3. The Shapeshifting Detective Story walkthrough

After the opening credits, you'll awaken in a dark room, where a man (who the game refers to as Agent X) will begin speaking to you. After a few moments, you will be given your first dialogue option, and you'll want to choose "Who are you?".

This is, unfortunately, the wrong choice when it comes to moving forward in the story, as Agent X will send you back to the beginning of the game and force you to watch the opening credits. Good news, though, is that it will unlock:

Play It Again Sam

You need to learn when to keep your mouth shut.

Play It Again Sam
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

Once you get back to the first dialogue choice, this time choose the trash can and hold the cn_A button to delete the question. This teaches you about the fact that certain questions can be deleted if you feel like you shouldn't ask them to someone. It's frankly not very useful, though, so I wouldn't worry about it too much.

Another bit of good news, though, is that once you've deleted the question, you'll earn:

Strong Silent Type

You deleted a question!

Strong Silent Type
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Go through a few more dialogues with Agent X and he will send you on your way, as you take a cab into the town of August and come to a stop at a guesthouse where you'll be spending a majority of your time during the story.

You'll meet with Violet, the owner of the guesthouse as you come in. Exhaust her dialogue, and then do the same with Bronwyn once you see her in the dining room.

When you've spoken to them both, you'll be slowly walking through the hallway, and you'll be given a list of options to talk to Violet and Bronwyn, as well as Bronwyn's fellow tarot readers Rayne and Lexie.

There are also options to go to your room (which we'll discuss soon), as well as tuning the radio and hailing a cab. Tuning the radio is largely pointless, as you only have the option to turn it off, so don't worry about it unless the radio broadcasts get on your nerves.

Now, what you'll want to do next is hail a cab and visit Chief Dupont. Exhaust his dialogue and he'll suggest you do some investigating. There is also a question that doesn't go away that you can use to review the important details of the case in case you forget.

Head back to the guesthouse and talk to everyone, starting with Violet and moving on down the list through each of the tarot readers, saving Bronwyn for last.

Once you've spoken with everyone, head to your room and you'll finally be given the ability to change into other characters.

Now, you can only change into people that you've already met, so don't expect to be able to change into whoever you want.

So, basically what you want to do is change into each of the characters, and speak to everyone you can, exhausting all of their dialogue before moving to the next one.

Start with Chief Dupont and speak to Violet, Bronwyn, Rayne, and Lexie.

Next, change into Violet and talk to Chief Dupont, Bronwyn, Rayne, and Lexie.

Change into Rayne next and talk to Chief Dupont, Violet, Bronwyn, and Lexie.

Change into Lexie and speak to the chief, Violet, Bronwyn, and Rayne. However, as you speak to Rayne, pay attention to what happens. As I've mentioned in the tips, multiple tells within the story can easily tell you who the killer is.

In this case, as you're speaking to Rayne as Lexie, if you're not given the option to speak to him after he finishes speaking, then that means he is the killer. Keep that in mind as you play so you don't forget. (credit goes to QuanticJustice for the tip)

Lastly, change into Bronwyn and exhaust the dialogue with Chief Dupont, Violet, and Lexie. However, as you speak to Rayne, you're going to want to follow this path through the dialogue exactly.

  • Thoughts on Dorota?
  • A rite?
  • Stop it?
  • Traveller?
  • No
  • Stay

This will unlock:

Heavy Rayne

Rayne gets cross with Bron...

Heavy Rayne
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

This will also break Agent X's rule of not revealing your powers to anyone, but this does not guarantee that the Hashtag Winning achievement will be voided. I will go into more detail at the end of the playthrough.

Anyway, once you're done speaking with Rayne, head back into your room and change back into Sam. Speak with Violet, and if you've spoken to her with everyone, she will be annoyed and ask to be left alone. This will unlock:

A Woman Scorned

You pushed Violet's buttons.

A Woman Scorned
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

There's nothing left to do in this chapter, so hail a cab, and after another radio broadcast to introduce the next hour of the investigation, you'll be given the option to continue investigating or move on to the next chapter. For completing the first hour, you will also unlock:

Play Me By The Hour

You made it through the first hour.

