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    The Legend of Korra, from Platinum Games and published by Activision, is a beat'em up game played in 3rd person and based off the animated series by the same name. Players take the roll of Korra, the heroine and master of the four elements: Earth, Air, Wind, and Fire.

    This game caught me a bit off guard. As an achievement addict, I jumped on it expecting a quick and easy completion, probably terrible or at least sub-par gameplay, and overall a title that I wouldn't have played were it not for achievements.

    What I ended up getting was a competent beat'um up, a game I might've actually played even if I had known before-hand that I would end up struggling with a couple of achievement unlocks, and overall a decent experience, though not without its flaws and currently overpriced.

    The gameplay consists of smashing your foes via progressively more powerful 'bending' arts (aka punching and kicking with the flare and style of whichever element you're currently using). Each element has its own distinct style and pattern of attack, lending some variety to what could otherwise become extremely stale encounters with the various enemies. The fighting system is relatively fluid, but is marred at times by a cumbersome camera that you need to rotate with the right thumbstick in the middle of a combo to keep track of your foes.

    Where the game loses me is with the Naga chases and the pro-bending tournament. These were really unnecessary additions to the game and detract from the game's strong suit, aka the knuckle-sandwich fighting within the levels. One particular Naga chase scene is extremely long, and on the game's highest difficulty (required for an achievement), is absolutely one of the more annoying experiences I've had with a digital-only title. The pro-bending tournaments too seem forced, and not really enjoyable at all from a gameplay perspective. They may run in parallel with the cartoon; to be honest I can't say since I don't watch the show, but judging merely from fun-factor, the Naga chases and the pro-bending could've been left out entirely and the title would only benefit from it.

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    Ug.... that image, it won't leave my mind.

    The visuals... well, they just aren't on par with even their digital-download brethren these days. It really does feel at times like the graphics were phoned-in. I wasn't expecting mind-blowing eye candy from a $15 title, but even in low-end graphics I'd hope for slightly more variety than just re-skinned enemies and repetitive environments.

    The audio is passable. It doesn't detract from the game but it doesn't do it any huge wonders either. It's just... there. Kinda like the visuals.

    At the end of the day this really is a title for the achievement hunters or huge fans of the TV show. There isn't a lot here to get excited about unless you fit one of those two categories. Even so, if you're looking to pick it up I'd wait till it hits $7.50 or less, maybe in a 50% off sale or something eventually. The value just isn't there for $15.
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    The Legend Of Korra is an action, fighter and beat 'em up game that is all about the Avatar, named Korra. The Avatar has the ability to bend (control) all 4 elements (Air, Water, Fire and Earth). Equipped with the power of the 4 elements, it is your job to protect the world agains the evil enemies and restore balance in the world! The game is based off the western style animated cartoon also called The Legend Of Korra.

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    Ever since the original Avatar: The Last Airbender series, I have been a big fan of everything Avatar related. Sadly, anything other than the cartoons and comics themselves have never been that good. And that includes this game too.

    I started watching The Legend Of Korra after I played the game because I finally had enough free time on my hands to start watching it. When I look back at the game now, it leaves me with mixed feelings, here is why:

    - Gameplay. The gameplay is super smooth and fun! As the Avatar, you are able to bend all the 4 elements. You can cycle between the elements at any time. Each element has different special moves, if you use certain button combinations you can activate those moves and they will do more damage than regular attacks. The movement is almost perfect and the ability to jump pretty high and change direction mid-air is helpful in combat. The only struggle I had from time to time was fighting the camera angles. Furthermore there is a block button, which will block and (if timed correctly) bounce back enemy attacks, and a dodge button, which dodges all incoming enemy attacks. Sometimes I found the dodge button to be a little bit too good, because spamming that button made some fights a little bit too easy. Lastly you can get into the Avatar State as a last resort, which lets the Avatar connect to its spiritual side, basically making you a super powerful monster that destroys anything in sight!

     Korra using Earthbending against a Mecha Tank Korra using Earthbending against a Mecha Tank

    - The research that the developers put into the series is 100% spot on, except for the story! From the art style that matches the cartoon pretty well, to the astonishing soundtrack (from the actual cartoon), the enemy behaviour and the vanity items (collectables), every little detail is included. Even almost all the achievement titles are nice little references to the series.

    One thing I don't understand though is: what happend to the story?! I understand that this game is made when the cartoon was about half way done, but why don't wait a little longer until the cartoon ended so you can include the entire storyline into the game? Sometimes the game just feels like an empty button masher, because the storyline is really weak. There's also a lack of cutscenes, and the cutscenes that are in the game have no actual depth to them. I found this to be a major letdown, because the excellent story is the main reason that makes the cartoon so good.

    - Characters. Where are all the characters exactly? Except for Korra herself, Mako and Bolin appearing for 30 seconds, Iroh in the Store and Jinora popping up every once in a while to give you advice, there are no other characters, making the game pretty boring. One of the main elements in the cartoon is the bond of friendship, loyalty, love and strength between all the members of Team Avatar. I totally missed that in this game.

     You heard that right, no love for Varrick and Zhu Li, or any other character for that matter You heard that right, no love for Varrick and Zhu Li, or any other character for that matter

    - Length of the game. The game is way to short with just 8 Chapters and skips so much stuff! We only got the experience Republic City, the South Pole and the Spirit World, while the Avatar universe is way bigger! There is so much land that is untouched in the game.

    - Naga Running/Pro Bending. Almost everyone seems to dislike these two parts of the game, but I actually liked them. Even though the Chapter 5 Naga Mecha Tank fight on Extreme difficulty was way too... extreme, I still liked it. Naga, your trusty Polar Bear Dog, is a big part of the cartoon and needed to be included in the game.

     Mind the gap, Naga! Mind the gap, Naga!

    The idea of Pro Bending was nice and all, but just like the rest of the game itself, way to short and lacked content. Pro Bending features a different type of gameplay. Your team of 3 has to face another team of 3 on a platform. The goal is to knock each other off the platform or to stay on it long enough until the time runs out. There are only 3 difficulties on Pro Bending and that's about it. It would have been cool if you were able to play the entire championship (quarter finals, semi finals, finals etc.).

     The ''Fire Ferrets'' battling in the Pro Bending Arena The ''Fire Ferrets'' battling in the Pro Bending Arena

    - Achievements. The achievements in this game are not that hard to get, with the exception of a few. Especially the difficulty based ones. I personally completed the Naga Mecha Tank fight in about an hour after studying every move of the Mecha Tanks, but I had a way harder time completing the Pro Bending on Extreme. All I can say is, patience is the key to beating the Pro Bending. Just keep on trying and eventually you will beat it.

    In the end it all came down to the weak storyline. If the game would have had a good storyline, all the characters would have been there and the game would have been way longer and stronger. Next time start making the game after the actual TV show/movie/cartoon ended, please!

    This game does not reflect the quality of the cartoon at all. If you only look at the game, it's not that bad, but if you have seen the cartoon, you might not be very impressed by this game. Don't get me wrong, I did have fun playing this game, and recommend it to the true fans of the series, but it's still sad to see that this game could have been way better...