2. The Shapeshifting Detective General hints and tips

As I've mentioned in the intro, the identity of the killer is completely randomized in each playthrough you do, so I, unfortunately, cannot really give you any exact methods to determine the killer. However, there are a few tells that can help you out. I will mention them again in the actual walkthrough, but here is a probably incomplete list. Spoilers if you want to go into the playthrough blind:

  • During your first opportunity to speak to Rayne as Lexie, if you're only given the option to leave once he's done speaking, then that means he is the killer.
  • Late in the story, when you're speaking to Violet as Sam, she will mention that she wants to speak with Zak. Change into Zak and speak to her.
    • If she mentions following Zak to the townhouse and questions a wedding dress, then that means Violet is the killer.
    • If she mentions following Zak to the townhouse and then to his studio where he lied to the police, then that means Zak is the killer.
  • If you speak to Rayne as Lexie near the end of the story, if he mentions his hands being sore and not being able to remember what happened, then that means he is the killer.

These are the ones that we know of so far. If anyone finds any more, please let me know, and I will add it here.

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