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    03 Nov 2019
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    **This review was written after beating the main story, along with a fair few side quests, on Normal difficulty**

    The Outer Worlds is one of them games I didn't stop thinking about once I had started playing, I thought it would be good, but did not expect the ride I got playing it. I was at work and all I could think is 'Oh I cannot wait to play Outer Worlds tonight'. It has been a long time a game has done that to me.

    Where to begin. The story is a very interesting, compelling and fairly well written. Its got a really nice blend of humour, with serious story telling also. It proceeds at a decent pace too (trying to stay spoiler free), I personally never felt like 'Ugh, can we get to some more story now please?'. The missions are well varied and its more than just you get object A, for person B in place C and repeat. Though there is a little bit of that. The game always makes you feel as though you have a choice, and you can sorta play as good or bad, though im not too sure how much this effects things in the end. The game ends with a slideshow style "The future" telling you how things change, and as ive only done 1 run, I cannot say how these vary.

    As for side quests they are par for the course, though I personally loved the companion missions, and felt as if they connected me to every one of the companions. I cared about them and how they felt, and what they wanted to do.

    The general feel of the game is perfect. Fallout in space is a very good summary. The little retro jingles and ads, the evil company style antagonist. Its stunningly pretty also, with well designed planets and ships, and apart from one point it was bug free. Though there is a work around for said bug. Spoiler will tell you where and how
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    The voice acting is tremendous in my opinion, with the voices sounding varied and well recorded and acted. Immerses you into the wonderful world of Halcyon.

    The gunplay is a heck of a lot of fun, and using your companions in combat, as well as giving them gear, feels worth while, as they can become effective killing machines, each with there own special ability. The 3 types of ammo is a good system to help you decide what you use, and the melee weapons are good fun.

    Upgrading your characters skills seemed to be fairly negligible in a sense, it mattered you levelled up, but I kept things fairly even and encountered very few issues with that. Upgrading your guns and gear through mods and tinkering is a different matter. That can turn your average gun into a death machine.

    I do wish you could keep playing after the final mission in a, rewind style way, alas the game ends. However that would be one of the very few, if not only negative I have of the game.

    All in all, while its on gamepass, it is certainly worth the download!
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    A Big RadroachI always see your reviews pop up in the Users Reviews section and I'm glad you make yours Chromer, a great little read! +1 toast
    Posted by A Big Radroach on 24 Jan 20 at 01:09
    BIG ChromerThank you very much! I enjoy sitting down and typing a little something now and again. Especially if ive LOVED a game.

    So far not come across one I disliked to leave a bad one. But Im sure it will eventually haha.

    Thanks Again! toast
    Posted by BIG Chromer on 24 Jan 20 at 03:27
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    The Outer Worlds is exactly what I was searching for in an action adventure game with bonafide RPG elements. I primarily went for a "Long Guns" build along with "Intimidation" and "Persuade" as my primary personality trait, in case some direct combat situations looked to be less than ideal.

    The game goes for a retro-futurist aesthetic, akin to the BioShock games. Obsidian have done a fantastic job of creating truly unique, vibrant and beautiful worlds that feel both ethereal and hostile. Everything from the foliage, to the building facades, to the wild creatures that roam the land are all exceptionally designed. Although the maps are not nearly as large as other open-world sandbox games, The Outer Worlds counteracts this by creating an optimized and streamlined gameplay experience that removes tedious commuting; the worlds feel as large as the need to be as oppose to being larger for the sake of "openness'.

    The RPG elements are well done and a refreshing change from other games that, in practice, only have surface level RPG elements. Spec-ing into different attributes and acquiring character upgrades are easy enough to understand but can have far reaching consequences during gameplay. It can be the difference between being able to talk yourself out of a difficult situation vs. dealing with a confrontation/combat with enemies.

    Your choices actually matter in The Outer Worlds as entire missions, quest lines and achievements can be locked off depending on the decisions you make in game. Choices can also affect your standing with certain factions and your status within those factions can also have gameplay altering affects, such as being willing to help you on missions or obtaining quest items more easily and efficiently. You can also unintentionally screw factions over down the road, without even really knowing it, leading to some pretty surprising in-game moments.

