in the plaza before following him. Sykes will give you a new side mission once you're in his cozy abode. This room also contains Coffee Machine 6/7 and a number of supplies. Take what you need and leave, noticing the gate to the left of the safe house door has been destroyed. Move through this parking lot, avoiding the Hysteria as you make your way back to the street. Go back around the building to where you found the memory, then keep moving right. Once you get behind the diner, check the dumpster and pick up Key 17/32 from the ground. Move to the front of the diner and look up to the sign, shooting down Key 18/32 from up there. If the Guardian isn't around, go down the right side of the diner for a Sniper ammo pouch and handgun bullets. Go into the diner through either the front or back door, checking the body in the kitchen for Memory 12/24.

Note: f you're only interested in going for the weapons, this is the third of 4 events needed to obtain the Revolver in Chapter 11. Make sure you get this collectible if you do not want to miss the gun!

Approach the jukebox in the dining area to have Anima pop out at you. Turn around and run down the hall, opening the door here and checking the door in the next room. When Seb crouches down, wait for Anima to pass into the mirror in front of you. Go through the newly opened door, down the hall and into the circular room. Approach the mirror for another Anima attack, then run through any of the 4 doors to find yourself back in the same room. Approach the mirror again, checking to see which of the doors is glowing light. Approach the door and go through that one, then repeat the same process in the next room. Once you do, the event will end and you will find Slide 5/11 in the hands of the dead man. Leave through the front door and go down the street to the right, keeping an eye for the Devil's Taproom bar on the left. Enter it, take any bottles you need, and pick up File 25/40 from the back table. Go into the back room and examine the painting to be drawn into it. Equip your Smoke bolts as you walk down the hall, hearing Stefano describe the creation of Obscura. Take the key from the hand at the end of it, changing the scene. Look to the right for some bullets, then move back to the previous area. Move past the boxes and into the next room, moving left and firing some smoke in front of the gate. This will keep the Lost busy as you get the gate open, without bloodshed. Unlock the gate to the mannequin, turning on your flashlight. The room will fill with electrified barbed wire, so crouch down and move right. Follow the room until you see an opening in the ropes protecting the statue. Sneak up on it and investigate it for destruction.

Back in the Taproom, wait for the Guardian to move away. Go down the street to the left, then take another left down the next block. Wait for the Lost to move into the alley on the right, sneak kill them all and take the supplies. Avoid the truck for now, that will only draw the Guardian to you. Face the blocked off exit of the alley, the van and boxes blocking you. Look up to the roof and shoot down Key 19/32. Go down the alley to the left, sneak killing the feasting Lost. This guy got me:

Go up into the dumpster for Object 5/8, then drop down and check the shadows for Memory 13/24. Examine the corpse for a key that goes to a shed close to where we started this journey. For now, follow the alley to the street and Sanctuary Hotel, check your map for the exact location. Avoid the Guardian and get to the front doors of the hotel, climbing the stairs and going down the hall for the 2nd painting. This area is home to Obscura, the best way to avoid it is by running straight down the hall and into the room on the left. Take the key and move in either direction. Sebastian will stop and look around for a second, once he does run away in the opposite direction. This will confuse Obscura and allow you to lift the gate before being hit. Unlock the gate to the statue, then crouch down and move left past the electrified wire. Slash the statue again, this will unlock the theatre.

However, before confronting Stefano there's a few loose ends to tie up. Open up the map and place a marker on the very small building under the Post Plus safehouse. Use the key you found on the corpse to unlock it, checking for supplies and opening the crate for Weapon 8/15. Check the door to escape, only to find it locked. Anima will enter the room and attack you, but you will survive. Once things go back to normal, exit the shed and run back to the Post Plus safehouse. Once in here, enter the Marrow. Pull up your map and place a marker on the secondary mission objective. Follow the halls to find it without much trouble, turning the server back on and unlocking the orange crates. Open the one in this room for some ammo, then get ready for a fight. Go back and crouch, opening the door and taking cover next to it. A Lost will enter, so ambush him and leave. Go left and into the next area, sneak killing the 3 Lost in here. One of them will drop an axe, so keep that in mind. Past the threshold into the next area a Lost will crawl to you, so axe it and pick up the one from the previous room. Continue down the halls, sprinting once you get into the storage room to get past the Hysteria. Go back to Hoffman's safehouse, then to the Marrow computer and back to Post Plus.

