2. The Final Station General Hints and Tips

General Hints and Tips

First thing's first, I'm gonna lay out the controls for you. There is no way to see what button does what in the game, so to avoid trial and error or in case you forget, here are the controls:

cn_A - Interact with objects/doors/people

cn_B - Melee

cn_X - Reload weapon

cn_Y - Use medkit

cn_RT - Fire weapon

cn_RB - Change weapon

cn_LS - Move your character

cn_RS - Aim your weapon

Below I'm going to list hints and tips for both on the train and when you're in the stations.

On the Train:

The train rides are basically the parts of the game that determine whether or not you will need multiple playthroughs, so I'll make sure to give you as many hints and tips as I possibly can regarding them.

Now an important thing that the game doesn't tell you is that you can actually craft things! I didn't notice this on my first playthrough because I was busy trying to keep people alive, but when you go to the front of your train while you're on it, the third option down allows you to craft medkits and ammo from items you find at the infected stations. Construct as many medkits as you possibly can when you have some down time on the train as this could save you from multiple playthroughs.

In regards to medkits, I would advise not using them on yourself in any level. This is simply because when the level ends, you get full health back and you should prioritize saving your medkits for your passengers. Even if you die, the checkpoints are very generous throughout the level. I managed to complete an entire playthrough without using medkits and I never got stuck on one part for more than a few minutes at most.

Now throughout your travels, you will need to make sure you search every area for survivors, as you need to not only find every survivor, you need to keep them alive too. This occurs in between levels while you're on your train. You will have access to the food and medkits you have collected and your passengers at the back. You need to make sure their health bar doesn't fully deplete or else they will die. You also have to make sure their food bar doesn't fully deplete either as when it is empty, the survivor will lose health. The game will give you a notification when one of your passengers needs something badly incase you aren't monitoring it.

You will come across two survivors per act that are bleeding out. This means they are constantly losing health and need to be your first priority when rationing your medkits. Anyone who isn't bleeding out won't lose health unless they are hungry or the train car malfunctions.

In regards to train car malfunctions, there are certain parts of the train that can malfunction, and if it does you need to fix it otherwise the cars ventilation system will fail and your survivors will start losing health rapidly. Good thing is though, the parts that are malfunctioning are easy to spot, as they emit sparks, and they are the exact same through each playthrough.

If someone dies on the train because you waited too long to save them or something like that, you can simply restart the level and you'll be back at the start of your train ride.

Survivors also do not lose food or health while you are not on the train, so do not worry about keeping them fully stocked before you get off at a station.

Another thing to note is that occasionally, you will get an alert at the front of the train. This is simply someone communicating with you. DO NOT PRIORITIZE THIS! If you have passengers that need attending to or if you have to make sure the car doesn't malfunction focus on that. Once you have everything under control then you can talk to the people trying to talk to you. It isn't important at all and only really adds to the story so do not focus on this if you have other priorities on the train.

In summary, make sure you keep an eye on which part is malfunctioning and hang around it so you can monitor it. Once you get a notification that one of your passengers needs something, get it to them as fast as possible, but stand over them until their food/health bar is almost fully depleted as to maximize the time you have to keep them alive. This especially goes for the survivors that bleed out. When bringing them their medkits, make sure their are almost dead and give it to them so you aren't burning through medkits. I listed what I did but it may be different from person to person.

In the Stations:

First thing you need to know when playing is that bullets are scarce. You're going to have a rough time if you just try and shoot every enemy and there is simply no need to. There are 5 types of enemies in the game and the most effective ways to kill them:

Normal - back away and melee

Small fast - thrown object/gun

Exploders - gun from far away

Armoured - one melee hit then a headshot

Big - back away and melee

In the videos I always back away and melee the normal and big enemies, shoot the small ones if there are no chairs or boxes to throw at them, shoot the exploders from far away so they don't kill me, and melee the armoured guys once then headshot them quickly.

Make sure you follow the text/video guides in the walkthrough as well as you can. I describe and show how to visit every room in a level to ensure you pick up enough supplies to make it through the game in one playthrough.

In each level your goal is to find the blocker codes, which are white pieces of paper with black lines and a light blue dot on them, left behind by the station manager so you can unlock your train and exit the level. These are randomly generated so the code is different every time. Once you find the code, simply head to the front of the train, enter it in on the keypad and exit the level. Note however, if you enter the numbers incorrectly, just enter numbers until it resets.

I also purposely leave out some rooms when describing the text walkthrough of the game. This is because you don't need anything in that room, there are enemies in there that you need to fight for no reason, there are multiple paths, or it's a dead end. The path I list in the text walkthrough will make sure you get every item (minus a few exceptions) in every level without having to go into rooms you don't need to or fighting enemies you don't need to fight.

To summarize, search everywhere, craft whenever possible, buy items when you can, and keep your passengers alive! You do not want to do multiple playthroughs because you missed something.

With the basics covered, let's head down the rails and through the apocalypse picking up your 1000 gamerscore!

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