1. The Flame in the Flood Walkthrough overview

Welcome to the guide for The Flame In The Flood. This is a survival game where you navigate down an unnamed river, staying alive as long as possible with your trusty canine companion. As a survival game enthusiast, this is one of my favorites, although as you'll see it has its particular quirks.

Before I begin, I want to offer significant thanks to WhyattThrash, BKLortz, and ThePaleHorseman for their incredible solutions to many achievements. I used many of their guides during my own run, and I want to give them the credit they deserve. Cheers! toast

A significant note that will dictate much of this guide is that glitches are prevalent throughout the game. The major question I will address as we go through, is to look at each and ask:

"Are you a good glitch or a bad glitch?"

Many of these glitches have definite benefits, but some are rather annoying at times. Overall, though, several of these glitches provide exploits that we will be utilizing as we travel down the river.

I have noted that you will need 4 plays to finish the game, but the reality is that you will need to restart the game many, many times. The reasons for this will be detailed later in the guide.

I will be breaking this guide down into prioritizing tools, clothing, and raft upgrades that you will be needing along the river. There will be different pages for easier reference.

The 4 main playthroughs are the following:

  • The main campaign, which will act as a primer on how to survive the Endless River, but that you will not complete.
  • The main campaign again, focusing on Animal Friend and completing the story.
  • A first run through the Endless River, focusing on crafting a wolf outfit (for an achievement), then a bear outfit (for an achievement and preparing for your final play).
  • A second run where you will hopefully travel 200 miles down the river.

And with that, let's move on to the basic strategies and exploits we'll be using for the game.

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