Once back in Union make your way to the shed you found the new shotgun, avoiding or killing the Lost here. Check the orange crate here for Weapon Parts 4/11, then head back to Sykes' safehouse. Talk to him to complete the mission and unlock the orange crate in here for supplies and Weapon 9/15. Head back up to the street to the theater, moving past the parking lot and entering the front doors to begin the next chapter.

Chapter 8: Premiere

Go to the concession stand on the right for some gunpowder, then up both sets of stairs. Walk up to the painting up here for Memory 14/24. Go down one flight and check the cushions on the right for a syringe, then enter the doors in front of you. A scene will occur and the environment will start to break apart. Jump to the next island, moving from cover to cover to avoid being exposed to the eye for too long. After dropping down climb back up to the left, running to the cover here. Move to the next cover, then go to the cover on the right to find Key 20/32. Keep moving from cover to cover until you have to jump again. Pick up the fuse next to the wall once you do, then drop down and crouch under the floor to the right until the eye moves away. Sprint to the exit at this point, ending the chase. In the next room thee will be a ton of supplies and Red Gel 5/10, after collecting them use the mirror. Upgrade your shotguns firepower, whatever other weapons you want, use your keys, and upgrade your health, accuracy, stamina, and stealth. Doing all of these things will earn you:

If you need shotgun shells, craft some. Also make one of each bolt, a syringe, a medical kit, and one of each kind of ammo. The rest will come later, but you should have a decent amount of gunpowder by now to do so. Save before leaving the Room, then continue into the next section and down the stairs. After going through the slowly opening gate, you'll find a shotgun shell on the desk on the right. Open the next set of doors for a scene and the start of the hardest part of the game by far.

Switch to your explosive bolts and run to the back wall. Shoot both at the floor in front of you and equip the shotgun. Stefano has a number of attacks, most of which have audio cues. For example, "Philistine!" means he's going to teleport right next to you, rush you, and take away every last drop of your health no matter what. "Bleed for me!" equates to standing in the distance and throwing a knife at you. When he rushes you, put a shotgun shell into him to discourage him. When standing afar, use a pistol shot for a bit of damage. Try to lure him onto the bolts for maximum damage. After he gets hit a few times, the walls will blow apart and the next phase will begin. He's more aggressive now, so put down 2 more bolts and keep your shotgun handy. Stand within the shadow of the middle section of wall which has the shotgun shells on the desk in front of it to avoid the tentacle attacks. Avoid his attacks the best you can, don't feel afraid to field craft health, and don't lose your head. After a while he will eventually die, earning you:

Chapter 9: Another Evil

You wake up in your room, with a major difference. Examine the altar where the mirror should be to be transported into a different kind of hell. Check the area behind you for harpoons and gunpowder, then proceed into the next room. Pass by the passage to the right and smash the crates here for a syringe and shotgun shells. Return to the passage and be wary of the falling chandelier. Once the flames dissipate, run left and take the supplies in this next room. Descend the stairs and open the next gate, picking up the gunpowder and bottle. Ready your Harpoon bolts and look on the ground for 2 Lost lying down, playing dead. Teach them how to play for real by putting a bolt into each of their heads. Go around to the right, passing by the cells and going into a door, taking the bolt from the wall. Switch to Smoke bolts and interact with the lever next to you to start a chain reaction...

