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    01 Apr 2019
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    Is The Path of Motus the hostess with the mostest?

    The Path of Motus Review

    The Path of Motus is a short puzzle-platformer that aims to implement a minor morale system into the game as well. It follows a young boy named Motus as he grows into adulthood. He is intent on chasing his dreams of escaping the forest his people inhabits as no one has ventured outside before. He is discouraged by friends and family along the way but is determined to live out his dream.

    There are three main elements of gameplay present: platforming, (verbal) combat, and puzzle-solving. The platforming is decent enough. It's nothing too inventive but does kick it up a notch with each chapter (in which there are three). The combat is simple yet can be a fit challenge early on as your reactionary skills are put to test. As fellow villagers try to stop you, they will yell out a word (words correspond to the X, Y, and B buttons). You'll have to shout the same word to block an attack and get the final word in to defeat them. The last element is puzzle-solving. Mainly taking the form of a number puzzle in which you must draw lines to match the number of each bubble. For a visual example (don't think math, just look at the symbols as lines): 2=2 or 1-1. Each bubble must contain that many lines attached to it. Of course they are much more complex and become more complicated as the game goes on. There are slight puzzle elements in a few of the platforming sections as well that have to do with switches. I enjoyed the variety the game had to offersince it is such a short game with a playthrough taking under an hour.

    To complete the game, at least 2 playthroughs are required. As I mentioned in the beginning, there is a minor morality system in place resulting in two endings. You can actually go through the game without defeating any enemies (you taking the high ground). It's a bit more challenging, but it is just as fun. The other aspect that requires a second playthrough is that you can unlock new number puzzles and must complete those. There are also 22 notes scattered throughout the game that you must collect as well as a couple miscenllaneous things to interact with for achievements. It's a very easy completion that will take roughly an hour to go through.

    Final Thoughts
    While the game is short (that can be a positive or negative depending on who you are), I did enjoy my time with it. However, it is forgettable. It doesn't really stand out among all the other puzzle-platformers on offer. It has unique aspects, but the concepts themselves don't really make an impact beyond when you're actually playing the game. It wasn't boring or bad; it only really suffers from being too short and too easy to forget.