Play Me By The Hour
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

18:00 - A Dame to Die For!

Once you start the next chapter, you'll be given a new character to visit, Dorota's boyfriend Oscar.

This visit as Sam, however, will not take long, as you need to tell him "I'm a shapeshifting detective" when you're given the option.

Oscar will get annoyed and kick you out, but the good news is that this will unlock:

You Had One Job

You told Oscar you were a Shapeshifting Detective.

You Had One Job
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

Visit the Chief and exhaust his dialogue before heading back to the guesthouse and speaking to Violet, Bronwyn, and Rayne.

As you speak to Lexie, though, she will begin to talk about her Ouija board. When she does, make sure to choose these dialogue options.

  • Let's hear it
  • Go on
  • Hooked on your every word

This will unlock:

Patient Listener

You listened to Lexie's ouija board theory.

Patient Listener
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

Also, when you're accusing her of lying about her alibi, make sure to tell her "Yes. It's obstruction of justice".

Now, it's time to start changing, so head into your room and change into Bronwyn.

Talk to Violet, Rayne, and Lexie, and then head over to see Chief Dupont.

As you visit Oscar, though, tell him he is not a bad influence, and then choose these dialogue options in order.

  • Yes, that would be nice
  • Sure
  • …return to guesthouse and wait for the date

The next scene will start with you as Bronwyn sitting on your bed and Oscar stepping in. Continue with these options.

  • It's ok. We can take it slowly.
  • Get up on the bed.
  • Shh baby. Just a little pressure down there.
  • I want you inside me.

Oscar will freak out and jump off of the bed, unlocking:

Oscar Winning Performance

You got freaky with Oscar.

Oscar Winning Performance
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

Answer his last question any way you'd like, and he'll leave.

Now, it's time for going down the list, so change into Chief Dupont, and speak to Violet, Bronwy,n and Oscar.

Next, change into Rayne and speak to Violet, Bronwy,n and Lexie.

Change into Lexie next and talk to Bronwyn and Rayne.

Next, change into Oscar and talk to Violet and Chief Dupont.

And finally, to close out the chapter, change back into Sam and visit Oscar once more.

After some dialogue with him, the second chapter will end.

19:00 - The Camera Never Lies

Move to the next chapter as you've done before, and you'll be given the option to speak with a new character, Zak.

Visit him, and select these dialogue options.

  • Are you Zak Weston?
  • The Shaws hired me.
  • You've never met Dorota?
  • You photographed Dorota?
  • Did she come to the studio?
  • So you know where she lived?
  • Was that the only time you met Dorota?
  • Pictures of Dorota
  • Like what?
  • Did you take any other pictures of Dorota?
  • Violet told me
  • Boudoir photography?
  • Who did Dorota get them for?
  • Yes
  • Sure
  • Show me

After that long series of dialogue options where Zak will show you photos and video he took of Dorota, you will unlock:


You watched ALL of Dorota’s videos.

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

Finish out the conversation with him and then go to visit Oscar. Before exhausting his dialogue, make sure to choose these options first.

  • Do you know Zak Weston?
  • He took photos of Dorota.
  • Yes

There's no achievement attached to this, but this is important.

After finishing the conversation with him, go back to the guesthouse and talk to Violet. After you're done with her, you'll see a weird little girl in the hallway. Violet will introduce her, but don't worry too much about her. She's not that important.

Try to talk to Bronwyn and Lexie, but they will both say that they are too busy to speak, which thankfully will save you a few conversations.

Talk to Rayne and then head back into your room to start switching again.

First, change into Chief Dupont and go see Oscar and Zak.

Next, change into Violet and go see Zak.

Change into Rayne next and talk to both Violet and Zak.

Change into Zak after and speak to Violet and Rayne.

Next, change into Oscar and speak to Chief Dupont.

And finally, change back into Sam and talk to Rayne. Once you're done with him, hail a cab and it should finish off the chapter.