Start off by running straight, kicking the door in and getting the 2 Lost in the first cell to notice and come after you. Shoot down the chandelier once they're both underneath it, then run back to the chandelier behind you. Catch them both under it again for the kill and:

Now reload your last save to pull this off cleaner. This next part should definitely be done with pure stealth, since Stefano likely left you drained of ammo. Run out the door and take cover on the pillar closest to the cells. Ambush the Lost coming from the left, then check the left cell for gunpowder and ammo. To the right a Lost will be pacing up and down the some small stretch of corridor, wait for the right moment and sneak kill him. Ignore the cell with the bottle. Sneak by the 3 feasting Lost and the Hysteria in the main room, crossing the next block of cells instead. Ignore the weapon parts and sneak kill the Lost in the next cell, taking the Key 21/32 it was worshiping. In the next area, I baited the patrolling Lost to run to the corner I was hiding in for an ambush. Throw a bottle to the far end of the room once getting to the center to distract the 2 eating Lost and the Hysteria here, then go into the door on the left. Another worshiper is in here, so kill him and take the crossbow ammo upgrade pouch as well File 26/40 from the altar. Return to the main room and use another bottle to keep the rest of the peanut gallery at bay while you operate the crank to raise the gate. Once you do, pass into the next area.

Enter the 2nd cell on the right, picking up the parts from the ground and crouching through the hole in the wall. Come up in the next cell and listen to Memory 15/24 before going back the way you came and down the hall. The next room has a ladder to drop down, take it to the bottom. After the scene, approach the house once more. Get your crossbow and equip it with Shock bolts before reaching the flames. Once you do, a Magma will come out and grab you. Fire a shock bolt at it to make it fall, then fire another one at the 2 behind him. Stomp the one in front of you, then stomp the one on the floor behind the first. Switch to a Harpoon to shoot its leg out, stomping it once it hits the ground. Clear the room of supplies before going up the small stairs to get to the next area. This room requires you to solve a very easy puzzle. Take the 2 herbs from the first floor, shoot Key 22/32 from the statues hand near the closed gate. Climb the ladder and from right to left, adjust the wheels to form the sigil. Start with the first wheel, then do the 3rd, then doing the 2nd and 4th. It should look like the sigil you see everywhere.

With that done, go down the ladder and through the gate. Go until you wake up in the next chapter.

Chapter 10: Hidden From the Start

This chapter starts off with the most combat you'll see all game. Pull out your pistol and shoot at the 2 Lost outside. Switch to the shotgun once they get inside, firing once into their midsection to send them to the ground for a stomp. They'll come from the back soon enough, keep the strategy going until the Hysteria shows up from the front. If one jumps on Torres go up behind it and sneak kill it. Once the Hysteria comes, use your axe to severely damage it and the shotgun to finish it off. After this group dies 2 dogs will jump into the room, use the barrel to damage at least one badly. Use a combination of the shotgun and pistol to take care of the other, finally ending this fight. During this scuffle is where I earned:

Take the supplies from this room and move into the next one. Look up to the ceiling and shoot down Key 23/32. Take the supplies from this room too, approaching the barricade for a scene and:

Leave this room and go around the buildings left side for 2 herbs. Now just follow Torres for a while, getting exposition and continuing on as normal. After the eventual scene, run right to find a herb hidden by a tree. Grab it and move left, ducking low and moving past the Magma wandering around. When you see a small group gather to the right, throw a bottle a little past them as a distraction. Move ahead and to the left, avoiding or stealth killing the one on patrol in the open field. Go right to the end of this field to find a metal trap door, talk to Torres once you reach it to enter her safehouse and end this chapter.

