The LEGO Movie Videogame Walkthrough

2. General hints and tips

Make sure to buy the multiplier red bricks as soon as you can. This will not only reduce your grinding time later, it will also provide you early with a steady stream of studs to buy all the characters and other red bricks without even thinking of grinding for studs.

Some characters (Batman, Vitruvius,..) have the ability to throw their weapons which return to them. This might sounds trivial, but hitting/destroying objects that way will result in you collecting the studs that would drop normally automatically (happens around 90% of the time). This will result in getting the maximum studs for destruction without the bother of collecting/missing studs.

Utilize the skills of your characters as well as you can. Also make sure to remember which character can do what. Note that special characters (like astro kittie or Emmet masterbuilder) can perform multiple things like hacking/rainbow bricks or drilling/masterbuild.

This Lego game is a little bit different when it comes down to buying characters. You either can look for them over the worlds to buy them directly, or alternatively (which is also WAY easier) by simply holding the cn_Y button, choosing the bottom function, and buying them by pressing cn_A while over their shadow.

Gold objects need to be lasered, silver objects need to be blown apart, and rainbow bricks need to be destroyed by a rainbow character. Use either a character with a laser (Bad cop, superman, skeletron, etc.) or a character with explosives (ironbeard, Fusebot, Rocket SWAT, etc.)

You can at any point of a level quit out back to the hub by pressing cn_start, return to hub, and save and exit. This reduces the 2nd playthrough's needed time tremendously since you can quit out of a level as soon as you have found everything.

Flying characters should be used for skipping puzzles in your 2nd playthrough. They are helpful because you can fly past some puzzles, therefore reducing the actual time needed for levels or certain puzzles.

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