The Park Walkthrough

1. Walkthrough overview


Hello and welcome to the TrueAchievements walkthrough for The Park. Many may thumb their noses at this as another ‘not a real game’ title, but for what it is, it’s an interesting journey into the dark corners of a twisted mind. If you pay close attention to what’s actually being said by the narrator, as well as the set pieces and additional plot items outside the achievement-related stuff, it can provide a good two or three hours of creepy exploration in the visual novel genre.

It’s an extremely linear game, with only four of the fourteen achievements being missable. There are a lot of additional items in the environment that you can examine for more plot and whatnot, but for the achievement addicts, it provides a quick completion without the need to scour the game for each and every item/collectible. There won’t be a hints/tips page, as the game merely involves walking from one place to the next and hitting cn_A to trigger the story-telling scenes. You can click left thumbstick to sprint when the narrator isn’t talking to speed things up, but that’s about it. Some haptic feedback is added, although I don’t personally think it adds much to the experience.

The best way to enjoy the game for the money you have spent might be to play it with the lights out and headphones on (preferably surround-sound headphones), but other than that it will likely just be a 40-45 minute easy 1k for most of our readers. Step right up, grab your popcorn, and steady yourself for a few jump-scares (not really).

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