    The game's combat works well enough. You get a variety of both ranged (handguns, light and heavy weapons) and melee weapons, as well as weapon effects and mods. You'll come across some bullet-spongy enemies that can be a pain in the ass to take down. The enemy variety is fairly sparse; you'll mostly be fighting marauders and wild creatures, of which there are a little over half a dozen types. The "Time Dilation" mechanic is one that I didn't get a whole lot of use out of and left me wanting more of what Fallout's "VATS" mechanic offered. Even after specing into it, I found the the meter drained far too quickly. I was basically able to get off maybe 2-3 shots, while standing still, before it drained completely. If you're moving an you engage the "Time Dilation" mechanic, good luck get more than one shot with a gun and any hit with a melee weapon.

    The NPC companion characterization is well-executed. You get a real sense of each companion's personality and what drives them on a daily basis. Some come across as more bubbly and optimistic, others come across as more determined and serious.

    The game runs smoothly, even on a vanilla Xbox One and I've encountered virtually no bugs.

    Overall, The Outer Worlds serves as welcomed and refreshing addition to the action RPG genre. I managed to log about 32 hours of gameplay out of it in one play through and found it thoroughly enjoyable. Full recommendation!
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    28 Oct 2019
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    Choo chooooo all aboard the hype train! Obsidian has made a new game which is sooooooooo good and sooo much better than everything else and it is the game of the year oh wait no the game of the decade because it is the spiritual successor to fallout new vegas and Obsidian is the best studio in the world....

    Well, THAT is what you hear nowadays.

    Is that true? Lets take a look at it.

    First of all, it isnt true. At its core The Outer Worlds is a mediocre game BUT still a good one.
    Where is this hype coming from? In times of disasterpieces like Fallout 76, broken crap like Anthem and the dumpsterfire that Ghost Recon Breakpoint was, people are tired of such releases. Obsidian to the rescue!

    Mediocre you said? Yes mediocre! And far away from what FN NV was.

    Lets go through the checklist of the genre:
    -standard fetch quests
    go there, pick up item A, bring it do point B, then go there... you know the drill. The game even makes a joke about it in some dialogues (hahahahahaha, sorry but thats awkward)
    oh decisions, decision, decisions.... that are pointless and have no real impact. Nuking Megaton was a real decision. We talk about Fallout 4 decisions here... Oh which settlement do i support? because i leave this small map anyways in 5 minutes so who the f*** cares? No one.
    The party
    The generic horde of people (you dont care about) with their personal quests. The game made a great start with Parvati (only person with a real character) and that "Priest" but everybody else is just: okaaaaaayyyy another person that i just need to improve my stats. The typical cast.
    Perks, weapons, armor, combat
    the standard routine that you have seen a thousand times.
    hmmmmm.... no laugh

    If you want to compare that game to another game i would say:
    No it is not Fallout, it is mass effect. It is a mass effect like ego shooter with more simplified combat. Your ship is the Normandy, there is the Galaxy map, there are the small maps (this isnt actually a real open world game), the groundbreaker is the citadel... and there is the laaaaaaaaaaaaazy character creator (i am still blown away by the endless options there. not)

    We got the point now, the game isnt a so called masterpiece and there is nothing that you have already seen in the genre.

    If you can successfully ignore all of that, wipe away the hype and the expectations and you are presented with a funny and interesting game.
    This game is just hilarious! I laughed so hard at certain points. There is some real dark humor here and there.
    The visuals are slightly out of date but still beautiful, the gunplay and the combat feels fine.
    There is high replay value (actually i played through this game in 2 big sessions on and now i play it AGAIN on this account and i am looking forward to it).
    Their are minor bugs and glitches, no big deal.
    The level design is interesting and varied but due to the settlement thematic you will visit the same kind of building multiple times.

    The Story:
    Well... just play it. No need to write the whole thing down.

    Is it the masterpiece most people expected? No it isnt. There is so much wasted potential and there is nothing new here besides routine work. Perfect executed routine work!
    And we know: If it works DONT FIX IT. Dont expect such a complex game like FN NV or The Witcher 3. Embrace it as the small and lovely action RPG you need to play asap.

    i give 4/5 stars