The Harvest (WP) Reviews

    14 Jan 2011
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    The Harvest for WP7 is one of the highest quality phone games available at the moment. Its classified as an rpg but feels more like a touch screen shooter. It does have a higher price then most of the other games on the phone but I feel it was worth the 6.99$ price.
    You play the game as one of three robotic soldiers which each have slightly different abilities that you unlock and upgrade as you play the campaign. You are able to level up and equip items to you character which is where the rpg elements come in. The campaign is roughly about 4hrs long but there is achievements that will require you to put a lot more time into it then that if you want them.
    Over all this was one of the most enjoyable games I have played on the phone so far. I would recommend it to any FPS fans who own a windows phone.
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    yuckfou78Great game and I know you only got negative votes because of the sad little haters on the site who have no life and nothing better to do but troll.
    Posted by yuckfou78 on 15 Jan 11 at 08:13
    CaltropAgreed, this game is most definitely a good buy! Thanks for the recommendation!
    Posted by Caltrop on 04 May 11 at 19:47
    WarpedLordWell worth the little extra. Solid fun.
    Posted by WarpedLord on 16 Dec 12 at 05:21