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    The Godfather Review

    Based on the 1972 movie, The Godfather is a third person shooter where you play a young mobster new to the Corleone family. Players will traverse a sandbox world to do story missions and side missions, such as taking over enemy turf, and gain 'Respect' to level up their stats, RPG style. Does The Godfather game fall into the usual 'movie-based video game sucks' pile or does it rise above the rest? Read on to find out ...

    Gameplay & Story

    Let's start with the story. Unsurprisingly, it follows the plot of the movie, involving the Corleones, one of the mobster 'families' of New York City. Instead of playing one of the characters from the film, you play a brand new character, who you can customize the looks and clothing to make your very own mobster. This new character meshes well into the Godfather world, as you get to see him involved in several key events from the film, shown from a different angle. The protoganist is pulled into the Corleone's world when your mother asks the Don for a favour on his daughter's wedding day - to find her son and take him under the Don's wing. Fans of the film will appreciate the different takes on the films events, but don't worry if you haven't seen it - it's still a followable plot.

    The game is one of many that borrows from the Grand Theft Auto series - your player wields various weapons and drive cars around a sandbox version of New York City, all the while commiting random acts of violence and evading the police. It does do a few things different, however. One of the main gameplay mechanics is extorting businesses and the illegal rackets behind them, and taking them over from rival families to increase your power over the city and reduce theirs. You can, err, convince the shop and racket owners to pay up to the Corleones instead by increasing an interrogation which reacts to a few different weak points - some don't like being punched in the face (surprise!), others get more intimidated when you smash up their store, or kill their customers. You can increase the bar to get more and more cash, but don't go to far - you'll can piss off the owner enough that they'll just try to fight you, so you'll be forced to kill them. You also get a RPG like skill tree to upgrade, which you get a point for every time you gain enough Respect to level up. It's a bit small but is still nice to add some variety, as you can choose whether to increase your melee prowess, the speed of various actions, your health, and more. The car mechanics are serviceable but could've used a bit of work - there's not a whole lot of variety, and the physics are a bit odd.

    Some of the controls and mechanics are a bit iffy though. Guns are accessed by scrolling left and right on the D-Pad, and can be pulled out and put away with Up and Down. This is a bit clunky and can lead to a few unwarranted deaths as you try to find the weapon you need. You can lock onto opponents and aim at different body parts - the head for headshots, the knees to make them drop to the ground, etc - which works for the most part, but the lock-on sometimes chooses the wrong opponent, and the free-aim isn't really accurate enough. There's a good variety of weapons, covering the 1940s mobster selection - Tommy gun, .38 snub nosed pistol, and a double barreled shotgun, and more. A nice addition is the 'Executions' you can pull off with all weapons when an enemy is at low health and you're close enough. Just hit RB to get brutal animation to finish of the opponent, and thankfully they're quick enough to not annoy you. Overall the gunplay works fine and you'll get used to it - it just could've used a little polish.

    Score - 8/10
    The plot pays tribute to the movie will please fans for it's alternate looks on key scenes, but newcomers will enjoy it too. Gameplay has some minor problems, but overall once you get used to it works great and has some neat concepts and additions.

    Graphics & Sound

    On the topic of graphics, one should remember this is a 2006 game. So areas look a bit plain and repeat themselves, NPCs and cars lack variety, and some of yours and the enemies animations are a bit stiff. Textures don't look very good close up, but the main characters and cutscenes are fairly detailed. The game doesn't really take advantage of the 360's hardware, but overall the graphics aren't really that bad.

    The voice acting is great, with nearly all of the main characters being very faithful to the movie. Unfortunately they decided to skimp on having a huge musical variety like other sandbox games, and nothing that plays while in a vehicle is memorable. The classic theme from the movie plays, but they used it a bit too much.

    Score - 7/10
    Average graphics and music, nothing to write home about. The voice acting is the highlight, and captures the characters from the movie very well.


