The Jackbox Party Pack 2 Walkthrough

1. Walkthrough overview


Hello and welcome to the walkthrough of "The Jackbox Party Pack 2".

If you found your way here, the chances are high that you are just looking for a relatively easy 1000G, or to finish off this game.

I just recently finished it off myself, and going through the solutions for some achievements, I noticed that quite a few are outdated or just don't work anymore. Instead of correcting every solution itself, I thought why not write a walkthrough for it, to make it as efficient as possible for other people, so they don't have to go through the same struggles.

This is a family/party game and in my opinion it is one of the best out there next to its prequel and sequels. The innovative thing about the Jackbox series, was the fact that your friends can join to play along with their phone, tablet, or laptop. The game consists of 5 different mini games. If everything works, you will be done pretty quick with 4 of them, the last one called Bomb Corp. will take a while (depends how much fun and patience you have at logic riddles/puzzles). Now if you are lucky enough you can get 8 friends together to get the achievements with you, but we'll say that's not the case. Thanks to some workarounds you can do it all solo, although it will take some organisational skills.

My name is Villa and I will guide you through this game.

Let's start!

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