Chapter 11: Reconnecting

In the safehouse use Coffee Machine 7/7 to earn:

Collect all of the supplies in here and pick up File 27/40 from the back table. Go through the door and enter the room on the right to find Weapon Parts 5/11. There's a mirror in here and you should have enough gel, parts, and keys to make a visit to the Room worthwhile so give it a shot and upgrade whatever you'd like. Save and leave the Room, going into the room with the Marrow computer for a syringe. Enter the Marrow, taking supplies from in here. Leave this room and go right, examining the box and flicking all the switches to open the blast door. One you reach the candles and sigils, go down the left hall for Slide 6/11. Follow the regular path back to Hoffman's saehouse, where you'll automatically walk up to Memory 16/24. Check the desk for a fuse and File 28/40 before going to the mirror and returning to your room. Go back to your office and examine the area near the corkboard with the pictures for Slide 7/11. You can check them at the projector if you so desire, then return to the Marrow. With that done go down the left hall, go into the corridor and examine the body you find for another pouch for shotgun shells. Go into the room to the right and sneak up to the desk, taking Weapon Parts 6/11 from the bag before sneaking back out to avoid the Lost. Call the elevator and ride it up, going through the security checkpoint and into the room on the left. There's some ammo on a body and File 29/40 on the computer. Go down the sterile hallway, through the tube room, and into the next main chamber. Go around the corner to the left to automatically view Memory 17/24, walk until you see an opening on the left. Look up and aim at the closest hanging light, shooting Key 24/32 from it. Take it and the fuse from the desk, then go around the corner and pick up File 30/40 from the board behind the autopsy table. Leave this area and go straight, turning around the corner to the right once you reach the wall. When a Lost jumps through the window run up to it and sneak kill it before it stands back up. Go into the room it jumped from for a condenser and syringe, checking the connected room for File 31/40 and Red Gel 6/10. Leave this room and go left, moving past the stairs to the shutter. Use a Shock bolt to open it, then crawl under and take the nail from the right. Run down the tracks to find a door on the right, entering it and checking the computer inside for File 32/40. Return to the shutter to initiate another Anima event.

Note: If you're only interested in going for the weapons, this is the final of 4 events needed to obtain the Revolver in Chapter 11. Make sure you get this collectible if you do not want to miss the gun.

This one will be pretty difficult, but the auto-save kicks in very often to counter the fact you can't be spotted. Once Anima moves her head away from you move right, being blocked by debris once you get to the hall. Go back left now, taking cover when her head moves in your direction. Continue around the left balcony until you reach the stairs, going down and around for a quick scene. Start off by going right, being blocked by a slab coming from the freezer. Move left after being blocked until you're blocked again, then move a bit into the center and around to the door here. Proceed down the hall until you see an opening to the right, check the desk in here for File 33/40. The room opposite of this contains File 34/40. Continue down the hall and down the stairs for another scene, waking up with Weapon 10/15 once you do, also earning:

  • Finally Free

    Experienced every traumatic encounter and made peace with your inner demons.

    Finally Free

Slide 8/11 is also right in front of you once you regain control, take it and exit the area. Go up the stairs on the right, taking the right route along the balcony and picking up the fuse. Stay low and continue around you see a door on the left. Open it and continue past the bodies, into the operating room. Examine the computer on the left for File 35/40 and a clue on how to retrieve the chip you seek. Approach the panel and enter 0128 to begin the extraction process. Collect the chip and leave the area, going around to the left side of the balcony this time. Open the door quietly and kill the eating Lost in here, taking the medical pouch from the corpse, the herb from the corner, the gunpowder from the desk, and of course Memory 18/24 from the center of the room. Go down the stairs and sneak to the right, avoiding the Hysteria. Go through the room and go left, making a left at the wall and approach the blast door on the right. The scanner will begin reading your chip, so back up a bit behind cover until it's finished. With the door opened, run through it and jump over the gurney barrier. Take the supplies from the right and enter the next room. Equip your Smoke bolts and take whatever ammo you need in here before approaching the door for a scene. You're going to do this fight twice, once for an achievement and once by barely expending ammo. Equip your sniper rifle and Shock bolts, firing a bolt to stun O'Neal and following up with sniper shots TO THE TANK ON HIS BACK! After 5-6 shots, it will explode and you will earn:

Reload your save and equip your Smoke bolts instead. This fight is incredibly easy with your Smoke bolts, just fire one at O'Neal, stab him twice, back up, and repeat. After 3-4 bolts, he will die. That simple. Once he falls you will unlock:

Pick up the broken flamethrower from his body, then proceed into the next room. You'll find Weapon Parts 7/11 on the right and Memory 19/24 in the center of the room. Use the mirror if you'd like then enter the next room for a scene. Once you can move again check behind the emitter for Key 25/32. Talk to Torres once you're ready to go, descending into the dark once again.

