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    The Fall

    Introduction:- Welcome to my review for The Fall by Over The Moon. The studio was started in 2013 by John Warner. By October of the same year, the Kickstarter goal had reached 224% of its target. It was released July 14th of 2015.

    Story:- The games introduction, see you hurtling towards an alien planet. You are just a man in a suit. But not the shirt and tie variety. Your suit is ARID. Powered by an artificial intelligence. Whose mission parameters involve keeping you alive at all costs. You approach the ground at high speed, but at the last moment, ARID manages to initiate a maneuver that slows you down upon impact.

    You crash through the ground, and are soon able to take control. But all is not good. ARID is soon aware, that Jospehs is unconscious. Leaving him unable to move. ARID then takes control of the suit, and your journey into this dark, and brutal world begins.

    Gameplay:- Controls are fluid, and yet simple to get to grips with. For those who are familiar with the point and click system utilised by games of years gone by. The control scheme for The Fall, will feel pleasantly familiar. Shine your torch at the little magnifying glass, and you will have several options at your disposal to begin with. Its worth exploring all the surroundings, as you will need to find items to progress through the game. The protagonist sometimes moves in a clunky way, but whether or not this is intentional, is not a problem when you consider an AI is the actual protagonist as your pilot is out for the count. You will also gain the ability to take cover behind objects in a gun fight, and even use camouflage to hide from enemies.

    Interaction with the environments is simple and easy to use and follow. There are logs scattered throughout the game, giving you back story. But only a handful. So not to worry about finding hundreds.

    You will eventually acquire a weapon, and can switch between your light and gun quickly. Aiming can be tricky to get precise shots in, as the RS is used for this function. But persevere, and you wont have any trouble.

    Visuals:- Its a dark, atmospheric experience in The Fall. Black shadows create the mood perfectly, and with some pretty disturbing sites, such as crucified people and androids litter the environment. You soon realise that all is not well. Despite the lack of huge, sprawling levels, covered in detail, the graphics are pleasing on the eye. Crisp and clear, and you will certainly be casting your eye between the back and foreground as you progress.

    Sound:- Again, nothing overly spectacular, but the lack of a musical score suit the game perfectly. Hearing every little noise kept me on my toes at least. Waiting for something to happen.

    The best part of this is the voice acting. I wont go into it in great detail explaining what is spoken of, as I don't want to spoil it. But ARID despite being AI, expresses the right amount of urgency, as she battles to save her "pilots" life. You do happen upon another AI, which is in charge of the computer system in the base, which happens to still be working. They both complement each other so well, I couldn't bring myself to skip any of the conversation.

    Achievements:- Most people will be here to buy this game for an easy 1000g. Yes it is easy. But, if you do buy this game, please take time to enjoy it. I completed it in under 2 hours. So its not long, but I felt like it was £7.99 well spent. There are some achievements for progressing the story, and the rest are missable, unless you know what to do. The achievement descriptions do not give much away, but when you unlock them, they make sense. Walkthroughs exist on YouTube if you insist on getting the 1000g as quickly as possible.

    Conclusion:- Th Fall is a thoroughly enjoyable experience, and is Part 1 of 3 installments. From beginning to the very end, it was a fantastic experience, and a race to save your pilot. The testing process was certainly fun, as was the voice acting. Over The Moon have created one of the best Indie games so far for Xbox One. Certainly worth a purchase in my books. Don't let the short completion put you off.
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    FeedMeHumansAwesome. Gonna buy this tonight. Thanks for the review! I'll add my 2 cents when I get into it, lol.
    Posted by FeedMeHumans on 07 Aug 15 at 04:45
    FullMoonBeaverYou'll enjoy it if you a bit of Sci fi. I wont say any more than I did in the review, as it will just spoil it. If you want to get all the achievements, make sure to take a guide with you. Its a fantastic little game, and I hope Over The Moon manage to get the remaining 2 parts of the trilogy
    Posted by FullMoonBeaver on 07 Aug 15 at 17:26
    AllgorhythmThumbs up. Thanks for a great review.
    Posted by Allgorhythm on 26 Jul 16 at 06:12
    FullMoonBeaverYou're welcome. If you've not played the game yet, you're in for a treat.
    Posted by FullMoonBeaver on 26 Jul 16 at 08:22
    HmBhEverything about this game is trash, I literally can't even play it, it's just so bad.
    Posted by HmBh on 29 Mar 17 at 06:20
    FullMoonBeaverReally? Sorry to hear you didn't enjoy it.
    Posted by FullMoonBeaver on 29 Mar 17 at 07:17
    Malicious FuryI like your suit pun but you mixed up "complement" and "compliment."

    Btw, sequel coming February 13
    Posted by Malicious Fury on 28 Jan 18 at 18:56
    FullMoonBeaverGlad the pun was noted haha. Thanks for pointing out the error. I’ll adjust that now.

    I’ve already been promised a press key for the sequel, but I publish my reviews elsewhere these days.
    Posted by FullMoonBeaver on 28 Jan 18 at 19:18