12. The Flame in the Flood Endless River

Endless River

Now it's time to play the game as it was intended. There are no checkpoints, your stats will drop much faster, and there are fewer supplies. Even so, you have to make it 200 miles in one run. These are not easy achievements.

I strongly suggest that you tackle this in two runs. The first is to, once again, build up your warm clothing. This is essential for the last 2/3 of the run. It will be very, very cold. You will also need to collect enough Jerky to sustain you.

You cannot carry anything over from your earlier playthrough once you've finished it. HOWEVER, you can transfer your items from the Campaign if you have not finished it. There may be a solid advantage by doing this, since you will likely find your materials much faster and with fewer survival drawbacks.

Starting out your focuses should be solely on the following:

  • Torch (Sapling, Rags, Alcohol)
  • Tools (Stone Knife and Stone Hammer)
  • Box Traps for Rabbits/Pouches

Also hoard your food, especially jerky. NEVER EAT THE JERKY. It never spoils, and you will need it much later down the river.

Grab as many Jars as you can for water. You will eventually pass through dry areas with flat water and no rain.

Update your raft. The Water Purifier will eventually be necessary, but not early on.

This achievement will require all of the skills that you have used to this point.

By the end of the first 100 miles, you should have:

  • Fully upgraded set of clothing
  • Your tools
  • A torch
  • As much jerky as you can hold
  • Ash Cake if you can craft it
  • Cooked Yucca
  • Bandages
  • Lots of cattails (70-80) for emergency food and cords
  • 2 Dandelion Tea for remedies
  • 2 Sumac Tea for remedies
  • Penicillin
  • 20 Saplings
  • Repair Patches
  • 2-3 gas for your motor during flat water

Every slot should be as full as possible. With a full raft upgrade, raft materials will not be necessary. You also shouldn't ever need any more pelts.

Remember to abuse your save files. If you crash your raft, you can restart. If you go on land and get attacked, you can restart.

You may go on land and hear animals fighting. Bears will kill boars and wolves easily, and you can take the spoils. You'll need plenty of meat to sustain you, and taking it off of dead animals saves you from using supplies.

The second 100 miles will have much fewer supplies, so it is important to conserve. Use your torch to explore for food, but otherwise keep moving down the river. Sleep on your raft. Only use the motor when necessary. Stop the raft for save checkpoints.

This run can take quite a while. Don't be afraid to restart the run if your supplies are dwindling. In that case, make sure you can at least fill up your jerky for a reserve food supply.

Doing this will earn you the following:

The Longest River

Survive 100 miles in Endless Mode

The Longest River
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

River God

Survive 200 miles in Endless Mode

River God
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Best of luck on the river, and hopefully on your 1000 GS! toast

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