Chapter 12: Bottomless Pit

Proceed straight through the first area, paying little mind to the Lost as long as they don't spot you. After passing by a broken down wall, sneak kill the patrolling Lost behind it. Go around to the right and kill the Lost by the gate, then look left and fire a Smoke bolt at the bloated Lost walking around for an instant kill. Operate the gate control and crank it up, moving right in the next room. In the middle-right area you should see a broken altar with a sigil, examine it for File 36/40. Keep moving straight until you come to a door in the middle of a broken down house, examine the doll here. In the next area just move straight, shooting the dog once with the handgun if it gets in your way. There's a syringe to the left if needed, but otherwise keep to the main path until you see the broken down house again. moving to the left pillar for 2 herbs. Go to the house and go to the back right corner for gunpowder and gel, then descend the stairs here to initiate the next scene.

After the scene you wake up at home. Leave this room and go straight across to Lily's room, checking the left side of it for Slide 9/11. Go around the corner to the right and examine the crayon picture on the wall before entering the office on the left and collecting Object 6/8 from the desk, also examining the desk behind you before leaving and going down the stairs. Go left at the bottom of the stairs and examine the shelf in the living room for:

Turn into the kitchen and examine the note on the table twice to initiate a scene and ending this chapter:

Chapter 13: Stronghold

After the talk with Hoffman, pick up Weapon 11/15 from in front of the couch. Take the supplies in here and go through the door to the Marrow computer, getting a call from Sykes once you reach it. Take the supplies from in here and use the computer to reach Post Plus once more. Check the room with the mirror for Red Gel 7/10, taking the supplies and exiting the room. After locking the door approach the corpse in front of you, looking into the right corner for Key 26/32. Leave this room for a scene, then check the area ahead of you. A Harbinger will burn a group of Lost here, wait for them to die before moving in and using Smoke bolts to stab it to death once more. Take the fuel tank from its back and enter the shed, taking the supplies in here including Weapon Parts 8/11 from the orange crate and Weapon Parts 9/11 from the bench in the back. Continue straight south to the diner, avoiding the group of Magma's and slipping into the back door. Go into the door in the diner which leads to the bathroom, shooting Key 27/32 from above the toilet. This shot will attract a Harbinger, so Smoke him out and collect the fuel tank from its corpse. Use the field kit to craft Weapon 12/15, the Flamethrower. Take the supplies from the diner and go down the street to the bar. Sneak kill the 2 Magma here, then use a bottle to congregate all 3 Bloated together for a Smoke bolt instant kill. Look directly up to the street light and shoot down Key 28/32. Back up and enter the Taproom, taking supplies and checking the back room where the painting was for Key 29/32. Leave the bar and go back down the street you picked the key up from, going all the way to the ruins of the destroyed building on the right. Enter it and go right, taking Key 30/32 from the rubble and going right to the parking lot. Enter Sykes' safe house, raid it for supplies, and enter the Marrow from this room.

Take the supplies in here and enter the hall, crouching down and into the vent across from you. Kill the Lost in front of you here, then turn back into the main room. A Lost with an axe walks around the center, sneak kill it and then take out the eating Lost on the left. Enter the fenced area and examine the electrical box here, flipping the first, second, and fourth switches. 3 Lost will awaken, take cover on the machine next to you and ambush the first. Go around the fenced in area and crouch under the broken part, retreating back to the vent you came from. Once the Lost lose you, ambush them all. 2 more will burst from the door on the other side of this room, take care of them the same way. Go back into the main hall and go through the double doors here for a scene and:

