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Posted on 19 August 11 at 14:37, Edited on 20 August 11 at 09:30
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The Last Remnant is one of the few RPG's on the 360 that are worth playing, and while the battle style is very different to the majority of other games, it is a rewarding and enjoyable game.

The story focuses around a boy called Rush, his sister who gets kidnapped by evil doers, and the rulers of the many nations in the world. It doesn't exactly offer anything new to the world of RPG, and you may find yourself, like me, skipping a lot of cut-scenes because you just want to get back to the action.

It is a very non-linear story, with your objective clearly marked on your map, but you have the freedom to explore other areas, grind some levels, complete one of the many side-quests or go item scavenging.

The battles and levelling are where this game really differs from others, and where I found the most enjoyment. Prior to battle, you have your party set up into unions, each of which needs a leader (some of which are given at the start, others you can go and recruit) and then some soldiers. You can then set their formation, which will affect their strength, defence and magic. In battle you can then direct these unions to fight certain enemies, but you cannot choose which actions each individual will take. While this seems frustrating at first, it adds a new element to the game. The actions each of your leaders can take is also determined by what abilities the soldiers in the group have, and these abilities are levelled up by selecting them (not necessarily by using them - if you choose an ability but the enemy dies before you can use it, the game still counts that you used it so it can level up). As you level up your leaders, you unlock some ridiculously powerful abilities, and some leaders have access to some awesome special arts that are exclusive to that character.

There is a lot in the game to keep you busy, but the most important aspect is the side-quests. There are a lot of them, and some of them can only be accessed at certain times, or by doing certain tasks. There is a 200G achievement linked to completing all of them, so I strongly recommend a guide or check list so none are missed. Some of them are easy (give a mage some money), while some border on insane (defeat The Fallen - an awesome-looking super-hard boss). The bonus of completing all the quests is that it unlocks a superior version of the final boss, who is merciless and incredibly hard.

There are many more aspects within the game, such as mining resources to level up the characters weaponary, or completing guild tasks to gain access to new equipment, or finding on of the many unique monsters to slay.

While it can be difficult to get into, and some boss battles can be frustrating at times, I would highly recommend this game as an alternative to the generic RPG that seems to be released on the 360.
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Posted on 26 May 13 at 16:14, Edited on 26 May 13 at 21:32
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This is not your typical JRPG experience. While the characters, story and presentation certainly fit the mold, the outlandish battle system will leave you scratching your head. In short The Last Remnant is a roller coaster of mixed emotions and is not easily graded unless you dive in head first. At times the visuals are quite good but they are constantly thwarted by choppy framerates and inexcusable texture issues. After your eyes adjust to the inconsistencies of the graphics you are free to explore the games characters and plot. Unfortunately the protagonist "Rush Sykes" is quite plain and often annoying. Even with extremely talented voice acting from Johnny Yong Bosch of Bleach fame, bad writing hinders him at every turn. When he's not being a stereotypical punk kid he is simply out-shined by the surprisingly good supporting characters. From the diverse cast of generals who make up the core of your army to the menacing villains all of whom have a great look and competent voice acting. That being said the voice acting is definitely under utilized the majority of the game. The plot of the game is both extremely cliche and unoriginal. It does however have it's moments once certain events unfold mostly due to the colorful characters you get to meet. Characters maintain their own inventory, crafting is a absolute necessity rather than a glorified hobby and the battle system is one of the kind. Whether that is a good or bad thing is purely based on your love of gambling and surprise. Yes the battle system is extremely randomized. The normal options of "Attack/Defend/Skills" are replaced by randomly generated options based on the position and skills of your army. This can make the same battle impossible or extremely easy depending upon your luck. Another anomaly is this JRPG discourages grinding out levels. Enemies not only level to your strength they have more freedom to be tactful as they can select what skills to use. Bosses also benefit from this as you can never out level them without risking they will in turn become too powerful themselves and some individual bosses can become "Game breakers" effectively making your over-preparation your downfall. This cruel system is somewhat improved upon on the PC version where you can fill out the spots in your army with powerful generals however on console your forced to mainly use generic soldiers. There is also plenty to do beyond the main story for those who are so inclined to explore everything the game has to offer. Side quests, monster hunting and ingredient gathering are all here in full force. I especially enjoyed the character specific side quests that unlock under special conditions. In conclusion this is not a game for everyone but might be a hidden gem for the hardcore RPG gamer looking for a huge challenge.

The breaks...

Graphics:7/10 - Poor framerates and texture issues will plague otherwise good character models and environments.

Sound: 8.5/10 - Good voice acting and sound effects. The score can be repetitive though.

Gameplay: 7/10 - Once you understand some of the flaws and pitfalls of the battle system it can be quite rewarding. Not for the faint of heart.

Replayability: 6/10 - Not many reasons to replay but countless characters and strategies can make it interesting each time.

Overall: 7.5/10
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