    There's basically one thing you need to know about the DLC - it's all on the disc. Yup, this seems to be some of EA's early work screwing over the customer. All the "DLC" has a 108.00 KB file size - in other words, just an unlock code for stuff that's already there. Most of them are only minor upgrades that you can ignore - just some weapon upgrades and extra cash. The only one you'll care about is the Corleone Challenges, which at the very least is cheap - $3.25 will net you an extra 250 gamerscore to obtain. This add-on itself isn't that bad, tasking you with doing a whole bunch of different challenges ranging from using certain weapons to taking over entire neighbourhoods under a time limit. If you're really against supporting this practice in any way and not much of a completionist, I suggest not buying it.

    Score - 3/10
    The start of EA's terrible, terrible DLC practices, it's all just stuff on the disc they're charging you extra for. The only small upside is that the only add-on you'll need gamerscore wise is cheap, but that's not saying much.

    Achievements & Value

    Nothing in the game's achievement list is really that interesting - they're all the standard "Complete all X" you've seen in countless games. At the very least this keeps it simple, you just need to aim for 100% completion and should get nearly all of the main game achievements. The only one you need to focus on is the one for Execution styles, but they can be obtained fairly early in the game, after which you can forget about them and just play the game.

    The game only shipped with 835 gamerscore, so if you don't have access to Live, I suggest going over to a friends to get the Title Update that adds the extra 165 gamerscore. The last 250 is tied to the Corleone Challenges DLC and adds a bit more variety, which a whole bunch of different tasks to get all the achievements.

    You can find this game very cheap nowadays. I found mine for $20, and it's definitely worth that amount. There are a good amount of story and side missions, as well as lots of businesses to take over, that should give you 25+ hours of gameplay for the full 1250.

    Score: 8/10
    The achievements are fairly boring but are passable, and the game has a great amount of play time for it's price.


    With only a $20 asking price, I recommend picking up The Godfather if you're a fan of the films or just want a fairly lengthy, if a bit repetitive, 1250. The plot and voice acting are great, and despite a few minor problems, the core gameplay works well. The only really big negative is the "DLC", a cheap marketing ploy by EA to get some of your money. It's up to you to decide whether that's a big enough problem to avoid the game entirely.

    Overall Score: 8 out of 10
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    Flyboy80498I agree with Legit. EA bashing has nothing to do with if the game is worth playing or not. THUMBS DOWN until it is fixed

    PS: I am NOT an EA employee!
    Posted by Flyboy80498 on 11 Sep 12 at 11:43
    RadiantViperWell I dedicated a section just for you guys, it's called "the rest of the review". Also, I stopped caring about thumbs down LONG ago. The review stays as it is, the way it should be :)
    Posted by RadiantViper on 11 Sep 12 at 14:11
    Lt DavoFirst off, the reviewer was 100 percent right about the rip-off nature of the DLC. The DLC that has gamerscore, the "Corleone Challenges," provides NO new missions, levels, characters, weapons, skins, or ANYthing. All it is is an opportunity to earn achievements for something you could do anyway. For example, there's an achievement for killing 20 enemies in a certain amount of time. You could do that any time you wanted, but if you buy the DLC, you get an achivement for it. That is literally all the "Corleone Challenges" are. They're achievements you get to buy.

    Second, opinions about whether a game is worth playing also have to do with whether it's worth buying. The game itself is great - I gave it 5 stars - but the Corleone Challenges DLC isn't worth playing OR buying because it's just a way of giving the exact same game 1250 GS intead of 1000 and raising the price. The reviewer was completely right to bash this aspect of it, and there's no reason he should have to pretend like we all don't already know this is exactly the kind of crap to expect from EA.
    Posted by Lt Davo on 18 Mar 15 at 22:10
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    One of my all-time favorite games, working on perfecting every achievement. It is a 3rd person fun game base on the 1970's movie, "The Godfather," and the storyline even goes with the movie's storyline, I suppose that is why I love it so much, as I was a big fan of the movie. If you like the film The Godfather you'll love the game. You have to take out other families and the buisness' and all of their rackets, and drug transportation hubs, you face them in a last stand at their compound, you bomb it, rebuild it kill the DON and any remaining soldiers or capos. I would write 5 pages but I don't want to take all of your time, but I highly recommend renting this game. And maybe you will become the next Godfather and control NYC!