Go into the chamber Sykes used and pick up the supplies, Slide 10/11 from the table and take Weapon 13/15 from the case. Exit the Marrow an go back into the safehouse, checking the desk for File 37/40. Go back into the mirror, using the projector for the remaining slides. Follow the cat to the chair, you'll get a scene and Slide 11/11. Upgrade if you want, using your keys. In the lockers I found Red Gel 8/10 and Weapon Parts 10/11. Once done with all of that go back to the projector and check the final slide for:

Leave this room and go down the street to the Sanctuary Hotel, avoiding the Harbinger in the street. After the call and conversation with Hoffman, take the supplies and File 38/40 from the bag next to Hoffman. Go around the front desk and pick up Object 7/8 from the left side. Talk to Hoffman to begin the fire walk. Equip your Freeze bolts and pistol, then follow Hoffman into the flames. Magma's will spawn from the ground and rush you. Supplies will litter the ground on your way, use your Freeze bolts on clusters of 2 and your handgun to take out any you see spawn. If they enter your dome, switch to the shotgun. Keep going through the flames, ending this chapter when you finish off the last group of Magma:

Chapter 14: Burning the Altar

Take the supplies from around the church, going up the stairs and taking the herb and File 39/40 from the altar. Enter the door and go up the stairs on the right, going into the right room for lots of supplies. Continue up to the top and through the next door. Go right and use a Freeze bolt and pistol shot to kill the first Magma here, going up to where it was and going into the right room. Take the herb in here and use a bolt on the Magma around the corner. Check the cart on the left for Key 31/32, then continue down the hall and pull the switch to the right. Turn around and follow this hall, running left past the Magma here and going right to the staircase. Go up, left, and down the stairs before moving through the gate and up all the stairs here. At the top you'll find Red Gel 9/10 and a pipe in a corpse, then turn around and operate the valve to shut off the flames. Go up the stairs and through the door at the top, going to the desk in front of you for some nails and File 40/40 for:

Check the shelves in here and leave the room, going up the stairs and equipping Smoke bolts. Use your handgun to shoot the switch on the pipe, then run through and to the right, then immediately left. Shoot a bolt at the ground to distract the Lost as you pull the switch. Run ahead and shoot a Shock bolt at the ground in front of you before operating the valve to stop the flames. Continue ahead and around the corner, pulling the switch here to spawn in 3 dogs. Shoot a Shock bolt through the bars in the gate on the right, then use a shotgun/handgun combo to kill the dog in front of you. A distracted dog on the right should be trying to get you through the closed gate, take advantage of this and kill it before the gate opens. The final dog to handle is on the left. With him dead, look up and to the left to find Key 32/32 on some pipes. Take the supplies from here and go up the stairs. entering the mirror. Open the last 2 lockers for:

I also upgraded my Explosive bolts fully at the bench and earned:

Exit the mirror and enter the elevator, riding it to the top. In the next room check the right side for supplies, going down into the center area to find Memory 20/24 in the pit. Leave and prepare for the next part by equipping Shock bolts and approaching the door. After the next scene you'll be running down a hall, burst through the door and watch the scene. Approach the Sadist when you can, then mash cn_A to cut. In the next area, shoot a Shock bolt at The Keeper in front of you. Fire a full shotgun clip at the stunned Keeper, then switch to the sniper. Run around the area, picking up the numerous supplies from the area. Once you clear it out, finish The Keeper with a sniper shot. Switch back to Shock bolts and wait for the 2 Keepers to spawn, running around and until you get them both together. Use a Shock bolt to stun them, then switch to Explosive bolts to hit the ground between them and damage them both at once. When they die, you'll be transported again. Switch to your Flamethrower now, backing up and firing a short burst at Laura when she teleports. Keep doing this, constantly making new fuel in your field crafting kit. After about 300 fuel, she will die and you will earn:

