The Little Acre Walkthrough

2. General hints and tips

When you are reading the walkthrough, and looking away from your game, make sure that you pause the game with cn_start. This will increase the odds of you unlocking the speedrun achievement in one playthrough, whilst you're getting the miscellaneous, missable achievements, rather than having to do a second playthrough to get the speedrun achievement separately. It is confirmed that pushing the cn_start button to pause the game DOES pause the in-game timer.

This walkthrough will give you a list of commands. All you need to do is follow them in order, and you'll get all of the achievements.

Each command begins with a • or a -. If the command begins with a • this means you must do this command. If the command begins with a -, you can ignore this command if you are going for the speedrun achievement.

When I tell you to use an item, click the cn_Y button to open the inventory, and select it with cn_A. Every time you're in a different area, I will put a line space between my instructions, to help you follow along and not get lost. To back out of the inventory without selecting an item, press cn_Y again.

There are achievements for using no hints or solutions, so make sure that you don't do that until you've unlocked them.

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