20:00 - Dead Cert

When you start the next chapter, you will be shown another tarot reading before being automatically sent to Chief Dupont.

The Chief, annoyed with constantly being bothered, would have most likely locked up Bronwyn (and possibly Lexie depending on how you talk to everyone). This will unlock:

Book 'em Danny

You got the Chief to lock people up.

Book 'em Danny
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

You'll be kicked out once he's done speaking, so go back and visit him again before visiting Zak and a new character, Ellis Munro, who was one of the people that you heard on the radio between chapters.

After the somewhat lengthy conversation with her, head back to the guesthouse and speak with Violet, Rayne, and then Violet again.

Now, it's time to start changing into people again, so head to your room and change into Oscar before going to visit Zak. When given the opportunity, choose these options.

  • Did you touch her?
  • …kick him

You will kick Zak square in the balls, sending him down for the count and unlocking:


You kicked Zak in the sack.

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

While still remaining as Oscar, visit Chief Dupont and then Ellis.

Next, go back to your room and change into Violet, visiting Chief Dupont and Zak.

Change back into Sam once you're done talking, and go back to Chief Dupont, who should release whichever of the characters he locked up.

Next, change into Zak, and talk to Violet before going to visit Ellis. As you speak to her, make sure to choose these options.

  • Pose for me?
  • Just, undo a few buttons

Once you're done, change into Lexie, and then talk to Rayne and Bronwyn. However, as you're talking to Bronwyn, make sure to select the option "Because you're immortal?". She will answer in the affirmative, and this will unlock:


Bronwyn says she's immortal.

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

Next, go to visit Zak, but make sure to be careful to choose these options.

  • Delete the option "Bluff - I know what you did to Dorota"
  • Yes
  • …Change places
  • …Drink
  • …Remove top

As Agent X will reveal in the flashback, alcohol and drugs mess with your shapeshifting powers, and you'll end up changing back into Sam and freak out Zak. This will unlock:

Show Me Some Skin

You went all the way with Zak's photoshoot.

Show Me Some Skin
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

This will also break the rules, but as I've said with the other instance earlier, it does not necessarily void the achievement.

Head back to the guesthouse and change into Rayne before talking to Violet, Lexi,e and Ellis.

Next, change into Chief Dupont and visit Oscar and Ellis.

After that, change into Bronwyn and talk to Violet, Rayn,e and Lexie, before hailing a cab and talking to Ellis.

And finally, change back into Sam and talk to Bronwyn, Lexi,e and Rayne. When you're finished, hail a cab, and the chapter will end.

21:00 - Redheads Have More Fun

When you start the next chapter, the last new character will pop up, Ellis's radio counterpart Poe. Go to visit him and exhaust his dialogue before going back to the guesthouse and talking to Violet, Bronwyn, Rayn,e and Lexie.

As you talk to Violet, though, pay attention to see if she says that she wants to see Zak. I will discuss what to do in a bit.

First, change into Ellis and try to visit Oscar, who will leave town before you could speak to him. Visit Zak, and then go to visit Poe.

As you speak to Poe, he will profess his love for you (despite being already married). Make sure to choose these options.

  • Let's finish it
  • Yes

Having technically agreed to marry him, Poe will place the ring on your finger, and you will unlock:

Put A Ring On It

Congrats, you're getting married!

Put A Ring On It
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

Moving on from that weird moment, change into Zak in your room and talk to Violet again. This is another tell as to how you can see who the killer is. As you speak to Violet as Zak, if she mentions following him to the townhouse and then questions a wedding dress that you have found out earlier was in Dorota's closet, then that means she is the killer. However, is she mentions that she followed him back to Zak's studio where he lied to the police, then that means that Zak is the killer. (Credit goes to BigWillieStyle for the tip)

If either of these happen, try your best to remember it, as you'll get the chance to choose the killer soon.

Once you're done speaking to Violet, go see Poe, who will punch you in the face. While it does hurt like you know what, you can easily look on the bright side, as you'll unlock:


You got punched by Poe.

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

Head back to the guesthouse and change into Poe. This will be the last character you can change into, which will unlock:


You shifted into everyone!