Reload your last save and try a better tactic. Run to one corner with a valve and fire a Shock bolt at the ground before using it. When Laura gets close, the bolt will stun her. Finish this valve and go to the opposite end of the room, repeating the tactic with the next valve. Lure Laura into the center of the room, then pull the lever off to the side. When she gets back on the ground use a Shock bolt to keep her still, then pull the lever again to finish the job for a scene. Exit the room upon waking for:

Chapter 15: The End of This World

Follow the path around until another scene occurs. Go down the stairs and past the mirror, looking to the rubble on the right for Weapon Parts 11/11. Continue your descent, turning around when you get to street level. Shoot the barrel here to clear the debris, raiding it for supplies. Continue on for a scene, where you'll have to fight a group of Lost. They're hard to sneak up on for whatever reason, so make use of Harpoon bolts and shotgun shells to down them, then use a stomp. Take the supplies from the building on the left and continue on for more of the same. This next part will likely allow you to get one free sneak kill and a free axe kill, but will ultimately rely on you using a ton of shotgun shells and avoiding their attacks. Take any supplies you need, equip your sniper, and drop down. You'll have to fight a big dog miniboss now, so snipe it twice as it runs to you. Once the car blows it, shoot a Smoke bolt at it and get off some more shots while it's stunned. When it runs to you, circle around it and through the fence on the right. Stand aiming at the barrel and waiting for it to rush you, shooting the barrel for extra damage. Keep up the rifle fire until it falls, then rush it and hit its glowing point with the assault rifle ammo you probably haven't touched yet. Take the ammo from the area once it's dead, then drop down for another scene and:

Chapter 16: In Limbo

Go forward, around the black hole to the right. A little further ahead you'll activate Memory 21/24 from the rock, then go all the way right to the small angel statue in the distance to activate Memory 22/24. Continue right, you'll eventually see your Room off in the distance. Approach it to activate Memory 23/24 before going inside. There's a ton of supplies in here, including Red Gel 10/10 by the back mirror. Craft as many Explosive bolts and sniper rounds as you can, upgrading if you have the parts for it. Leave this area and ascend the hill in front of you, encountering Memory 24/24 on the way for:

Continue up the hill for a scene and the final boss fight of the game. Start off by using a combination of your Harpoon bolts and pistol to fire at the glowing area of the chest, waiting for it to break apart. Dodge its attacks by moving left or right depending on the arm the Watcher uses to attack you. After the middle section is destroyed a number of small spiders will emerge. Run up and stomp on them, each one dropping gunpowder, ammo, or syringes to make things a bit easier. Once the Watcher has glowing points appear on its shoulders, switch to the Explosive bolts and wait for it to drop its shoulders after an attack. After a few bolts, an arm will fall off and attack you. Shoot the orange part of it to fully destroy the arm holding you. Once it falls, avoid the tentacle and use your bolts to blow off the 2nd arm. This will force the Watcher to switch its weak point to its mouth, finish it off with either your remaining bolts or sniper shots. Once it falls you will earn:

Chapter 17: A Way Out

Climb the ledges up to the house, entering it for a change in perspective. When controlling Kidman you can't move out of cover, only pop up to aim. It's very hard to die during this section, just make wise choices about when to come out of cover. After wiping out the security team, you switch back to Sebastian. Go into the living room on the right and take Object 8/8 from the shelf for:

Go upstairs and into Lily's bedroom for a scene and switch back to Kidman. Kill the guards from cover, making sure to be behind cover whenever a grenade is thrown in your direction since they can do a fair amount of damage to you if you're exposed when they go off. Once the area is clear run down the hall and to the right for another scene and transition back to Sebastian. Simpy run down this slope, I don't think you can be killed by debris here. Just run all the way down the hill until you reach your Room, where a number of scenes will occur to wrap things up, unlocking:

  • Survivor

    Completed the game on Survival difficulty or higher.

    Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain StorylineDifficulty SpecificStackable

  • Rookie

    Completed the game on Casual difficulty or higher.

    Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain StorylineStory CompletedStackable

You'll unlock a bunch of stuff that will carry over to your New Game + playthrough, so start that up next!

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