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Posted on 19 November 11 at 00:23
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There are few game shows as highly regarded as The Price is Right. I doubt that, when he reinvigorated the show in the 70s, Bob Barker could've imagined that it would last over 40 years (and counting). Yet, despite the fact that it's the most successful daytime game show of all time, it didn't get the video game treatment until this console generation. The Wii and DS got a couple of entries (which sucked), and one even became available for download on PSN for the PS3 (which also sucked). Digging into The Price is Right: Decades, the first PIR game on the 360, I wasn't that optimistic. However, I found myself having fun, despite a laundry list of flaws.

Given the title, I'm definitely pleased with the attention to detail in recreating the show from the 70s to 2010. The sets, music, and game set-ups look perfectly ripped from the appropriate eras. Killing the look are the cardboard cut-outs that pass for the audience; why couldn't the developers have just filled the seats with avatars? 1 Vs. 100 pulled that off!

Of course, the only voice comes from George Gray, the show's current announcer. Drew Carey and Bob Barker don't show up (except in unlockable video clips). George's voice is okay, but it sucks that his long-winded descriptions of how each pricing game is played can only be skipped in single-player and local multi-player. Playing online, I got sick of hearing about what happens when I get a dollar on the Big Wheel.

There is no shortage of content. Lots of prizes are available with prices accurate to the appropriate decade. Over 30 pricing games are available, from the current games like "Plinko" and "Magic Number" to long retired games like "Hurdles" and "Superball". Though much of the thrill is lost by the fact that no real prizes are at stake, I still found it fun to play the games that (till now) I could only watch. It is nice that, in multi-player, everyone plays. However, with rare exceptions, whoever wins the showcase wins the game, making the other eight minutes of each ten minute game almost pointless. Also cool is that the game is fully playable with a standard controller or Kinect. As I don't own Kinect (yet), I couldn't test its functionality.

The Achievement list is a good one, encouraging players to try everything the game has to offer. The biggest problems are the large number of Kinect and Live Achievements. Live is rather a ghost town; I'm lucky to find one or two players at any given time.

I went in to The Price is Right: Decades with little optimism; the PIR games released previously sucked big time. But, lo and behold, I found myself having fun with this one. It may not be the award-winning phenomenon that the CBS show is, but it can be a fun game to break out at parties. Come on down!

(Oh, come on! I just had to say it!)

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