The Final Station Walkthrough

8. DLC: The Only Traitor - Hints and Tips

DLC: The Only Traitor - Hints and Tips

Everything is the same from the main game control wise, so if you need a refresher you can visit the main game general hints and tips page or you can actually see the controls in the pause menu now in game.


We are introduced to four new types of enemies in this DLC, so I will list them below as I did with the main enemies in the main game hints and tips:

Wobblies - back away and melee

Spitters - run towards and melee

Ragers - avoid at all costs

Goons - back away and melee

I will cover these in more detail as you're introduced to them.


Now again this DLC is very straightforward. As you're playing through just follow the guide and do exactly as I do. It will allow you to bypass unnecessary enemies and fights. You shouldn't have any issues with health/ammo if you follow my guide, as you're able to heal up between each level once you've rescued a survivor. Each survivor has three traits: crafting, medical, and sociality. These aren't important though, as you need to rescue everyone anyways.

Cheese Method

So D43dBodyMan sent me this method they discovered to try and save some playthrough time. I personally haven't used it but I'll post it here anyways. It involves disconnecting/reconnecting your internet which might be a bit risky regarding unlocking achievements, so use this at your own risk. I'm not taking responsibility if you end up getting locked out of certain achievements by choosing to go this route but according to them it works. If you have any questions, feel free to message D43dBodyMan for clarification on their process.

1. Pick up the passenger from chapter 1
2. ride in your car to chapter 2, once in front of your car
3. exit game to menu
4. press xbox button and quit game
5. Load game ( this is when the game syncs to the cloud)
6. select continue add-on
7. One you are in front you your car-- unplup your network connection / disconnect wifi
8. Finish the game / chapter 11, when your car crashes and you gain control of your character the achievement registers.
9. now press xbox button > select final station > Manage game > save data > Delete all 2 times ( this will force close the game)
10. Plug your network connection back in / enable wifi
11. Load the game, you will pull the cloud save back onto your system
(the achievement will pop on screen) select continue add-on
(you now start at chapter 2) never playing the previous chapters)

Pick up the new passenger in chapter 2 and ride in your car until you get to chapter 3.

repeat steps 3-11

(you now start at chapter 3) never playing the previous chapters)

Pick up the passenger in chapter 3 and ride in your car until you get to chapter 4

repeat steps 3-11

(you now start at chapter 4 never playing the previous chapters)

There aren't many new things I need to teach you here, so let's continue to our story playthrough.

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