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7. DLC: The Only Traitor - Overview

DLC: The Only Traitor - Overview

Just when you thought you made it out, you get dragged back in. Welcome to the DLC for The Final Station, titled The Only Traitor. This DLC has a different character racing away through the remains of the world(?) in his Mustang, stopping to fuel up occasionally so he can continue his long trip.

Now I'm sure you're all excited to hop back in to this game, so I'll lay out some of the pros and the cons of this new DLC:


-Don't need to worry about keeping survivors alive

-Don't need to explore every room for supplies

-Short story

-1300 easy gamerscore(!)


-Can only carry one survivor at a time, so need 11 playthroughs

That's it really. This DLC is incredibly easy. You can bypass a lot of the enemies and rooms and you don't need to worry about searching everywhere for supplies to craft. It is unfortunate that you need 11 playthroughs to complete it, but when I was playing through it goes by very quickly. The first playthrough took me just under an hour because I was recording game clips and wasn't sure where to go. But once I figured out where I needed to go each time it took around 35 minutes per playthrough. So based on that, you're looking at about a 6-8 hour completion if you're using this walkthrough.

I would also like to thank Fooga and D34dBodyMan for making notes for me to follow and use in the construction of this walkthrough.

With that out of the way, let's head to the hints and tips to help make this a breeze.

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