2. The Long Reach General Hints & Tips

I'll be going over the controls in this section.


This game doesn't have many controls. You'll only be doing a few things in this game, such as entering doors and elevators alongside picking up certain items to use later on. Most of the time you'll be holding cn_X to run through corridors.

Anyways, these are the controls:

Run - cn_X

Flashlight - cn_RB

Enter door, elevator or hiding spot - cn_A

Pick up item - cn_A while near item.

Read computer emails - cn_A while near a computer.

Drink from water cooler - cn_A while near a water cooler.

Access inventory - cn_Y

Use item in inventory - Press cn_Y to open your inventory, then press cn_A on the item that you want to use while standing near the object you want to use the item on.

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