1. The Path of Motus Controls

This game has pretty simple controls although some jumps that you have to make may frustrate you because of inconsistency.


cn_LS - Movement

cn_Y - Use

cn_LSu - Go through doors

cn_A - Jump

cn_X - Shoot blue

cn_Y - Shoot yellow

cn_B - Shoot red

cn_LT - Block

cn_RT - Switch characters (only possible in one very small part of the game)

When using an easel (the game's puzzles):

cn_LS - Move cursor

cn_A (Hold on node and drag) - Create a connector line

cn_X (Hold on node and drag to connected node) - Erase connected line

cn_B - Erase all lines

Important info for dodging enemies:

Something majorly important is that you can jump after falling off a ledge (for a short, inconsistent amount of time). This is taught near the very end of the game, however you will need to do this to get past most enemies throughout the game because there is a type of collectable tied to not killing enemies.

A fantastic way to avoid getting shot is to just keep on hopping. If you keep hopping, they will often never shoot. This is necessary for at least one of those mentioned collectables.

The final important thing is kind of taught early on. If you shoot an enemies word-bullet thingy with a matching color, they will cancel each other out. This is, yet again, necessary. Just don't accidentally shoot them.

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