3. The Flame in the Flood First cruise - Trial Run

First trial run

We're going to start our actual gameplay with a trial run. We are doing this to give you some familiarity with what you will be seeing on the river, as well as get you an achievement that can otherwise be very annoying.

Start a new Campaign on Traveler difficulty. This difficulty is not available on Endless, but gives you checkpoints and slows dehydration, hunger, and fatigue. The goal is simply to float 10 miles down the river.

Go through the starting camp and look around. This camp will be the same every time you go through here. Take whatever you like, but you won't be needing any of it.

Get on your raft and depart. Float down the river as fast as you can safely. Use cn_X to push yourself quickly to maneuver around rocks and debris. Do not stop at any docks along the way. This is just to get you oriented with how the river works.

As you travel, you should notice some bluish glowing areas on rocks in the river. If you steer close enough to them, you should be able to loot them as you pass by pressing cn_A. These can give you some rather useful items, like Jerky, Jars, or Raft Schematics. Make sure to loot them if they're along your path.

Once you've gone past the 10-mile mark (at the top right of your screen), stop at the next dock. The following should pop:


Travel 10 miles on the river without stopping.

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At this point, feel free to wander around and investigate landings, or simply quit to the main menu. Nothing you do on this run will carry over, but it's rather pointless to try running 10 miles in a normal game without collecting materials. It makes the most sense to make it a separate run, and this gives you a chance to see the river.

Now restart your Campaign.

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