The Inner World Walkthrough

3. Story walkthrough - Chapter 1

As a reminder, it is important to never press cn_LT during the game, as this will void an achievement. (You can use it when playing notes toward the end of the game.)

Also speak with every character in the game that you can for another achievement. You can speak to anyone that has a conversation bubble when you click on them. Most are necessary. Some are not. I will note them. I personally exhausted every conversation, just to be sure.

The game is much easier to play if you use cn_LB and cn_RB to cycle through objects you can interact with.

Here we go!

Chapter 1

This is one of the longest chapters. You will start with a long intro video that you can skip.


  • Pick up *Corked Bottle of Nodtarine Juice* on the left under the Fosfos.
  • Use the Corked Bottle of Nodtarine Juice on the Garbage Dealer to earn the following:

Schnapps-Dealer in The Inner World
Find some alcohol in the garbage and try to palm it off on the garbage dealer.
  • Unlocked by 1,030 tracked gamers (87% - TA Ratio = 1.07) 1,190

  • DO NOT use the birdseed yet.
  • Talk to Garbage Dealer (#1). Talk to him constantly about the birdseed (3 times) until you get the *Birdseed* and the *Conroy Doll*.
  • Take the *Windsock* next to the poster.
  • Take the *Crutch* under the window.
  • Use the Corked Bottle of Nodtarine Juice on the wormhole. Take the *Drunk Worm* and the *Cork*.
  • In inventory, combine the crutch and the worm to make a *Slingshot*.
  • In inventory, combine the slingshot and the cork to make a *Loaded Slingshot*.
  • Shoot the pigeon and the fish.
  • Use the windsock on the pigeon to earn the following:

Pigeon-Tunnel in The Inner World
  • Unlocked by 1,038 tracked gamers (87% - TA Ratio = 1.07) 1,190

  • If the pigeon moves to the window, move away for a moment. It will land on the ground again.
  • In inventory, use the birdseed. Get the *String*.
  • Use the string with the windsock to get *Net*.
  • Use net on pigeon.
  • Pick up the windsock.
  • Go to Street With Bars at the back.

Street With Bars

  • On the left, talk to the Asposian (#2) with the Cradle. Talk about the Song, then Laura, then the Baby, then the Onesie.
  • Interact with the Cradle (#3). (This may not be necessary, but just in case.)
  • Go to the Wind Fountain Square at the back.

Wind Fountain Square

  • Go left of the guard stand to the Entrance and use it.
  • At the top, take a *Flyer*. If it flies away, wait for another to print.
  • Go back downstairs and talk to the guard (#4).
  • Use the Conroy Puppet on the Guard.
  • Take the *Lunchbox*.
  • Go to the Sin-O-Mat and talk to it. Choose No Sin. Take the mint from the Output Compartment.
  • Use the mint in inventory to earn the following:

Fresh Breath in The Inner World
Eat a mint!
  • Unlocked by 956 tracked gamers (80% - TA Ratio = 1.11) 1,190

  • Talk to the Sin-O-Mat again, choose No Sin to get another mint.
  • Go back to the Street With Bars, and then to the Backstreet where you started.


Use the flyer on the fish to get Wrapped Fish.
Go to Street With Bars.

Street With Bars

Go into the Bar Entrance. Make sure you talk to everyone.

  • Talk to the wind monk (#5).
  • Talk to the sleeping guest in the front (#6).
  • Talk to the guest in the back (#7).
  • Talk to the Wooloof (#8).
  • Use the mint on the bubble gum machine. Get the *marbles*.
  • Talk with Ottilie (#9). Get the Lava Streamer.
  • Exhaust the conversation. Find out about Worst Sin, Newest Sin, My Sin to earn the following:

King of Sins in The Inner World
  • Unlocked by 1,017 tracked gamers (85% - TA Ratio = 1.08) 1,190

  • Use the Wrapped Fish on the Swivel Chair where the monk is sitting.
  • Pull the Loose Thread. Get the *Strawbear Yarn*.
  • Leave the Bar.

Street With Bars

  • Go to the right. Take the *Walking Stick* from behind the boy.
  • Combine the Lunchbox with the Marbles to get a *Lunchbox With Marbles*.
  • Talk to the Little Boy (#10). Ask about the Treasure Map. Leave.
  • Give the Lunchbox With Marbles to the Little Boy. Take the *Knitting Pattern*.
  • Go to the Wind Fountain Square.

Wind Fountain Square

  • Go to the Sin-O-Mat.
  • Choose Ottilie's Sin.
  • Take the *Mint* from the output compartment.
  • Take the *Needle* from the ground.
  • Talk to the Arms behind the bars (#11).
  • Talk about the Onesie.
  • Give the Tailor the Needle, Walking Stick, Strawbear Yarn and the Knitting Pattern.
  • Get the *Onesie*.
  • Go to the Street With Bars.

Street With Bars

**Make sure you have spoken to everyone up to this point. This is a point of no return.**

  • Give the Onesie to the Artosian. She will direct you to the theater, and then you'll go to the stage.


  • You will get the *Pigeon Feather*.
  • Go up to the Mechater-Hall.
  • Talk to the sleeping Lodge Guest, in the balcony in the upper left corner of the screen (#12)
  • Select the Control Panel. This is a puzzle. DO NOT open the door.
  • The wheel is green. Move LS right to #4.
  • Press RB. The wheel is blue. Move LS to #4.
  • Press RB. The wheel is purple. Move LS to #3.
  • Press RB. The wheel is orange. Move LS to #3.

    Trial and Error in The Inner World
    • Unlocked by 866 tracked gamers (73% - TA Ratio = 1.17) 1,190
  • Go to the Stage.
  • Use Conroy's *Thumbs Up*. The stage will vanish and the trapdoor will open.
  • Go to Secret Passage.

Secret Passage

  • Use the Control Desk.
  • Use the Lava Streamer on the Burst Sack at the bottom left to get *Lava Streamer with Miracle Glue Powder*.
  • Combine the mixture with the Cork to get the *Corked up Lava Streamer...*.
  • Shake the mixture. Get *Cork* and *Miracle Glue Powder*.
  • Go to the Stage.
  • Use the Miracle Glue Powder on the hand.
  • Use the Net on the sticky hand.
  • Go to Secret Passage.
  • Use the Control Desk.

Chapter 1 - The quest for the Silver Fosfos in The Inner World
Complete the first chapter!
  • Unlocked by 960 tracked gamers (81% - TA Ratio = 1.11) 1,190

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