The Oregon Trail (WP)

Windows Phone

The Oregon Trail (WP) Achievements

Most Earned

Easy prey5 (5)Get yer first food by killin' 4 small animals
Sweet pickin'5 (5)Complete the first berries pickin' minigame
At your service10 (10)Complete your first mission
Chit 'n' chat11 (10)Meet at least 5 historical figures

Least Earned

Gold digger36 (20)Collect 50 pounds of gold and 8 diamonds without gettin' any bad stones on yer way to Oregon
Psycho Killer35 (20)Kill 50 small animals, 20 deers, 50 bulls and 30 bears on yer way to Oregon
Bear minimum22 (15)Reach Oregon without ever bein' hit by any animals
Swap meet14 (10)Trade with Native Americans at least 5 times
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