7. The Flame in the Flood Afflictions and Cures


There are 21 afflictions in the game, which are listed below along with the necessary cure. (Thanks to WhyattThrash for the list.)

You need to contract them all for an achievement, but they do not have to be all in the same playthrough. Remember that you can dashboard-quit and restart your game if you get an affliction that you don't want. (It's a good idea to keep your achievement tracker open to make sure you progress.)

This first group can easily be contracted before you set off for the first time. There is a Jar in the box of supplies in the camp. Use the jar at the dock instead of getting on the raft, then drink the Polluted Water. Do it repeatedly until you get all 4 afflictions.

  • Parasites - Eat Spoiled Meat, Polluted Water, or Moldy Lump
    • Cured by Sumac Tea
  • Giardia - Polluted Water
    • Cured by Sumac Tea or Dandelion Tea
  • Listeria - Polluted Water
    • Cured by Penicillin
  • Dysentery - Polluted Water
    • Cured by Penicillin

For a bonus achievement, set off from the dock. A couple of these will quickly dehydrate you. Once you get dehydrated while having dysentery, you will earn an achievement. You don't have to die to get it, but if you're still on the raft, you probably will crash. (That will count toward your death achievement as well.)

Death on the Trail

Die from dehydration with suffering from dysentery

Death on the Trail
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Now for the other afflictions.

  • Ill-equipped - wear clothing not suitable for the weather (cold/wet)
    • Cured through fire/shelter
  • Dehydration - Let your thirst drop to zero - can be fatal
    • Cured by drinking clean water
  • Starvation - Let your hunger drop to zero - can be fatal
    • Cured by eating
  • Hypothermia - Let your body temperature fall to zero - can be fatal
    • Cured with fire and warming up
  • Exhaustion - Don't sleep and let your fatigue run out - can be fatal
    • Cured through sleep - the first time you pass out, you may be able to sleep and recover
  • Snake Bite - Bitten by a snake - Fatal
    • Cured through Dandelion Tea
  • Tiny Cuts - Walk through thorn bushes
    • Cured over time
  • Poison Ivy - Walk through a large patch of red plants on the ground
    • Cured with Aloe
  • Ant Bites - Walk across ant hills on the ground - can get infected
    • Cured with Aloe - don't cure if trying to get Bacterial Infection
  • Broken Bones - Animal attack (boar and bear) - NOT fatal, but slows you down and wears you out faster
    • Cured with a splint
  • Laceration - Animal attack (especially wolf) - can get infected (see below)
    • Cured with a bandage or stitching kit - don't cure if trying to get Staph Infection
  • Staph Infection - Contracted by not treating Laceration
    • Cured with Penicillin - don't cure if trying to get Sepsis
  • Bacterial Infection - Contracted by not treating Ant Bites
    • Cured with Penicillin - don't cure if trying to get Sepsis
  • Sepsis - Don't cure an infection - Quickly fatal
    • Cured with Penicillin
  • Drunk - Drink Alcohol
    • Cured by time
  • Food Poisoning - Eat Yucca, Spoiled Meat, or Tainted Meat
    • Cured by time or Clean Water
  • Blood Flukes - Eat Spoiled Fish, which can ONLY be found in a bear cave (so it's easy to miss)
    • Cured by Sumac Tea

Once you've gotten all 21 afflictions in one way or another...


Contract every affliction.

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerBuggy +

If you manage to stack 10 afflictions at the same time, you'll get another achievement. I've found that the easiest way to do this is to taunt a bear while it's raining. In addition to Wet and Ill-Equipped, the bear will break some bones and do some other nasty things to you. There is a very good chance that you'll get 10 afflictions. Then quickly dashboard and reload your game.

By A Thread

Have 10 stacked afflictions

By A Thread
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Finally, you need to cure 30 afflictions over time. That will net you this one:

Field Medic

Cure 30 afflictions in a single playthrough

Field Medic
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +Buggy +

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