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

Talk to Violet, and then visit Ellis.

And to finish off the chapter, change back into Sam and visit Ellis, Za,k and Chief Dupont. If none of the tells have happened, though, make sure to pay attention to what Chief Dupont says when you ask him what we know.

22:00 - Judgement Day

As the next chapter starts, you'll be sitting in front of Chief Dupont as he asks you how to deal with protecting Ellis. You have two options, and two achievements to unlock.

To unlock "Chicken":

  • Send an officer to her house

When you see Ellis:

  • What's wrong with Danny?
  • Chief Dupont?


You left Ellis alone with Danny.

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

To unlock "Video Saved the Radio Star", though, your best chance is to protect her yourself, so choose the option "I'll protect her at her house". While there is still a chance that Ellis could still survive with Danny (which will unlock the achievement), your best bet is to do it yourself.

Still, unless you have very bad luck, you shouldn't have any issues unlocking this within your two playthroughs.

Video Saved The Radio Star

You saved Ellis.

Video Saved The Radio Star
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

23:00 - The Fool

As the chapter starts, Bronwyn will tell you that you are the killer's next target. You will automatically go to see Chief Dupont, and this is where you will select who you think is the killer. If any of the tells that I've mentioned have happened to you, then choose that person. If not, things will get a little tougher. Think about what Dupont said when he reviewed what he knew two hours ago and try your best to get to the killer that way.

01:00 - Kill or Cure

This is the big reveal. After a few cutscenes, if you're correct, you'll find out that the killer was arrested, and everyone will have one last chat with you. This will unlock:

Look Mum I'm A Detective

Picked Dorota's murderer first time.

Look Mum I'm A Detective
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

However, if you're wrong, this is where things get a little complicated.

You will wake up tied up with the actual killer in front of you, just about ready to kill you. You will be given the option to change into one of two different people, either the killer or someone else.

Now, if Rayne happened to be the killer, you have the opportunity to earn another achievement.

When you're given the option, change into Rayne.

The actual Rayne will stab you to death, and you will unlock:

The Big Sleep

You got yourself killed.

The Big Sleep
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

If anyone else ends up being the killer, you can try to change into them like you did with Rayne, but everyone does something different when this happens, so there's a good chance your playthrough will most likely be a wash.

Now, if you've survived, either by choosing the right killer, or by changing into the person who's not the killer when confronted, you will be back in the darkroom with Agent X. While doing what you did to get the achievements Show Me Some Skin and Heavy Rayne is supposed to prevent Agent X from augmenting you, and thus voiding Hashtag Winning, I still managed to get him to augment me and get the achievement despite doing everything to reveal myself.

My best guess is that the game does give you some leniency when it comes to this particular moment, so what I would suggest is only doing the dialogue to get the achievements and nothing else. If you happen to get lucky, good! It'll save you some time. If not, it's not too bad. You can easily just avoid them during your second playthrough.

Hashtag Winning

Agent X augmented you!

Hashtag Winning
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

Anyway, Agent X will then ask you some final questions. The answers really don't matter, but Agent X will comment differently depending on how you answer.

With the game finally complete, you will be returned to the main menu, and if everything went right and you correctly identified the killer, you should only have the Big Sleep achievement left.

The good news is that you have now unlocked the ability to skip scenes, so the next runthrough should go much faster.

If you haven't chosen the killer correctly, though, your best bet is to manipulate the game by starting new runs until you can get Rayne as the killer (as I have mentioned before, if you can't speak to Rayne as Lexie the first time, then you know you can continue).

When you reach the end and get to choose the killer, either choose Rayne or choose someone else and shift into Rayne so he kills you, which will unlock your final achievement and finish off your newest 1000!

I appreciate you guys taking the time to use my walkthrough to get you through this interesting FMV adventure, and I apologize that I can't go into further detail. With the randomized nature of the game, there's not a whole lot that I can do outside of getting you through in an efficient manner.

However, if you do have any questions, or if you have anything to add (like more tells), hit me up through PMs or through the Walkthrough Thread.

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