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The Mummy Demastered isn't afraid to take inspiration from the past. A classic metroidvania that hits all the right notes; Beautiful 16-bit graphics, catchy 8-bit music, and crisp controls giving way to engaging exploration and tight combat.
In the spirit of many classic movie game titles, The Mummy Demastered is a licensed game with next to no connection to the movie other than the name. The homages to its inspirations don't stop there: From certain items or boss behaviours, down to simple things like how you break lamps to get pickups, a modern version of Castlevania's trademark candles.

At times it ventures a bit too far into straight up stealing, in one case "borrowing" an entire area quite blatantly. For the most part though, The Mummy Demastered reads like a fond love letter to games of old, and there is enough unique content here to stand on its own legs.

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"Pretty" doesn't even begin to describe The Mummy Demastered

So what's it about?
The story is rather simple: There's a mummy, the mummy is a problem, you need to take care of the mummy. Although the story is rather simplistic, the game world in itself does a good enough job of telling its own story. The environments you pass through are deeply engrossing, detailed and atmospheric, and with the exception of that one "borrowed", misplaced environment everything feels new, while familiar.

As any classic metroidvania, throughout the game you will rely on exploring your environment to collect new abilities that will in turn let you unlock new areas. The abilities and exploration are fun and engaging, and the level design actually manages to subvert some expectations on how to access different areas.

Low-fi fantasy
You control a SWAT/military type character sent in to deal with the mummy threat. While most metroidvanias delve hard into either sci-fi or fantasy for their protagonists, the SWAT character and their abilities are refreshingly low-fi. Instead of finding a super missile or power bomb to open certain colour doors, you find a grenade that blows up wooden panels, or rappel gear to traverse down a hole.

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Whatever you say, Mrs. Mummy Ma'am

The real-world connection means that finding a new ability and instantly understanding how to use it almost makes a bit too much sense in an unfamiliar way. The low-fi realism of the protagonist also provides a nice contrast to the extreme fantasy setting of the enemies.

There's a wide variety of weaponry to discover, play around with and master. Assault rifles, shotguns and flame throwers, it's all in there and more.

You're regularly provided with markers where to go to prevent you from becoming lost. While this might be considered too much hand holding, it's not all that intrusive and it also doubles as a story exposition mechanic. That said, it would've been neat to be able to turn it off.

How does it play?
The gameplay and controls are crisp and tight, and your agent will reliably do what you ask them to. The graphics and animations are beautiful, and the music and sound effects are top notch.

Your mummy murder agent controls responsively with high precision

There are some issues with lagging though, which seem to be caused by a memory leak related to particle effects (things like fire, bullet casings etc). This means that the longer you play in one sitting, the more it will lag.

This is easily fixed by restarting the game, but until you figure that out, the game could become pretty unplayable. At least all those particles are real pretty when they don't bring the game to a halt.

Nintendo hard
One ironic aspect of metroidvanias has always been that the better you are at the game, the easier it becomes. The better you are at exploring, the more powerful your character becomes, making the game easier.

This is also true for The Mummy Demastered, but even more so due to its take on respawning; When you die, your character gets turned into a zombie. Your zombie retains all of your items, while you start over with a fresh character with no extra items, and you'll have to defeat your old zombie self to reclaim your items.

This can lead to problems, not only because zombie-you is difficult to defeat due to being much more powerful than you, but also because he could be located in a place that is very difficult to reach with a new character. This can end up being very punishing, and ironically enough, it becomes more of a problem the "worse" you are at the game.

That said, if you take your time to explore and get all the upgrades, no section is gruellingly hard if you have some experience with these types of games. On the contrary, it could be argued that the bosses in particular are a bit too easy if you focus on getting all of the upgrades.

There's also the design choice not to have any hp refill stations, leaving grinding enemies the only way to refill your hp in many situations. This isn't difficult per se, but it's not that much fun neither, just time consuming.

The achievements
They're all fairly straightforward: Mostly tied to progression and exploration. The "don't die" achievement isn't too tricky as long as you play it slowly and carefully, and while you can backup your save to not have to start over, you likely won't need to.

There's one collectable achievement without an in-game tracker which might give you some headache, but that's about it. You'll probably get the full 100% in about 10 hours, give or take.

- Compelling metroidvania experience in a refreshing setting
- Excellent graphics and animations
- Excellent music and sound
- Crisp controls
- Tight combat

- The lagging memory leak
- Unbalanced health/respawn mechanics
- At times borrowing a bit too blatantly from its predecessors

If you're a fan of metroidvanias, get this one. It's not that long an experience, but it is a neat one.

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