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    So this game review is coming after I had already viewed and reviewed the Lego Movie itself. So I can clearly tell you that you should watch the movie first in order to have a full experience out of this entire situation in the Lego verse. Basically I found the game to be an expansion of the Movie even mixed with cutscenes that were edited from this. So basically the game takes the all the fun of the movie, expands it and lets you play as all your favorite characters with full voice acting. Taking all of the past Lego styled gameplay that you should all be very used to at this point you play across this expansion of levels that seem to be split into three acts to a section and nicely all work together as they are attached to their own separate hubs. This leads to a lot of variety as you will view and go through many classical worlds that span every generation of Lego. This should definitely be magical to all ages while connecting beautifully with everyone that has touched Lego in their lives. Basically the game feels just about the same as previous entries in terms of design with puzzles, character specialities and somewhat linear design. This has always made the traditional play feel special and that is no different here. It was very fun for me to roll throw and there are a ton of things still left to accomplish such as going back for all the collectables or even building the final play sets. It's an essential part of the movie actually in the sense that it deeply builds on something that was already amazing, the game itself never really did anything too much of a wow factory. Though it is a nice addition and does what it does quite well.

    Looks great and performs well as the Lego games of past have done. Puzzles aren't too difficult and there is of course drop-in/drop-out coop for you to play locally (Give Us Online Coop!). I did have some minor glitches that were typical and overlooked again, didn't really ruin anything for me as I still had a great time.

    If you love the Lego games series of have seen this movie it is essential to your collection. It's a ton of fun and has the best bonus room of the Lego games series for sure. Take control of Emmet, Wildstyle, Batman and all your favorites including UniKitty! As you save the Lego verse from the dangerous secret weapon. You will even have more fun in coop and every age group will appreciate this title, also go watch the damn movie!

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    Like with the others I would say you need to see the film first because a lot of it won't make sense.

    I find the voice acting adds a bit to the game, Vitruvius just makes me laugh with anything he does.
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    A while ago I was allowed to put my teeth into LEGO Marvel Superheroes. The coolest collection of characters in the world immortalized in the beautiful world of LEGO. The game was bursting with potential, but unfortunately it fell short of the most essential elements of gameplay. Now it's the turn to give a go at another LEGO game, which is based on the film of the same name. A film that I have not seen yet, but probably now partly understand by playing the game. Let's see what The LEGO Movie Videogame has in store.

    Blocks, blocks and more blocks
    For the first time, the complete game world is made up of LEGO blocks and objects. And that is cool, very cool. It not only looks great, but it also gives you a welcome portion of nostalgia. At least, for those who are old enough to really play with LEGO. The LEGO feeling is stronger than ever. The characters and animals run rigid, just as you used to move around. Everything is built up from LEGO objects to the smallest details. Sometimes in the 'natural' way, but sometimes also very original. For example, palm tree leaves are used to slow down a train. Every object is recognizable and feels like a LEGO game must be. A very big plus compared to its predecessors.

    Bob the Builder?
    Unlike many predecessors, this LEGO title does not have a certain franchise like the aforementioned Marvel Superheroes. This is a big difference, because the special characters with their characteristics are a very important presence for many players. In The LEGO Movie Videogame, Emmet, an inconvenient but cheerful construction worker, is the protagonist. He is appointed by wizard Vitruvius as 'the Special One', the one with a special stone that can help Masterbuilders to get the LEGO universe back in balance. The world is being attacked by Lord Business, who can no longer handle the chaos of the Masterbuilders. The Masterbuilder is a new type of character that is introduced into the game. Masterbuilders build completely new objects from LEGO bricks. Exactly the form of creative freedom that Lord Business denounces. After all, he wants order and control. Leading role Emmet is another new type of character, namely a Builder. In contrast to the Masterbuilders, they can not make anything new, but can repair things. They can also read LEGO instruction booklets, which is necessary to assemble certain objects. Again a nice presence that ensures that the digital LEGO universe comes a step closer to the 'offline' variant.

    The lack of recognizable figures seems to be a big step back in the first instance. Collecting 'normal' puppets is something else than completing your favorite superhero collection. Fortunately, some DC Comics heroes are present, including Batman and Superman. Apart from this, there is also a positive element in the absence of celebrities. The real LEGO feeling is even more enhanced by the presence of a lot of 'ordinary' puppets. In addition, you quickly join the main characters, including the sympathetic Emmet and the brilliant blind wizard Vitruvius. The humor that is so recognizable for the LEGO games is again fully present. Just take the brilliantly conceived 'blind courage', the state of mind that helps Vitruvius to tackle dangerous situations that others do not dare, simply because he literally does not see the danger.

    Build up and dismantle
    The game world offers a huge amount to break down and build. This creates many surprising and hilarious situations. However, this LEGO title is again a game where too much is stuffed in. The number of elements that you can collect is huge again, even though they have surrendered considerably on the number of characters. In The LEGO Movie Videogame there are 'only' 100 characters available to play, compared to the 155 of Marvel Superheroes. However, you are still flooded with golden blocks, coins and other items. The cleverness in the gameplay that makes it easy for the player or a bit more challenging. For example, you could automatically receive all the coins when you break down a building or object. Instead you have to run around colleting the dozens of coins, so that your image becomes chaotic again and you have an unnecessary action. This chaos becomes extra painful in the co-op mode. When you are playing together with a friend, both the static and dynamic splitscreen do not comply. There is simply too much in the small screen to keep a decent overview. Something that, in my opinion, can be solved by focusing on the game. The basis of the LEGO games, except for the theme, is that you have to solve puzzles with a team of different types of characters. You expect improvement after the next LEGO title, but this piece seems to have received the least attention.

    The LEGO Movie Videogame is again a very entertaining title. In addition, the game comes closest to the real LEGO feeling which entails the magic stones. Visually the game looks fantastic and to the smallest details the world is built entirely of LEGO bricks. When you disconnect the almost perfectly executed theme from the game principles themselves, however, little more remains. Here and there you can find nice game elements, for example when you throw the wand of Vitruvius into a holder so that you can hang it with another doll to get to a higher part of the level. Unfortunately, this kind of original forms of collaboration are not enough, while it should actually form the core of the LEGO gameplay. Most of the attention is clearly stopped in creating a beautiful LEGO world with a fun story, while the gameplay - which is most in need of improvement - is unchanged. That way the AI ​​remains doubtful, especially when you are attacked and your teammates watch like zombies. This part still feels unfinished, just like the game is purely about the theme. I would really like to see a LEGO title go beyond pure 'walk to that spot with that character and press B'. The chase scenes are already a step in the right direction, but there is also no depth here. It remains a product that is mainly aimed at a very casual audience. Although the fantastic LEGO sauce remains delicious.