The Little Acre Reviews

  • Thanatos522Thanatos522180,313
    10 Jan 2021
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    This is what I would call a micro-game, and while it is undoubtedly an adventure game as far as format the brevity is a little shocking.

    For the community that this website caters to, I don't think that the matter of it being an extremely quick completion is exactly a bad thing, but I think it is worth cautioning any prospective purchaser from actually paying for this experience.

    As of writing, it is available from Game Pass and I feel that it is the only worthwhile way to actually find yourself playing it. The animation is charming but the lack of an actual experience undermines any effort to consider this more than a glorified Flash adventure from years gone by.

    As a "dumb" easy completion I would recommend it 10 times over. As a game, I can't.
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    Bunny BreakfastI played it yesterday, and for what it is, it isn't actually that bad. However I would agree with it being a "micro-game"
    Posted by Bunny Breakfast on 11 Jan at 17:13