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Posted on 11 July 14 at 18:54
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The Raven is a very easy and predictable point-and-click adventure, mystery game that satisfies only to the point of getting some easy achievements.

The gameplay is your standard fare for a point-and-click. You highlight different objects in pre-rendered environments, talk to characters in the scenes, and try to use the items you collect in the correct order to complete the mental puzzles - the latter part is really where the game shines, while everything else is fairly predictable.

The character models and environments are done pretty well, some places (the museum) are a little lacking in spots, but everything generally looks nice. While the character models are done well for the most part, I experienced terrifying glitches when they would speak. Sometimes their jaw would skew to the side and it would be hilariously scary.

The story plays out like a cheesy soap opera (is there any other kind?). You speak with characters, something happens, you question each person in the scene - all of this leads up to a climax for each episode and the finale. Like I have said previously, it is all fairly predictable.

I recommend this to those players who want to kill a few hours, 4-5, and earn an easy 100% for achievements. Otherwise, I'm sure you can find something more riveting in the same genre.
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Posted on 25 July 14 at 16:59
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The Raven is what I like to know as a "click and find" game, which follows the story of a number of characters as they all embark on the same adventure surrounding the mysterious thief, "The Raven".

The game is very similar to that of Sherlock Holmes and CSI games (to name a few I have played) as it works in a very similar way.

The graphics are absolutely beautiful. It was very clear that a lot of work was put into designing and building the locations and the characters, which were very beautiful and cannot really be faulted. The voice acting is also quite good, however one frustration to me is Cst Zeller's whistling occasionally when he finds a clue. Its exceptionally irritating!

The controls for the game however, I find quite irritating and painful to work with. My main issue is the movement of characters. Movement is exceptionally slow and un-responsive; you will find yourself hacking away at the stick in one direction to find the character irritatingly making a huge u-turn to face this direction. The method of environment interaction also becomes fast frustrating when the game seemingly refuses to allow you to make certain decisions. On the whole though, it is do-able and you can live with the annoyances.

The game itself I purchased when it was in the £1.99 sale. I feel that this is perfect value for the game episodes and I would not have been very happy paying more than that for the game; due to its frustrating controls and slow story at times.

On the whole, a great story and pretty game that you could snap up cheap for an easy(ish) 400 gamerscore.

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