9. The Flame in the Flood Endurance Achievements

Cumulative Achievements - Endurance

These achievements are earned by lasting enough days in order to fulfill the requirements. Some must be consecutive days, some are cumulative.

Spending 40-days without sleeping in a building will earn you an achievement. These do not have to be consecutive, and simply spending 24 hours without sleeping will count as a day. Also upgrading your raft and sleeping in the Raft Shelter will not count as sleeping in a shelter (making this a much easier achievement).

Under The Stars

Survive 40 days in Endless Mode without sleeping in a shelter

Under The Stars
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Reaching the 20-day mark with no afflictions and 100% in all stats will earn you another achievement. You can have afflictions as long as you cure them sometime after you reach 20 days. Make sure to keep water and food handy to top yourself off. It does NOT have to be on the 20th day, just sometime after that point. I got mine on the 25th day.


After 20 days of travel, have every stat at 100% and no afflictions

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The following two achievements are some of the hardest in the game, and each requires a lot of preparation.


This must be done in Endless Mode, and so will require preparation.

The description for this achievement is wrong. (This is a good glitch.) Rather than going for 40 days without eating meat, you need to go for 20 days without killing animals. This must be done on Endless mode. The achievement tracker appears to increase as if it is going to 40 days, but it should pop at or soon after the 20 day mark.

I strongly suggest you begin your progress on this after deleting all your save files. Otherwise, the tracker may not advance. After you delete your files, start running down the river collecting supplies.

I recommend loading Aesop's bag with Ash Cake and Cooked Yucca, followed by restarting the game. Reports are that you can eat jerky as long as you didn't kill the animal first, and you can eat meat that was killed by other animals (like boars killed by bears), but I didn't do that. If you are concerned about that, I would just load up on Ash Cake (harvest corn from the early farms, restart, harvest again, repeat). While doing so, collect a new Jar every time you restart at the main camp so you can collect rainwater.

The further you travel down the river, the colder it gets. As a result, it's best (once you have enough supplies to begin) to slow your progress down the river. Stop at a safe location with a shelter but no dangerous animals (like a bait shop). Sleep as much as you can, don't eat until you have to, replenish your water with rain, and just wait. Yes, it's a bit boring.

When I did this, I started with 40 Ash Cake, 10 Jerky, and 5 Jars with Clean Water. I picked up a 6th Jar when I restarted. The achievement popped after I went to sleep on day 20.

Endless is considerably harder than Campaign, so expect this to take a few runs.


Survive 40 days in Endless Mode without eating any meat

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Paleo Diet

This must also be done in Endless Mode, and also requires some serious preparation.

You will need enough meat to last you through 40 days. This one may be glitchy. It will likely take more than 40 days, and reports are that you must begin this on a fresh save for this to work. Delete your save files as you did with Vegetarian, and do this on a separate run.

You don't have to travel far down the river, but you should prepare as much jerky as you can in advance. Meat spoils after a few days, so even catching and cooking animals will only get you so many days. If you're adventurous, you might choose to combine this with your 200 mile run by crafting some bear clothes in advance. I recommend doing this on a separate run, then saving your clothes for a separate 200 mile run.

Only eat when you need to, sleep as long as you can to pass the time, and use rainwater to fill your jars. If you think you're starting to have problems, consider saving your stock and restarting the run. Endless is considerably harder than Campaign, so expect this to take a few runs.

Paleo Diet

Survive 40 days in Endless Mode without eating any plants

Paleo Diet
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