11. The Flame in the Flood Campaign - Second Run

Campaign - Animal Friend

For your second run, you're going to need to finish the campaign without killing any animals. You should be starting with the bear gear (and hopefully the White Wolf jacket) from the first campaign. You should also have a stack of jerky.

Focus on hoarding plants, especially cooking Ash Cake (requires 2 corn, 20 nutrition) and Cooked Yucca (12 nutrition). These do not decay once cooked. Wild Garlic (5 nutrition) and Dandelion Tea (4 dandelions and clean water, 10 nutrition and 30 hydration) are also useful, as are cattails in a pinch. You can go surprisingly far in this run with these, Mulberries, some Wild Garlic, and stashes you find along the way.

I avoided eating Grubs and Night Crawlers since I didn't know if those counted as "killing animals."

In the Campaign, hunger increases by 25/day. You will need to travel around 40 miles on the river, so plan accordingly and don't waste time. (Again, potentially stashing some on Aesop and restarting may help.) Stop only for raft upgrades (rudder, shelter), and just gun it down the river. You can run about 1 mile/day (or better) if you hurry, so you'll need around 1000 food to make it.

The most difficult part of this achievement will be the second story checkpoint, where you need to go very close to a bear. Your torch will help you here, but be careful since there are a number of snakes in the area.

It isn't terribly easy, but making it through the campaign without killing any animals will earn:

Animal Friend

Complete the campaign without killing any animals

Animal Friend
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

Once you finally finish the campaign, you'll also earn the following:

The Kingdom

Reach The Kingdom in Campaign Mode

The Kingdom
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Now let's do this Endless River.

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